The Turn of
the Wheel
Spring Equinox ~ March 20 – 23
Air ~ East ~ Green ~ Light and Dark are Equal
Strength ~ Birthing ~ Growth ~ New Beginnings

This is the time of springs return; the joyful time, the seed time,
when life bursts forth from the earth and the chains of winter are
broken. Light and dark are equal; it is a time of balance, when all the
elements within us can be brought into a new harmony. The of the
Sun stretches out his hand, and Kore, the Dark Maiden, returns from the
, cloaked in the fresh rain, with the sweet scent of
desire on her breath. Where they step, the wild flowers appear, as they
dance, despair turns to hope, sorrow to joy, want to abundance. May our
hearts open with the spring!

Blessed Be – Starhawk

Dearest Beloveds….

In a world awash with information from so many sources, determining
what is of real value to take the time to read or pay attention to,
becomes a real concern. From many outside sources and observing our own
intensely transformational processes within, it is easy to garner that
we are in accelerated times of planetary evolution. In this process, one
of the essential messages from many indigenous elders, (who are
certainly our guides through this process of planetary birth), is this:
Gather in community! Meet to share, care for, support and celebrate with
each other! Create a heart community. Make a "hive"..a unified field of
awareness to draw strength from and offer your creativity to.

Create opportunities to gather and concretely vision a positive
future together, listen to dreams, dance, sing, cooperate in and
joyfully celebrate the process of mid-wifing a new world together. Our
need for strong community inter-connections has never been greater and
we will be grateful that we have strengthened those bonds through
celebrating together, our unified choice to LOVE. There is NO GREATER

Even if there are only two or more meeting to celebrate life and our
soul choices, an exponential multitude of possiblity emerges when we
gather. So let’s! In whatever form, use this Spring Equinox time to
gather together (etherically and physically) a few of your "anam
cara"..(soul family) to celebrate our wholeness, our love, to celebrate
the bodhi mandala of possibility erupting and to encourage the new
green shoots that we want to nurture and grow together!

Spring Equinox is a time that nature celebrates in it’s perfect
balance of light and dark. And because of this natural feature of
balance at this time of year, it is a wonderful time to feel directly
the pulse of life quickening in all things, and to use this accelerated
growth "Turn of Gaia’s Wheel" as an "acupuncture point" of enhanced
power, to consciously seed new beginnings, new intentions in the fertile
soil you have composted and cultivated with winter transformational

I, myself, will be celebrating this Turn of the Wheel in with
my anam cara there and of course, I will be holding my heart family
close, wherever I celebrate. Sending you joy jiggles and the sound of
singing birds and the deliciously delicate scent of cherry blossoms to
fill your hearts with the promise of a fruitful spring and summer!

In in Joy of Love Eternal.. your sister..ariel

PS: On the note of gathering to celebrate Love, please mark your
calendars for Sat. evening June 19th for our community
celebration (for the next turn of the wheel) at the (where
the Sanctuary of the Open Heart launch was held. 235 Washington Ave.,
, CA) Watch for an email with more details and the
exciting BUZZ on that community celebration shortly..stay tuned!


Spring Equinox Wisdom
The winter, harsh and long for some of us, is now fading. Gaia is waking
from Her frozen slumber in the northern hemisphere and it is time to
rejoice in life, warmth and a renewal of the spirit. This is a point of
perfect balance on the journey through the wheel of the year. Night and
day are of equal length and in perfect equilibrium; the sacred feminine
and sacred masculine, inner and outer are in perfect balance, yet the
light is growing stronger day by day. The nature is coming alive, the
Sun is gaining in strength and days are becoming longer and warmer. It
is time for the hopes and plans we made at Imbolc to become action. We
can start working towards physically manifesting our visions now! The
is expansive and exuberant, it is the first day of spring!

It is time to celebrate as we give birth to all things fresh and new.
It is time to celebrate the arrival of spring, the renewal and rebirth
of the nature herself, and the coming lushness of the summer. This is a
great time to renew ourselves, our thoughts, our dreams, our visions! To
renew our relationships! This is an excellent time of the year to begin
anything new or to completely revitalize anything!