“Look…what you do is very interesting,” someone recently said
to me. “But I have a life to live and I really can’t see myself as a
professional psychic. Madame Ruby is just not me. It’s too airy-fairy.”

The fact is, recognizing and developing your intuitive abilities
has many practical, down-to-earth uses in one’s life. Developing this
ability is similar to the time you learned to read books: your was
not to be a professional “book reader”, you just wanted to experience
the thrill books have to offer.

Understanding and utilizing your
intuitive abilities leads to a greater of your Personal
Power. A person in communication with their inner guidance
becomes more keenly aware of what is true for them and what is not. In
’s culture, we have access to more information than ever before.
Much of this information is true for someone, but may not necessarily
be accurate for you. It may work well for them, but it may not
work for you at all. It is helpful to recognize the difference.  

your intuitive abilities is like having software that filters your
incoming email and places in the junk folder those pieces you’re not
interested in; that data that doesn’t resonate with your truth. That
handy piece of software is already available to you. It came as
standard equipment, bundled with your hard drive. The art is finding it,
turning it on and managing it.

“But wait a minute,” you say. “I
don’t need intuition. My information comes from reliable sources;
magazines, friends, books, the government. They wouldn’t mislead me.”  
Well, most likely that’s correct. They may not be intentionally
misleading you, but their truth may not be yours. When you utilize your
intuitive abilities, whether that ability is clairvoyance, telepathy or
clairaudience, you will recognize whether the information your friend
gives you is aligned with your greater good long before you get
entangled with it. Wouldn’t your life be a whole lot easier if you had
that skill? This skill already exists within you…it’s just been
hiding under a belief system that isn’t yours! It’s there for the

You already are intuitive

Let me
give you some additional examples of how this valuable ability may
benefit you.

  •  You will find yourself in Present-Time
    vs. in the future or past. Because you are operating in
    Present-Time you are able to clearly see your options and the
    appropriate response for each situation in which you find yourself.
  • This
    clarity will increase your self-esteem
  • You will
    begin to walk through life with Presence and Certainty. This
    doesn’t mean in arrogance. This is a gentle, pervasive knowing
    you are in management of your life
  • You will find
    doubt and fear begin to and your ability to take charge
    of your business life and personal life increases very quickly
  • The
    games that you play with others – such as judgment, victim,
    intimidation, control, blame, competition – begin to end
  • You
    begin to recognize and change the beliefs that you have (up until now)
    allowed to operate your life. Have you ever said, “I sound just like
    my mother.”? Where do you think you learned to respond that way?
    When you turn on your ability to intuitively see these energy
    patterns, they begin to change.

Intuition is as natural as
breathing or eating. By making it a part of your conscious mode of
operation, you will become enlightened. Jesus said, “Make thine eye
single and you will see the light (your truth).” He was talking about
clearing out all the noise that keeps you from experiencing your
natural spiritual abilities and then deliberately using them to clearly
see your own truth.

Once we have cleared out an amount of this
noise (the untrue beliefs) we begin to see the “Light.” In other words,
the light of truth (our truth) soon becomes what we live by and what we
allow to guide our decisions. The twists and turns of life become
easier and less dramatic or stressful because that inner guidance
system within us is turned on directing us to take this turn or that.

work we’ve done in clearing out the noise in the channels (see previous
on the Grounding Cord and other
tools) allows this light and the corresponding adjustments to easily
enter. One must clear the old leaves out of the rain gutters in order
for the rivers of rain to easily pass through without jamming the works
and causing a mess. The work we, as a community, have been doing
around the world has surprised and amazed even me. The ease and
delivery of this information has been smooth and transformative,
allowing more of this Light to enter.  Opening to and developing your
intuition and other spiritual abilities will allow you to see and
experience that Light. You will also discover how great you are.

Jim Self is an author, international speaker, and teacher of 
the Tools for Mastering Alchemy. This work is in co- with
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