Channeler: Shelley

Many enlightening human beings have a reluctance to see themselves as
the truly amazing souls that they are. They fear that looking at
themselves in such a way would mean falling into ego. This is not about
puffing oneself up with delusions of grandeur. This is about looking
at yourself from a higher perspective and truly seeing, recognizing and
honoring who you really are.

We would like to continue along this vein ~ giving yourself
permission to see your own greatness. This is indeed such an integral
part of the energies that we are in now. Many of you who have been
walking your spiritual paths have worked tirelessly, driven, if you
will, to reach the finish line. While we honor you for your diligence,
many of you have embraced this rush and it has become a habit. You see,
in the energies at the beginning of this process, many of you were
feeling a great haste where you needed to enlighten, as did the entire
world around you. And you were feeling as if it must be done NOW. That
urgency that you all were feeling was an integral part of the process in
order to make sure that critical mass was attained and the ascension
process on earth assured. Because many of you onto your
spiritual path driven by this sense of urgency, you have accepted that
this is the way the spiritual path always feels. In reality, there is
no need to be carrying that sense of urgency anymore. The process is in
action. You have achieved, as a collective whole, what you have set
out to do, so that sense of urgency is really no longer required, but
many still are holding onto it with all of their might. This makes it
very difficult for enlightening human beings to accept moving into the
energies of just Being. They feel as if there must be something wrong
that they are just not getting. They are still feeling driven when there
is nowhere to drive to. So, they feel, I must be , I must be
missing something, what should I be healing? What should I be doing?
because to them, to stay in purpose they must be keep forging ahead.
This is a fallacy. The ascension process on earth is assured. There is
nothing that will stop it now as the momentum is in place. Rather than
giving yourselves a wonderful pat on the back, you are falling into
angst, looking for something to do. This is bringing many a sense of
discomfort that is quite unnecessary.

If you could only see yourselves as we see you. If you could, you
would see beautiful shining souls who have moved in courage and
integrity and faith and allowed this magnificent event to happen. You
would see souls who have lived up to their highest possible and
done it brilliantly. They have achieved what they have set out to do
and may now enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Think of it this way. It is as if you have piled into your car
knowing that you needed to reach a destination that was very far away.
You have stayed in the discomfort of your vehicle as you have travelled
the many miles to get there. Sometimes you were hungry or thirsty or
desperately needed to use the restroom. Sometimes, your bodies ached
from being in the confines of your vehicle and longed to get out and
. Some portions of your journey were long and boring and felt
like they would never end. Other portions of your journey had you
excited and filled with wonder as you looked out at interesting new
landscapes. But finally, you have arrived at your destination. You can
throw away the maps and the instructions. You have arrived where you
have worked so hard to get! Now is the time to enjoy your destination.
To move forward with a sense of wonder and your days according to
what brings you the most joy and fulfillment. This is a time when you
can joyfully meet up with others who have completed similar journeys and
share the stories of your amazing pilgrimages. The traveling is done,
Dear Ones. It is time to embrace and enjoy the promised land. This is
all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco