31 Mar 2010 02:34 PM PDT

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Please know that you are rare entities. Not necessarily because you are on
earth at this time, but because you are of such an adventuresome nature that you
have agreed to help with this New Age Transition. Of course, you are silently
nodding in agreement that you are fully aware of that role and are trying to
implement it to the best of your ability.

Perhaps helping others to navigate this Transition does not seem that
challenging to you. We beg to differ. What you are accomplishing – with a
deal of skill and decorum – is something that has never been attempted
on earth
before. This thought is not to frighten you, but rather to allow you to
understand how magnificent you are.

Please remember the actions and reactions of your youth. The peace
The Vietnam War. Drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll. Whether you were
instrumental in
that shift or a bystander does not matter. We merely wish to point out
shift was minor in comparison to what is occurring now.

Some of you may believe what you are experiencing now is of less
and less traumatic than was the case of your parents during the Great
and World War II. We beg to differ. Granted they suffered physically and
explored issues that had not necessarily been explored previously
because of
limited international communication systems. But your parents and your
grandparents the exploration of the physical world that was
eons ago.

What you baby boomers are now experiencing is the first and greatest
spiritual shift, the shift that marks the beginning of the New Age. Let
us be
more specific. You baby boomers accepted two major roles in your
lifetime. The
first was to explore your emotional world. This you have done with a
great deal
of angst. You have completed the issues on abuse, chemical usage and
emotional hardships that have turned your world upside down. Now you are

into yet another chapter of exploration – your spiritual realms.

Your parents, grandparents and many previous generations explored the
physical realms. They discovered new worlds, climbed the highest
survived the coldest temperatures and achieved a stability that you
still cling
to. You do not wonder or worry whether there is another piece of land
over the
horizon. You do wonder or worry about whether you can survive in space.
And you
are not terribly concerned about the mechanics of flying wherever you
wish to in
the world. It just is. Your parents and other previous generations
that piece for you.

But they completed that piece over eons of time. You raced through
emotional elements and stand at the brink of fully exploring your
realms. Yet you wonder what you have achieved in your life. Do you see
how silly
such concerns are given how much you have accomplished in the first six
or seven
decades of your life? And yet you are willing to do more. What brave and
adventuresome people you baby boomers are!

You do not yet have a perspective of your life on earth. Let us
outline what
you have accomplished to date and then tell you what your current sense
urgency is all about.

You baby  boomers were the ‘wild children’ of the 60s and 70s. You
your freedoms in so many areas – areas your parents were not that
about. Yet you berate yourself for not completing what you thought
should have
been completed in a few years. Granted, there are some emotional
freedoms that
still need to be reviewed, but it is now acceptable for women to be
executives, abuse issues to be discussed and an African-American to hold
highest office possible in the United States.  Such freedoms were your
goals in
your youth. You did not require generations to complete those goals, you
did so
in a few decades.

Now you are initiating your spiritual freedoms and you are feeling as
nothing is happening or changing. We beg to differ. Your, and thereby
earth’s,  spiritual shift will happen within years not decades. Your
studies will be expedited in a fashion you cannot even imagine now.

Know without a doubt that you baby boomers are adventuresome and
brave. Then
know that you have achieved so much in your life – both personally and
in terms
of group baby boomer thought. Then understand without a doubt that what
you have
achieved to date will pale in comparison to what you will achieve in the
few years, not decades, not even a decade – but a few short years.

You are going to move the earth into a spiritual arena that could not
even be
imagined twenty years ago. Your role is much larger than merely
accepting that
the New Age has arrived. Your role is to shift the earth on its
emotional/spiritual axis. We will tell you without a doubt that the
work you completed, in such a lovely and efficient manner, is nothing
to what you will achieve in the next five or so years.

Perhaps it is time for you baby boomers to start singing, “You’ve
Just Begun
.” That last thought is not to frighten you, but to allow
you to
know the depth and breathe of your skills, interests, resources and

You baby boomers are truly God’s gift to the future.

Those of you who are the children and grandchildren of the baby
boomers are
wondering, “What about me? Am I chopped liver?” Not at all. You merely
have a
different role to play. Baby boomers agreed to ’set up’ the New Age. You
going to live it. Even though you also have transition aspects to
consider, the
work your baby boomer parents and grandparents completed allow you the
freedoms you take for granted – and of course, the communication
systems, like
the Internet, you cannot imagine not being part of your life. Baby
boomers are
the scouts and pioneers. Your generation and your children’s generation
live in those new emotional/spiritual realms created by the baby

Perhaps you are wondering why the physical realms were explored for
eons, the
emotional realms for decades and the spiritual realms for a mere few
years? As
many channelers have noted, time, as you understand it, is collapsing.
There is
no longer a need to spend generations understanding a concept now that
you have
the capability to flow between time periods and the physical, emotional
spiritual realms.

You are all now creators of the highest magnitude.  Allow yourself to
that. Most importantly, allow yourself to live that. So be it. Amen.

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