We are Light in Action – channeling
April 3, 2010

Yes, Dear Ones and Beloved Brothers, the unconditional love can be
felt by all. You are the Power and Light of God Father/Mother, trust
your senses. Listen to your deeper feeling and you will find that always
… ALWAYS …you will be in contact with the Divine Light.

The Light is present in this time of peace and union. Union which
be make more and more important in every day that pass by, because in
each day that pass unconditional love will lead you to the truths that
are hidden during centuries. The doors of mercy and truth will be open
in front of your eyes, my Dear Brother. There are many people now who
are being connected and call to these truths, but one of low
vibration prevents these truths to be accessed in your source of wisdom
and connection with the creation. Every time that you feel this type of
frequential standard of energy,the connection will be more hard,so Dear
and Beloved Brother,do not give your heart to emotions of low
vibrational pattern,always be light and aspire trust in yourself , in
God that is inside of you,the answers will be found inside not

I will leave you in the light of the unconditional love of God

I AM Elohim

Dear Brothers of the Light

My dear children, pay attention to the internal work, we are teaching
you in a form subtle to break free of the constraints that were imposed
on you , be steadfast in your daily work procedure, ask for our help
when you feel that you are tired to walk alone, we are with you.
We are all Light of the same fire that burns in the heart of the
creation. We are love that live in various dimensions. We are the
expanding in cadence of the Divine Light of the Father / Mother
Universal. We are the work from within to out the real condition of the
brothers and of all mankind, even the brothers who are still in the
darkness of evil qualify lenses, we are with you.
When you are living day to day. to work, to relate, look around and feel
the vibrations of intention of the people, just feel, take off the
lenses of your glasses, look as observers, do not scattered over
and you will feel your real purpose of the day.
Choose your vibration in the first moments of the day when you open your
eyes early in the morning. Feel your connection with your I Am presence
and choose your mission of light, choose to be love that touches all in
a silently way. Choose to be compassionate light that purifies all
silently. Choose to be the living God who dwells within each one of you,
the wisdom will be palpable from the inside out and even when the truth
is hard, will be clear to your eyes and ears and heart. You will know
to discern everything that you need to finish your mastery in 3D.
Your Guardian Angels rejoice with your development, we are all very
happy. I had the honor of being together with our Master / Brother
a long time ago and now I have the same honor with you, because I am
together now with a human Angel of Light / Jesus Christ, who is alive
inside of your heart.
I am walking along with humanity for many eons and I thank all the
Lightworkers who are struggling and looking for your light every day,
follow today and always, climb the ladder of your ascent.
I Am Mother Mary and I love you, stay in the holy peace of God within
each one of you.

Greetings Lightworkers, dress yourself of , dress yourself of
peace and proclaim the Light Proclaim the new. Proclaim the peace.
Here is a Brother of Light,I am a Brother of Light,which arrive here to
share, to speak to you about Light,the Lemuria Temple,forgot a long time
who now emerge inside of you Ligthworkers.
Our home was simple but in deep charm. The Forest of tall trees ,the
holy ground still the same. Remember the palace between the forest, the
temple of light that we pass and contemplate the lighthouse to share the
light. Earth you still the same priceless charm and beauty. I still
love you earth that one day shelter me. Today I return to 144
thousand Angels of Light. I wake up. You are Light. Return to your Home.
Remember who you are, that what you have inside of you.
The Light share ,be a sign. Look beyond. Remember your Light. How this
is beautiful ,this union of Brothers of eons ago been together .
I will speak of love and peace ,seed of Light,seed of peace, look to the
new sun inside of you,praise the Master Jesus who planted the seed and
sowed of LOVE. The House of the Father has many places, here is one more
Peace and Light, Galactic Brothers.
I am a intergalactic being of the blue ball of purifier fire of peace. I
Am what I Am. I Am light and Love as well as You.
May the sun of each one of you shine so bright that illuminate the world
around You.
The Intergalactic Confederation salute You, Brothers of Gaia.

Channeling of the Group We are Light in Action on 03/04/2010 – Brazil