Channeler: sheryl

A message from Mother

You are all moving into a time of rapid change and I just wanted to
share a few words of encouragement so that this does not catch you off

A download of light energy and light codes has been
happening,accelerated around the time of your solstice. This has been
affecting many of you in different ways, the most noticeable for many
has been highs and lows of emotional energy. Many have been shifting
rapidly between extremes with no real reason that you know of. You may
cry at the slightest thing and be really upset and then quickly shift
into feeling so happy you think you may burst.

This is a result of the light energy waves that pull many of you
along in an emotional way, through ups and downs. For each of you this
experience will be different depending on how ready your physical body
is to handle this type of light energy wave.

I want to assure you that nothing is wrong with any of you.
Everything is right, in fact it is for this time in your
evolution. Indeed from our perspective, most of you are actually ahead
of schedule in your spiritual progressing that you designed for

Now for a sort of warning for so many of you. Be prepared for all
that is not light to be coming to the surface and into your awareness
for healing. This is a supreme wake up happening across your planet
to shake up your complacency and move you into action. It is important
that you get all of the crap so to speak out of the way and get on with
what you really came here to do. Your soul is needed NOW, thus the
somewhat urgent wake up call.

What will happen for many of you is that seemingly out of the blue an
issue will surface. You will most likely feel this as a very strong
uncomfortable feeling in reaction to something another says or does or a
in the world. This is the wake up call, that strong
uncomfortable feeling. This is a clue that there is something within you
that is ready to be healed.

For those of you that work with me directly in any capacity, know
that I am not fooling around at this time. You have been sent subtle
clues of the healing that needs to happen and if you have been ignoring
them, you will be getting a very strong and firm wake up call. This may
come as a message from a being in spirit, or may be triggered by events
in your life. And, if you don’t hear the call the first time, be assured
that it will be repeated in a louder and bigger way so that we indeed
get your attention.

Some will perceive this to be a punishment of some sort or unfair in
some way. That is not the intention nor has spirit any intention to
cause harm to anyone. We just want you to be aware of what is happening
inside of you that you are not always consciously aware of. Sometimes it
is necessary for you to feel pain which is the greatest motivator for
you humans to take action. You so much want to be free of pain and these
wake up calls are an opportunity for you to move fully into the glory
and brilliance of who you really are.

And know also that you planned these wake up calls for yourself
before you came here on the planet. You knew in a general way what you
were coming to do and what issues you would be dealing with . This is
your life lesson and life purpose. This is part of your plan for your
soul in this incarnation.

You made sure that we would assist with setting the alarm clock to go
off at a certain time if you fell asleep, which many of you have done.
We are just assisting with helping create the situations for the alarm
clock to go off. And if you ignore it the first time it rings, there is
another and another ring until you do wake up.

All of you reading this and all of you who attend the live sessions
that we do in Kingston are high spiritual beings who have particular
work that you came here to do and now is the time to do it. You will
begin to see so much more resources to help you identify why you are
here and what you are to do, again your life lesson and life purpose. We
are rapidly training individuals to do this work so that you are
prepared to start your mission helping the planet transition smoothly
into the 5th dimension.

I am available to work with all of you at any time, all you need to
do is ask and I will be there with you to guide you through this process
for it may be a challenge for those of you who have experienced great
pain in their lives. It is time to bring all that is not light to the
surface so that it may be cleansed and released to reveal the brilliance
of who you are.

We are here to support you and guide you. Some may feel the need to
reach out to other people to help them in this transition and
individuals are being trained and prepared to do this work with you.
Just let us know that you are ready to let go of the past and live in
your brilliance and we will guide you in the perfect direction.

And a reminder that this process of being woken up is done with the
intention to do no harm, but with the intention to bring you to a place
of peace and joy beyond your current understanding. It is just time to
stop sleeping and wake up to a new world of possibility and purpose.

Blessings, Mary, your divine mother