That which you seek, you already are. Just wake up and be that.
Then you will be in the truth of life. You will be enlightened. You
will be in Oneness and timelessness and so there is no soul, no
journey, no separation, no seeking and no finding. Everything dissolves
into the moment of NOW. Everything is revealed in Oneness.

dimension of you that has been seeking enlightenment is the ego and the
ego will never arrive at that which it is seeking. There needs to be a
relaxation, a letting go. The seeking and striving and trying keeps
you goal oriented and away from the doorway of the truth, which is the
present moment.

When you are fully , there is nothing left
of you from the past and nothing of you projecting into the future.
Your are utterly here now.

This is the awakened state. It is an
exalted state of consciousness.

At the deepest level of this
state, separation dissolves and you enter into Oneness. Occasionally,
through Grace, the sense of your self as an individual dissolves
completely and all that is perfect Eternal Presence, Silence,
Love and Oneness.

Occasionally, the nothingness at the heart of
everything is revealed.

This awakened state of consciousness
exists at a level that is transcendent of the mind and ego. When the
ego is exposed to this information, it creates a desire in the ego for
something that is impossible for the ego to achieve. But the ego will
not give up its quest. This has the effect of strengthening the ego,
which thrives in an environment of fear, rejection, and struggle. The
ego can never awaken. The ego can never arrive at the goal. Awakening
occurs when the ego is transcended.

So the question arises as to
how to awaken into Oneness. If you cannot do it, then how is it
accomplished? How can we still our thoughts and open into silence. A
relaxation must occur. Simply bring yourself out of the world of the
mind and the ego by becoming fully present. The key to being present is
to bring yourself fully present with that which is already present. If
you can see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, touch or smell it in this
moment, then you can be present with it. The moment you are truly
present with something that is here in the moment with you, thoughts
will stop. Your mind will fall silent. You will know yourself as the
one who exists in this moment and no other. Then you are awake in the
truth of life.

But who is awake?
No more words.
No more thoughts.
No more concepts.
No more understanding.
Just silence.

Just full, awakened, all embracing Eternal
Presence. It is the Presence of pure consciousness. If you awaken into
this level of fully awakened consciousness, you cannot function in the
world. Quite literally, there is no time. And there is no YOU to
function in the world. You would need a team of caretakers to take care
of you. I am speaking from personal experience. I have been in this
exalted state of consciousness for weeks at a time.

But sooner
or later, a sense of individuality will be restored, so that you can
function within the world of time. Restoring my sense of individuality
took several months, and it was not easy. This does not mean that the
ego was restored to dominance in my life. I still have an ego, but it
is surrendered. There is nothing wrong with the ego. In fact, to deny
the ego its place in your life is to invite it to function

This has to many who have had powerful
experiences of awakening. They have identified with the enlightenment
experience, which then catches them back into the mind.

all experience is the one experiencing.

To anyone who declares
themselves enlightened, I would ask, “Who is enlightened?” The answer
is “I AM.” And then only silence remains. Pure consciousness is your
true nature. The I AM Presence is your true nature. It is silent. It is
eternal. It is impersonal.

But that does not mean that you
cannot also exist at the personal level. I do not mean to imply that
life at the level of mind should cease. That is not possible, nor
desirable. What is possible however is that you become so awake and
deeply grounded in the present moment and the awakened state of
Presence that you never lose your connection with the present moment,
even when you do venture into the world of the mind. In other words,
you no longer believe in your thoughts, memories, ideas, beliefs and
opinions as the truth. You are no longer identified with any of it. You
recognize that life at the level of mind is simply play. It is
sometimes happy and sometimes sad, because it is a world of duality.
You relax and accept the dual nature of the mind and the world of
experience within time. You are no longer for or against anything. You
have transcended judgment. Life is accepted fully and so too is death.
is accepted fully and so too is pain. But you are so deeply
grounded in the moment of now, that you no longer get caught in the
movements of the mind and its world of thought and emotion. You are
deeply grounded in Oneness. You are able to return to silence and
Presence at will. In fact, silence and Presence is always there as the
foundation of your existence, and your sense of yourself.

It is
time for to awaken at a collective level. Enlightenment can no
longer be for just a select few, who no longer participate in the
world. If there is to be an awakening at a collective level, we will
have to learn to function within the world. This means that we will
have to find a balance between the timelessness of the fully awakened
state and the world of time.

-Leonard Jacobson

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