Sunday, 04 April 2010

First of all this
channel came on the 7th anniversary of the Goddess and I
offering these teleconferences.  I can remember how in the
beginning there were three or four people who would show up to share the
journey with me! The Goddess then went on to speak of the ascension of
the earth and our part in this creation.  The channel took
place on Easter Sunday, so the energies of ascension were even stronger
than usual.   

The Goddess spoke in
general terms of the ascension of the earth.  She spoke of
how the shift of the Earth into the higher dimensions has created so
much more potential for each of us as humans.  She then
spoke of creating and manifesting through ease rather than struggle. 
What are you doing in your life? E
motions such as anger, ,
rage, control, anything along those lines; will keep you feeling
separate from your divinity.

Through this channel
you may experience the shifting energies that are taking place upon the
Earth.  You may also experience your own process and where
you are along this path.  This is a chance to shift your
alignment and vibration.  The is a clear alignment between
the you in your daily life and you as you make choices in your life. 
Choosing life, choosing ease, choosing alignment with your
divinity creates amazing changes within your life!

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Nama sika; venia
benya                            I AM the one, I AM the

I greet you beloved
family.  I come into each one of you with my heart wide
open as I reach out to align with you; you as you are in your space upon
the Earth plane.  You as you are very present within your
own life.

I am ever with you; I
constantly flow my love, my light, my energy to any and all who seek an
alignment with me. 

I take this moment to
speak of the anniversary taking place for Shelly and myself.  As
she said it’s been seven years that we have been ‘public’ with our
messages for people.  She and I have been together even
longer than that.

During this time
amazing transformations have taken place upon the Earth. Some of you
have a sense of feeling every single bump and pothole along the way. 
Others of you may be new to this process and just discovering
what it means to you.  No matter where you are within your
process, you always have a place with me.  I love and so
adore each one of you. 

Humans have a very
unique process that you call life.  In some regards as I
look at you and all that is happening within your life, my consideration
is why do you take the hard road?  It does not have to be
as challenging as it is.  I of course share my opinion with
you and from the human perspective as I look at your life; it’s quite
different than mine.

I will share my
thoughts.  Consciousness has been upon the Earth for
millions of years.  The human consciousness from the time
in which it took form until where you are today, is so significantly
different it would be useless to try to compare.  During
the times of Lemuria, many of the extra-terrestrials chose to come and
live and experience their lives upon the Earth.

We call them the
extra-terrestrials, or the ETs, because you think of yourselves as
humans and being of the Earth plane.  The reality is all of
humanity came from someplace else as it began to inhabit the Earth. 
It was a choice; it was an experiment some might say; so the
Earth forms were quite different.  I feel I am a little bit
getting off on a tangent so let me come forward from there.

As each one of you
originally came to the Earth plane, it was thought that the Earth was
about experiences; about struggle, about experiencing diverse reactions. 
One could say good versus evil, easy versus hard, and that is of
course one perspective.  Through it all there have been
groups of people intermixed amongst all of you who came in with the
intention of finding their experiences through ease, through joy or
through a space of balance. 

At the time of Lemuria
it was a little bit easier to do that.  The time in which
you live right now is the second time that the vibrations and the
energies have set themselves up to give you greater opportunities and

We’ve been through the
history of the Earth many times and we need not revisit that.  I
did want to share with you on this day that the intention put forth
when we began doing these teleconferences was to create a place of
assistance for individuals to find their divinity within and to manifest
that divinity within their lives.

Looking forward to the
next seven years or however long we continue to do this, that is
essentially still our main intention.  The minor things
change as we flow with the energies and the experiences that are evident
upon the Earth.

With that I invite you
to take one more deep breath in, breathing deeply all the way down
within yourself.  As you do so feel that connection and
then release your consciousness as if it shifts upward, as if it moves
out from your physical body and you allow it to align with the magnetic

Look around; feel the
space in which your higher self resides.  Look at the
impulses of light and energy that represent thoughts that are
transmitted from one person to another or from one group to another. 
All of these impulses are forms of communication.  Remember
the first time we aligned with this space; I’ll bring it up so you may
feel what it was like.  It felt heavier; the speed moving
through the pathways was slower.  There were in fact less

The intention of
hundreds of thousands of people to work within this space is what’s
created this finer, lighter vibration.  You are all a part
of that creation.  Have a sense of shifting; allow your
consciousness to move through until you come into space with the
crystalline grid.  As you find yourself within the
crystalline, you’ve let go the magnetic pull of the Earth.  Take
this moment and feel the balance that is just intrinsic within here.

Allow that balanced
energy to flow through you; it flows up and down, in and out.  Again,
at the very beginning [meaning when we started the teleconferences
seven years ago] we did not align with the crystalline grid. And then
when you first began to do so it was as if you were within a small
tunnel and you could actually have a sense of crystals around you. 
Do you remember those experiences?  If not take a
moment and I will transmit them to you for your perception.

Once the Earth itself
ascended into the fourth dimension, the crystalline grid was able to
make those quantum leaps forward or upward or outward, howsoever you
want to think of it.  The crystalline grid as you see it
today represents the amazing expansion that is going through the
and consciousness.

This is not about
people and new traits or habits; this is the actual consciousness of the
Earth and of your own personal self that is reflected within.  Feel
the flow and the essence.  From here I invite you to shift
your focus into the soul plane.

As you arrive within
the soul plane have a sense of reaching out or opening up to feel your I
Am presence.  This is you with all of your divinity; this
is you in complete alignment with your consciousness. 

I the Goddess come
into this space in which you are located.  As I do so I
reach out to each one of you.  I reach out and embrace; I
merge my energies with yours.  As I do so you may find
yourself shifting into the All That Is.

This too is a place of
creation.  There has always been a place in which the
consciousness of the Universe mingles with itself.  Here in
the All That Is that is a portion of what takes place.  As
you come into this place feeling your alignment, allow the flow to move
through you. 

There is so much that I
would love to do with you this evening.  This is taking
place on the actual day that the Christians are celebrating Easter so
there are very intense and powerful energies about ascension.  Ascension
itself may have a different meaning to different people.

Each one of you who is
here, who is interested in this type of journey, or this type of
experience, is interested in ascending within this lifetime.  There
are some individuals that have had an experience as if they experienced
death without leaving this physical body and they then came back as a
new person or a different person.

Others of you have
sought to expand your conscious awareness so that you have more of your
divinity within and around you; this too is ascension.  There
may be various individual definitions and whatever makes sense to you
or resonates with you is your reality. 

What I would like to
say to you is that 100% of you who have come here, who have chosen to be
a part of this, have shifted your consciousness into the fourth through
the fifth, through the sixth and seventh dimensions.  It
used to be unheard of that someone would be able to live for extended
periods of time in the fifth dimension, let alone the sixth and the

The more that you
allow your physical body, your mental and your emotional, to be in the
alignment of the higher vibrations; the greater your ability to live in
these higher dimensions.  It used to be only the angels
were able to sustain a presence on the Earth at these dimensions. 
This is one of the reasons that people were unable to discern
the angels were within and around them.  The vibration was
such a difference from that individual’s vibration that they were unable
to discern.  Now this may still be your experience; the
difference is you now have the ability and the greater capacity to
create this type of alignment if you so choose.

Another dramatic
change is the lightbody energy.  We have worked with this
quite in depth since last August.  We were working with the
preparation for that for probably 18 months to two years before that
time.  Allowing the crystalline vibration to integrate with
the Earth is what has allowed the lightbody energies to become
available to each one of you.

Your higher vibration
of yourself is manifested in your lightbody energies.  So
coming back around to the ascension; if you consider where you were – we
could say five years ago, or 10 or 20 years ago, it matters not – well,
probably five years or greater we shall say.  If you
consider where you were and where you are now various degrees of changes
have occurred.  We are here on the precipice of yet
another large integration which is the next step forward.

Every time you create
change for yourself, that you manifest your divinity or whatever it is
that brings you into this alignment, it’s assisting the collective
whole.  So let’s do that with you right now.  Consider
where you are within your life.  Consider what comes to
you first and foremost.  Is it the struggle?  Is
it what challenges you?  Is it the aspects that have
greater ease? 

I then invite you to
consciously reach out while here in the All That Is and have a sense of
expanding into a greater amount of your divinity.  In doing
so allow that energy to flow through whatever it was that was first and
foremost in your thoughts.  Do you have a new perception? 
Does your awareness expand in such a way that whatever it is
that’s within your life right now is able to transition? 

As you consider
whatever it is, I then ask you to have a sense of letting that go from
your thoughts.  This time I invite you to deliberately
bring up anything that is holding you back or gives you a sense of being
held back.  Is there any time in your life that it feels
as if you’re running in place and not getting anywhere? 

Allow whatever this is
to become infused with your divinity.  When there are
things in your life or within yourself that give you a sense of holding
you back or keeping you constricted, that sense of lack comes from a
sense of feeling isolated from your divinity.  Therefore
especially as you are in this place of your divinity, allow that essence
to flow through.

As you consider
whatever that was, ask yourself ‘is there a reason to hold onto it?’ Is
there a way that this is benefiting you?  And then allow
more of your divinity to flow through.  When you consider
emotions such as anger, fear, rage, control, anything along those lines,
you also will find that you feel separated from your divinity.  Therefore
the more that you practice allowing your divinity to flow through you
and through any given situation, the more that you will become
reconnected in that Earth-bound existence.

Now as you look at
your life, as you consider perhaps those things that came up the first
time I asked you what’s in your life; those things that you sensed were
holding you back.  Having allowed that deeper connection to
your divinity to move through those experiences; look towards the
future.  Look towards what you seek to have within your
life.  For so many of you I get a sense that you’re saying
‘more of my divinity, greater ease in manifesting, greater abundance,
greater flow, greater whatever’ within your life.

Look at where you are
right now.  As I say that I see how some of you begin to
constrict or make narrow your focus.  So once more breathe
in or expand your consciousness, do whatever resonates with you, but
allow yourself to feel that open flow of your divinity. 

In doing so you can
align with much greater ease where you are right now.  Then
as you look towards what you seek to manifest, you can create a
change or difference so that the vibration and the flow of energy moves
with ease, moving back and forth through what you seek to have and where
you are right now.

The ascension process
is about your Earth-bound reality being in greater alignment with your
divinity.  You are already doing this more so than what you
realise.  As you are here in the All That Is, it’s so easy
to let your consciousness shift to be in the flow, to be open, and to
be welcoming of these energies.  So truly ascension is
about you, the human, accepting who you are as your divinity. 

The greater amount [of
your divinity] that you are able to accept, the greater your ascension. 
And just as we spoke of, those energies that kept you from being
able to perceive your divinity, in that sense it keeps you from being
able to manifest for greater lengths of time the greater amount of your

I invite each one of
you to consciously remove any veil, remove any barriers, remove anything
that separates you from your divinity.  Even here within
this space as I say that, I see an even deeper integration for each one
of you. 

You will find that the
more you explore your divinity, the more there is.  You
cannot get to the complete access as a human.  When you
allow your consciousness to expand into this space, or you merge with
your I Am presence in the soul plane, at that point you have the
opportunity to let your energies swirl through and you can take in all
the various information and perceptions of who you are as your divine

The way to allow for
this within your daily life upon the Earth involves a few what could be
very simple steps but this is where things become difficult for people. 
When you as a human are in a space of complete love and
acceptance for who you are as a human, you’re in complete alignment and
balance with your divinity.  When you have thoughts or
actions or beliefs that push you out of that alignment less of your
divinity can be perceived. 

So think about your
life; most of you have periods of time that you feel good, you feel as
if things are flowing, you feel happy and then something may come along
that seems to push you off that space of balance.  You
might at that point go into self-doubt, criticism, judgement, whatsoever
that may be.  And that’s when again your perception is
that either your divinity would no longer love you, or that there’s just
not as much of your divinity there.

Your divinity is
immense.  It is always there; there’s absolutely nothing
you can do as a human that would disconnect you from your divinity. 
Any sense of disconnection comes from you in your human
perception.  Therefore as you are moving through your days,
again we go back to that space where you feel good, where you feel
yourself in the flow, you feel like things are happening, there’s
movement, there’s action and then again something pushes you off. 

If you acknowledge
‘Yep, I’ve been pushed off but I choose to come back around into my
space of self-love and acceptance’.  Then you find yourself
right back in that balance and that alignment with your divinity.

It’s not necessarily a
matter of if you get pushed off, but when and for how long.  You
will find that you stay in that space for less and less periods of time
the more that you have accommodated your divinity.  Feel
it move through and open to the feeling. You may say it in your heart,
in your mind or out loud – ‘ I love and accept myself because I am that I

Feel the energy move
through you, feel how good it is to know that you are within that space. 
On this day as so many have focused upon ascension, I support
each one of you in whatever your path is following.  I
encourage you to find a means that is with ease; I encourage you to find
a way that you feel open, comfortable and good about loving yourself.  

The last aspect that I
will speak about tonight in regards to this ascension is the lightbody
energies.  Feel their energies move through you.  You
have your own aspect of that energy; you have created an alignment. 

So as you consciously
choose to reach out towards the lightbody energies and as you
consciously allow for them to move through you – you as your
consciousness, you as your physical self with your mental, emotional and
spiritual aspects – you find it’s another way of solidifying your

The lightbody energies
are the alignment with the crystalline; they are the alignment with
your expanded DNA.  They’re your alignment with the sixth
and seventh dimensions.  They’re your alignment as you
ascend to these higher vibrations within your daily life. 

Allow yourself to feel
the flow, feel the open acceptance of what that is for you.  You
find that as you move through this transition more and more of your
physical essence is becoming transparent.  This too is a
part of the ascension process.  Look at your life without
limits.  Look at your life as integrating as much of your
divinity as you possibly can.  Work with your lightbody
energies as you assist this integration.

Feel where you are
right now and know that everything is in and where you are now is
but a stepping-stone to where you will be in days, weeks, months or
years.  It’s all good because it is that it is. 

So with that, beloved
family, come back together as a group.  Feel your energies
as you create somewhat of a loose circle.  As this occurs
have a sense of seeing a hologram of the Earth and Ariellis, also known
as the New Earth, as they come up within this group.  As
you look at these holograms you may have a sense of the transformation
that’s taking place within each space.

I invite you to infuse
your experience tonight, your deeper alignment with your lightbody
energies and your divinity into this hologram.  It’s as if
sparkles and beams of multi-colored lights radiate out as this gets
transmitted within.

You then have a sense
of seeing these holograms, they move through space and time until they
align with the crystalline grid.  As they do so it’s as if a
shift takes place, with Ariellis moving towards Ariellis and Earth’s
hologram moving towards the Earth.  Each one merges with
the physical Earth and we focus upon the Earth and this hologram going
within.  It goes inside until it encounters the center or
the core essence of the Earth itself.

There is a sense of
linking with the crystals and then everything that you transmitted into
that hologram begins to radiate out through the Earth itself.  This
is another means that the Earth has allowed or integrated so as to be
able to ascend.  Feel your own energies as they come back
up within and around you.  And then it continues to flow.

Let your consciousness
shift. You may find yourself coming back within the All That Is, but
now there is an excitement to return to your physical body, to return to
your physical reality so that you can more fully experience everything
that took place during this journey.  You may feel yourself
shifting through the soul plane.

You feel that
increased flow with your divinity that is open and moves back and forth
with ease, and you allow your consciousness to shift, moving into the
crystalline grid.

As you find yourself
blending within this space, you have a sense of letting your
consciousness merge as it moves backwards.  You have a
sense of blending with the magnetic grid as once more you feel this
space, this energy, this pathway. 

This shift in
perception from when you were here as you went out on the journey and as
you come back is a very evident way to show you just how much of an
impact you have not only upon yourself but upon the Earth.

Once more, have a
sense of shifting.  This time you feel yourself as you come
down within the Earth.  As you are here within this space
you begin to feel and become conscious of your physical body.  As
this energy continues to integrate feel the flow of your divinity as it
moves within and around you. 

As your divinity
continues to flow I invite you to consciously put forth that sense of
self-love.  As you invite self-love to come within you, see
what that feels like.  The majority of you already feel
this to a degree. Let’s now shift it into unconditional self-love.

What that means is you
realise that you are human, you realise that as a human things happen
in your daily life but you choose to accept yourself no matter what is
happening.  And by accepting yourself you feel compassion,
you feel love, you feel awareness. 

As you consider what
you seek to have, be it in regards to your ascension process or your
daily life or everything, recognise where you are when you are here in
the space of self-love and acceptance.  And then send that
vibration that flow, that awareness out towards the Universe, your Earth
plane, your existence and everyone that you come into contact with. 

As you do this begin
to feel yourself and be comfortable with your physical body.  As
you are becoming comfortable with your body, allow your energies to
begin to ground.  Feel what this means to you, feel your
sense of awareness.  In this regards the All That Is, is
not so very far away. 

As you are coming back
within the conference room I invite you to press *7 upon your phone and
this will bring you into the queue so that I may speak with you about
any questions that you may have. 

[For those people
on the call there were a number of technical glitches at this time. 
It was 20 minutes before they were resolved which is why there
are so few questions.]

Question: I have a question, my name
is Peggy.  I have been having considerable nerve damage
that results in great pain and tremendous heat.  I have to
stand in front of a fan to cool myself off.  It happens
like hot flashes but worse.  Sometimes it happens 2 or 3
times a day and at night,
 it’s just making my life terribly

Answer:  As far as
the heat, that feels different than the nerves that you are talking
about.  The heat does feel like menopause type symptoms. 
How old are you? Do you mind if I ask?

I just turned 84!

Eighty four and a
revisiting of hot flashes there, huh? 

More so because it
makes my feet not numb, but the atrophy feeling, it’s like they are
attacking and my feet are stiff.  In fact I moved from
where I was upstairs to downstairs and my legs are getting tremendously
hot now.  (um hmm) I also have pneumonia; I just got out of
the hospital last week, so I get short of breath also.  A
lot of doctors don’t want to handle me, they say I’m too complicated
(Okay) I’m sensitive to the drugs they give me.

Okay, Okay. So what I
need to say. As far as the nerve problem and the heat you are feeling it
feels as if there is blocked energy throughout your body.  It
feels like there have been a number of separate individual type
illnesses or type processes that we see going on with your body.  It’s
like one part of your body is not communicating with the other part of
the body.  We can’t spend too much time here because we
know others are waiting, but what we will do for you is invite you to
take a deep breath in and breathe down into your heart center.  As
you do that, as you focus on your heart expanding and moving outward;
consciously let our energies flow up and down through you.   It’s
like a circle that gets bigger and bigger and bigger.  It
clears out everything within you.  We consciously put forth
the intention that there will be a flow of energy that moves through. 
It feels to us as if even your chakras are disconnected from one
another because of this lack of flow.  So if you will
focus on consciously letting the energy and vibration circling through
and around your body.  You can do this by taking deep
breaths in through your lungs, through your heart and consciously move
throughout the rest of your body.   This is the way of
increasing the flow of energy as it moves through you. If you will then
consciously focus on each of your chakra centers as being open and
radiating energy as a transmitter in that form, we sense that will help
number 1  with the hot flashes because that feels very much
like disconnect inside. But we also think that when that is flowing
better, the nerve damage you are feeling in your feet is also going to
improve for you because it will then be that there is a great flow of
energy and circulation going through your legs and that will help with
the symptoms on your feet.   Alright beloved?

Yes, will that help
the lack of circulation as far as blood flow? It goes out but doesn’t
want to come back up.

Exactly so by focusing
on feeling the flow of energy moving through you, it doesn’t mean it
goes out and stays out there; it goes out and comes back, goes out and
comes back. The flow is not just one direction; it’s a continuous
movement through your entire body.    We see that this is
going to help relieve some of those symptoms.  We feel
there are many things going on with you this is but one step that will
help you to feel better.   

So I just
concentrate on deep breathing into my heart.

If you consider your
heart as it beats the blood through your body; let that consciousness
and focus from your heart move throughout your body, move throughout
your bloodstream. 

Okay, thank you
very much.

You are welcome.

Question: I have a question about
moving forward in a career and finances at the same time discovering
this joy in Reiki healing. I don’t know what to call it, it feels like
channeling but when I was practicing Reiki I felt all these things that I
wanted to tell the people I was practicing on about their next step,
what they could do to themselves, what different things they could
do about eating or activities or things like that.  I
shared it with them and it seemed to resonate with them.  I
am just wondering about a possible career, focusing on that for my
future, acting and moving on.  My question is kind of vague

Answer:  Well
actually you are asking a number of different things here.  We
want to address the Reiki since you talked of that at length.  Reiki
is a means of channeling energy.  When you are giving a
Reiki treatment to someone you are the conduit and that energy is coming
from the universe moving through you and into the patient.  Therefore
it’s very common to receive information about that patient because you
are there, you are open, you are in a place to receive. This is what we
see is very much a part of what is going to be happening to you in your
future.  Whether you decide to do acting, energy healing,
any type of work you decide to do; by being in the flow of the universal
energy, letting it come through you and hearing the voices and the
information, the energy; will all assist you no matter what you are
doing. Just as you are able to convey to a person whatever you are
working on, so too you can convey that information to yourself.  We
see that it’s not that you have blocked things in the past, it feels as
if you have been somewhat distracted or trying to figure out how to do
everything at the same time.  You absolutely can if you so
choose!  But we would also say to you that if you let your
focus be on drawing that energy through you, letting it flow through you
in whatever form it needs to and then seeing what comes to your
awareness, what allows you to focus that intention and then see whatever
insights are there for you.  Alright?

Yes, thank you! 

You’re welcome.

Question: I have a question related
to that Sandra.  (She meant Shelly.)  I have
been in the healing profession for 17 or 18 years.  Recently
like within the past month, I have put it on a back burner and gone
back into the mainstream to return to work.  I am wondering
if you can speak to that for me. It feels like the next thing, but I am
wondering if I will ever get back to what I was doing before in the way
that I had originally intended.

Answer: we think the reason that
all shifted for you is because you had run your path in the way that you
originally set it up and originally put forth your intention.  Our
sense in looking at this is that it’s time for you to begin to look at
the energy work you were doing from a different perspective; one that
includes consciously expanding your vibration and consciously moving
into a new dimension.  We know that’s a little bit vague,
but the sense we get is that you’ve been doing something and it’s time
to change.  There’s a part of you that says you don’t
really know what to do, this is what you’ve always enjoyed, I really
love this kind of work.  What that was doing was bringing
up short your creative process.  It came to the point where
we get a sense of shorting out.  From the shorting out you
decided to go back to main stream because I know I can count on the
income and then try to figure it out in the future.  No you
we don’t see you staying in the mainstream for long, only perhaps 6
months or a year, maybe even less than that.  You are in
the process of creating this change within your own self that allows for
this higher integration of not only the energy work you were doing
before but new and different modalities.  It feels as if
there is something you have created that is a blend of different things.
It involves crystals, it involves colors, it involves light, it
involves tones; many different things.  It feels as if you
are in the process of bringing this into a new place or a new
perspective.  By allowing yourself to let that flow and let
the creativity move through you in whatever way it does, you will find
that you will get back around to that in a very short period of time. 
Does that resonate with you?

It does, it really
resonates with me, it’s very confirming. Do you have any suggestions of
how I can manage my energy of working in a mainstream setting so that I
am able to nurture this creative thing that is getting ready to surface? 

Well we think that
number 1, as you’ve gone back into mainstream you have a little bit been
kicking yourself about it; ‘gosh, I guess I couldn’t succeed’ ‘I must
have been doing something wrong’. It’s as if it’s a negative thing to go
back into mainstream work.  What we would like you to do
about this is first of all recognize it’s not a negative, it’s not a
failure.  It’s not anything at all like that. It is simply
where you are right now as a means of making ends meet in your life. 
 It is just going in another direction.  Then
if you do that first and number 2 you step into more of a place of
enjoying this type of work, enjoying being back in the work force,
enjoying everything that that has to offer you.  Then when
you come and say ‘okay now I’m going to do my play time, I’m going to
set aside time for myself and begin to see what insights come to me’. We
see you journaling, we see you practicing different things and working
on people because we sense you still have a few clients you see.   As
you work with them in particular, but also as you work for yourself and
on yourself; then you will see what direction you need to go.  Does
that resonate with you?

Yes, you have made it very clear.  Thank you.

You are welcome!

Question: I have talked to you about
the same problem I have had for quite a while now.  I am
raising my vibration a lot.  As I do that, the other side
ramps up against me! I am not just attracting random negativity, it’s an
opposition here.  I am asking at this point for a divine
intervention.  I really don’t know what else to do but
continue to work on myself and hope I survive. 

Answer:  we are
unclear where this is coming from and why it continues to persist with
you.  On the journey tonight when we spoke of being outside
of that place of complete love and acceptance of yourself that is when
that resistance will come in. When you have the feelings that you have,
the attacks or that type of energy that is pulling down or back or into
that other space it’s coming in and aligning with an aspect of you that
allows it to come into being.  What we would say to you is
that the more that you….. and that is part of the example of what I
was speaking of when I mentioned how your perception of things and as
you looked around at came from that place of fear, pain or sorrow. 
That’s what generates that place of disconnection from your
divinity or the perception of disconnection.  So as you
keep ramping up your vibration and as you keep integrating higher
aspects of yourself and divinity yet this keeps remaining there pulling
you back and pulling you down it’s because there is something within you
that is not being nurtured and nourished because it does create this
resistance.  We will blend with you; we will move through
you, we will assist in releasing anything that is masking this from you
so that you can have that much greater awareness within yourself. 
It may sound crazy, but anytime you feel that attack if you will
go into a place of loving, honoring and nurturing yourself.  The
way you will do that is breathing deeply and breathing in your
divinity, letting it move through you in every aspect.  That
is how you are bringing in more of your divinity. Instead of trying to
ignore or fight something, you are now trying to love and nurture it.
Does that resonate with you?

Yes, but what’s happening and it’s happening to a lot of people, I’m
not the only one.  The dark side, just to call it that for
simplicity; they have a lot of different means that they can use. 
Some of it is artificial and can override my vibration I think
but I don’t know if that’s possible with the larger energy.

We disagree.  It
cannot be possible.  If your vibration is such…. Pause
for a download….

It’s okay, I know
what you are going to say.

We simply do not agree
with that.  There is something within you that is allowing
that to come in.  Simply calling it the dark side and you
bring in the light makes a split. It’s a judgment of dark/ light;
good/bad; hurts/ not.  All of that is the type of energy
that keeps you in separation and keeps you apart from your divinity. 
That’s why if you consider it the dark side then flow the energy
of love and acceptance to the ‘dark side’.  If it’s a low
enough vibration-Shelly has experienced this and we have experienced it
through Shelly when we work with individuals-we just flow the beautiful,
unconditional love of divinity and the dark side as you call it or that
lower vibration can’t stand it, it doesn’t like it, it just goes away. 
The light will make that dark side uncomfortable.   It
keeps coming back because there is something inside of you for it to
align with. 

Okay, I realize
that it isn’t really dark if it makes me evolve faster.  It’s
very hard for me to be articulate after going on these journeys because
they are so formless and beautiful.

Right, so coming back
we would say just love the pain so to speak, love whatever it is that
comes in.  Whether you even think of it as love, acceptance
or something else; just keeping it in that nameless form of that place
where you go on these journeys it will burn it out.  It
will keep it from coming back within.  But if you find
yourself in the place of pain and resistance; it will keep it hanging

Let us just flow an
energy through you.  We will send through this bolus of
light and we are going to let it go through you and assist you in
clearing out. We can see that this feels like it’s based in fear and old
belief systems. So if you will, go through and work on that for
yourself.  Work with releasing it through compassion,
loving and honoring, you will find that it will happen less and less
until it no longer bothers you. 



So for everybody I
remind you to take in that opportunity to breathe into yourself; your
divinity.  Breathe in your self-love and awareness as
simply that – your divinity flowing through you.  You need
not give it a name, or a shape, or a form or anything. Simply feel it as
the flow and let it move through you doing whatever it may do.

I am ever with you and


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