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Channelled Message for all Lighworkers, Starseeds Indigo, Crystals and
Children of the Sun and Families of Light.

You are a Being s of Light .
The Light is here because you have remembered who and what you are.
You remember where you come from because you have figured out
your ancient human ancestors on this planet.
You realise you have been here before many times
and the reason you were was to perfect your human Incarnation this time
the energies of light and understand its messages..
and even though you are feeling the human symptoms of these Light energies
you are coping perfectly.
You are meant to feel them as this is how you know when the energy’s increase
as Gaia shifts with the shift of the Cosmos
and in feeling these symptoms you are in tune as to when new downloads of
Light Energy is coming to Gaia.
You are now beginning to know us,
your universal cosmic family and now know you are not alone.
You have been contacted by your ancient ancestors
who were here before and who are reincarnated through you.
Many of you have already made connections with each other.
You are able to transcend all people...through the energy of Light.
You recognise your Cosmic Family here on this planet immediately
and you know you have been connected many times in other incarnations.
You also know that through the contact you have made with your ancient ancestors
that it is through them that Cosmic Creator is able to reach you.
You know that you are the portals to receive this information..
Yes it is a year of the three...
you are ONE...
your ancient ancestors are TWO and
the THIRD is creator...
this is the reason you have been seeing the triangle in orbs and light in photographs..
ON THE 22ND OF MAY 2010.
You have also been seeing Gold...but Gold is only your interpretation of Alchemy.
Alchemy can mean many things and not just Gold.It can be many, many things.
The sun your source of all light and its fatherly relationship
to all planets and Gaia and to you is your alchemy..
.the sun CONTINUOSLY shines.
It provides all for all.
It can split light into many different colours
hence the colours of your light centres the chakras..
You are hearing and feeling the pulsation of Gaia as
she shifts and moves with her sisters and brothers planets of the Galaxy
and it is this reason you know that the energies of
Light are easing or increasing at certain times of your time and space line..
You are moving in alignment with the light and its affect it has on Gaia
and the planets and your ancient ancestors at this time come to you to assist you.
You feel them.
You know they are beside you.
You go silent at these times to hear them.
You know that Gaia is moving towards its next evolution
and you have felt many times the joy and bliss of Higher consciousness...
You know that you are Eternal
and that you are here to show the way towards this step up into
You know it is an endless supply of energy. All of creation will be led now by the Light.
The very old ancient ways OF THIS PLANET will be adapted to merge with our modern World .
These new ways will be in alignment with the ways of the
higher consciousness of the Light Energy Shift
and these incarnations who are your children will find ways
which include all humanity in a way that it was always intended.
Summer Solstice carries a huge Light Download again.
Gaia is shifting along with her Brother and sister Planets .
You are moving with her and assisting her in the Love you have for her.
She is your Cosmic Mother and the Love you feel for her is the same Love
you have held in your Heart Energy Centre for the Mothers you have had in previous incarnations.
Gaia is a culmination of the Love Heart Energy within you that you have held for eons.
It is only in this reincarnation that you have remembered its immense intensity and force...
Gaia lives in your heart as One and The Same and
Father the Sun lives in your Solar Plexus Energy Centre as One and The Same.



All content may be shared as long as content is shared in all context and content.
Indigo Healing 2010. ©

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SaLuSa 31-May-2010

Channeler: Mike Quinsey

The Ascension finishing tape is in sight, but you will have had to enter the race if you are to cross that line. Even so there are still hurdles to cope with, and we encourage and help everyone to complete the course. In reality you all commenced many lives ago, knowing that this wonderful opportunity would be presented to you all before the end time. As you know by now, right up to the last it will be your choice as to whether you ascend. When the stirring starts to occur within, you will wonder what is happening in your life, as you will know that something is missing. It is likely to be an unsettling time, until you realize that the answers are also within. You will find that you are awakening to the urge to find your true self. You will know that you are more than just your physical body, and feel your spiritual awakening opening your eyes and heart. Sooner or later your path will open up, and the way will be lit with the truth.

The question is do you want to remain in duality, or break out of your sleepwalk and move fully aware into the Light. What awaits you is largely beyond your present understanding, but as you rise up so your consciousness will expand. So many Beings accompany you on your journey, and they will do everything in their power to help you and urge you ever onwards. You will surely know if you are one such soul, you are well on the way to the completion of your experiences in duality. It will be clear to you that you have learnt your lessons, and are ready to move on. There may be some tidying up to do on the way home, but a smooth pathway will carry you to Ascension.

Life seems to be a series of unconnected events, but in fact they are all connected which is why Mankind goes forward as a whole. In totality you all represent the mass consciousness of every soul, and you have been carefully nursed and led through your experiences in the roles you have chosen to play. It has been planned very carefully so as to awaken you slowly but surely, in a gradual rise in consciousness that you could cope with. The powerful energies coming to you from the higher dimensions have paved the way to the future, and will soon see you through the next big step in the process of Ascension. No attempts to prevent it will succeed, and it matters little what shall precede it on Earth. Just keep your sight on the reason you are here at this wondrous time, and know that any difficulties will be short lived. It is the end result that is important that comes with the closing of the cycle of duality.

Are you feeling a bit disconnected from day to day happenings, because you will in some ways become distant as you move more into a different mindset. Be assured you are not losing your memories, but the mundane events of Earth no longer have the power to hold your attention. Your mind is often “somewhere else” and you temporarily lose touch with reality. Your consciousness is moving into a higher vibration, as you merge closer to your Higher Self. You are in strange times to what you normally experience, but as the veil is lifted the Light will illuminate your mind with the truth of who you really are. In reality you are great Beings of Light, who stepped down into the lower realms for no other reason than that you wanted to expand your evolutionary experiences.

Dear Ones, there is so much to take in during these changing times, so let go of the old ways unless they serve the Light, and be ready to change your beliefs to those that come with the New Age. The way is simple and the direction is signposted by Love and Light. If you can find balance and harmony in your life now, we would say that you are already living from a higher state of consciousness. Is it then no wonder that you feel different to many people around you, and find their ways no longer acceptable? It is a sign of the separation that is occurring at the present time, and it is a perfectly normal development.

Once we can have direct contact with you, the changes will speed up and people will gravitate to those who are like themselves. Groups with a common interest will grow, and their contribution to the work ahead will hasten the whole process. This is something we encourage, and be assured we already know who has the abilities or qualifications to assist us. You will be invited to share our technological knowledge, and help use advanced equipment to clean up your Earth. It will not take long by your standards, and then all efforts can be concentrated on restoring your rights. The gap between where you are now and where you need to be must be bridged as soon as possible, to smoothly transition you to the ascended state.

If you are unclear as to what it all means it will be spelt out once we can use your media to reach you. The immensity of what is to come will astound you, and certainly the speed at which it will take place. Life for many will change to become a happy experience and full of excitement, as you are lifted up out of your suffering and your needs catered for at last. We speak of both your material and spiritual needs, as each is important to lift you up. Your fairy tale ending to life is to move into your reality, and it will be befitting for Humankind who has gone through so much heartache and disappointment. Happiness and joy will be the key to your next challenge, as you leave duality for good.

We of the Galactic Federation will close this message, by assuring you that everything is moving forward satisfactorily despite outer appearances. Naturally we would have preferred that matters were more advanced, but we have to go with the flow. We ask you to do the same and adjust as necessary, because the obstacles will be removed and the way forward will become a smooth journey. Make allowances for the strange times you are in, that are unlike any previous occasion and result from conditions imposed upon you by the dark forces. They never intended you should be settled and have time to enjoy your lives. That approach will however be consigned to the past very soon, and replaced with all that is needed for a happy life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and most pleased with your response to our presence, which makes our tasks so much easier to carry out.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.
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I just love Symmetry….

And something that has always kinda bugged me was the apparent unidirectionality of Time. Science shows us this unidirectionality by claiming that we can remember the past, but not the future. But think again, feel if you have to: don't we have similar emotions regarding past and future?

After a long night of chatting with Annette (one of you), I came away with a few entirely different viewpoints. Sure, we remember the future! but the fact that we do is obscured by the adaptation of other words to mean the same thing. We have good and bad memories of the past, and the New Age approach shows us we can remember the Now, but what about the future? This morning, after that long chat last night, it suddenly occurred to me: preferences and dislikes are our 'memories' of the future!

Think about it: our preferences, our dreams hopes and desires lead us to our intended (by us)  future if we just dare pursue them. Likewise, our dislikes point to what we will mostly want to avoid in the future. Science shows us the concept of the speed of light through the light cone:

Basically, they are saying that whenever you are travelling in a certain direction, that cone shows the space where you could have come from, and where you can go. Anything outside the cones is beyond the light speed limit, and thus unreachable. What's wrong with this picture?  The initial premise of course! Time, since it was arbitrary to begin with, is not a fixed vector, that one can't escape. We, by means of our free will, can just tilt the cones, and make it so both B and C lie inside the future cone!

Even more so, because time is non-existent, neither can a concept like the speed of light exist! Actually, the Hadron supercollider already proved that it is possible to go beyond the speed of light. Thus the cones widen up, becoming just a plane perpendicular to whatever course we are steering with our free will! Abraham-Hicks constantly refers to rockets of desire, well this is it: the directional vector that you want to take, to arrive wherever you want to be most. But the image gets more complex, because there really is no limit to the number of goals that you may set for yourself.  Since space is an equally arbitrary division made up by man, the concept of direction becomes very fluid indeed. Instead of a cone, we may better understand the depiction in the Dutch coat of arms:

Hard to see at this resolution, but take my word for it: the center lion is holding a bundle of arrows in its lower paw. Now what would it be doing with a bundle of arrows if its other paw is yielding a sword instead of a bow? Simple: all our desres are a loosely held bundle of arrows, pointing in various directions. As long as you hold them loosely, there is no uniformity in the bundle. But what happens when your intention wills your paw to close around them? Yes! all the arrows line up, all pointing in the same direction!

And this I can promise you from direct experience: my wild ideas were loose arrows for a long time, pulling me in every direction at the same time. Having dwelled at snoedel and moorelife gradually changed that picture: instead of directional havoc, my bundle has now aligned, and shows me a clear path ahead. My path, not yours, but you can bet your ass that all our paths are so intricately interwoven, that clashes may very well become a thing nobody is interested in anymore.....

Love your arrows,


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2 Hour Witness DVD

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Enjoying the Stilness

It used to bug me to no end, this Stilness: the fact that everything that needs to be done is done, and there is nothing left to do but wait, for whatever it is that you want to arrive. Waiting isn't going to do it, for that ceates an infinite loop holding off on whatever it is you want and know will arrive. But at the same time, nothing else seems more worthwhile anyway.

Beginning to get the feel for it, this Stilness of Being. Noticing how the urge to do is slowly subsiding into the relaxedness of this Sunday morning. Even Moorelife has taken on that savoir faire lately: it no longer urges me to put in the hours, because it feels content to just be whatever it is: not just about Dré anymore, but about the process of discovering More Life! A process that we are in together, willingly.

I could perform any of the domestic work that is lying around, and make this home more of a home for anyone to come home to, but at the same time it is my home, and I'm home already. I am not particularly bothered by the pile of laundry that needs folding, or the carpet that needs vacuuming. So those are kept until such a time that I am in the right mood, the mood of wanting to create order. But even then, it is done for the experience of it, rather than the end result.The end result is non-essential anyway: notice how, the moment you finish doing the dishes, and you reward yourself with a few scoops of yummy icecream, the new set of dirty bowl and spoon immediately starts off the need to do the dishes again? You could let this rule your life, but then where would the joy in all of it be?

No, I'm operating more from the stance: "And He Saw that it was Good". Actually, until just now, I never knew why that phrase was in the Bible. But I notice how I'm constantly looking for what's good, what feels good. And that my friends does definitely not mean that anything else is bad. There is no bad in my world, not because I don't allow it to exist, but because the Divine Essence behind everything is there, regardless of the atrocity it seems to be. And the weird thing is, the more I allow for the dark to just be, rather than resist it, the more I am privvy to insights on just how these mechanisms really operate, and what their true Nature is. 

We all see our own order in the World, and no particular order is anything less than another: after all, it is All Order, even the chaos. And any of it can lead us to new realizations, which then immediately get absorbed in the Akashic Records and retransmitted to Source. So yeah, I might do some domestic work today, who knows. But then again I might not. I will however be creating order, no doubt about that!

Love your Order,


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Gemini 2010: Change Is Good ~ Assimilating Radical Shifts Within & Without

Finish each day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities
no doubt crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.

Tomorrow is a new day;
begin it well and serenely
and with too high a spirit
to be encumbered
with your old nonsense.

This month you will have to take many deep breaths to maintain your equilibrium. The pressure is intense and the speed of which information is coming at you, is continuing to increase. Always keep in the back of your mind, if you cannot control it, release it to the Universe ... and if you CAN control it, then this (whatever is activating your "control" or "survival" buttons) is just a reminder to inhale back your own authority and your personal power to choose ... your power to change your mind and thus, your circumstances. In the instant you commit to your choice, change can occur. Because it is Gemini time, I am inclined to think most of us have some major decisions to make which are going to require us to choose between two (or more) distinctly different paths. These paths are going in such new and different directions, that you can no longer 'straddle the fence' or 'serve two masters' ... you will HAVE to choose.

Sagittarius (wisdom) helps Gemini (intelligence) make meaning out of the information coming through at this time. Right now, all SIX of your senses are being bombarded with information. How are your "filtering" systems working these days? We need to activate our "human spam box" where all non-relevant info should go automatically. Your main task at this time is sorting through all this information. You will know the Truth when you come across it because it will speak to you on a soul level and you will be compelled to act on that new knowledge.

These are not "small" or "easy" aspects of life to undergo such a major transition. HONOR THAT FACT by taking the time to review how you have expressed yourself up to now ... and reflect on how you want to express your Self going forward.

~ Who have you led your Self (and others) to believe you were (over the last 6-12 yrs)?

~ Who are you today?

~ What parts of you are solid and structurally sound?

~ Which parts of you are completely worn out and need to be released or recycled?

Use the current Full Moon in Sagittarius to release anything that is no longer part of your personal Story and all that is no longer "true" for you and then, plant your seeds at the New Moon in Gemini ~ take a deep breath and express your Self in a whole new way. The story of your life is not done yet. You can still choose to "edit" and change the next chapter any way your soul leads you to. Open your mind and heart this month and connect with your Authentic Voice in order to express your deepest Truth. Pay close attention, activate your filters for this particular flow of information. Some will be Divine Truth, some will be petty distraction, delaying you on your Path. It is a NEW day, and like it or not, you will have to make some (seemingly) daunting choices that will determine your course (path) over the upcoming 6-12 months and 6-12 years. Backwards is not an option, and even if it were, all that used to be back there is gone / done / over / completed anyway. So you can CHOOSE - or you can get dragged - but either way, you're going (to the next level). Actually you're already there but some people are holding on to the door as it closes on their fingertips.

It really depends on what you want to create and what you want to be a part of for the remainder of this lifetime. If you are comfortable with the "light and airy" aspects of this Gemini season, then enjoy them because this is the best time of year for creative exchange of ideas; use social situations to learn (and teach) and share information, you have more options than you think. INVITE COLLABORATION AND UNITY ~ look for circumstances that your individual personality and skill set is *valued*.

On the other hand, if you have some heavy duty choices to make at this time, solitude is probably better. Tuning in around the Full and New Moons, dusk and dawn, the turn of each Sacred Season, when the channels of communication are wide open, invites the Invisible Assistance. Ask the questions, be still and the answers will come ... then you must be prepared to accept a NEW Truth.

Enlightenment must come
little by little ... otherwise
it would overwhelm!

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Cory Herter’s peculiar accident

Cory Herter is someone who, by having a car accident 20 years ago, had regularly out of body experiences. In those experiences he met many incredible spiritually advanced beings who teach him amazing things like sacred geometry.

In this particular web seminar he talks about many amazing this like:

-       The accident that started his spiritual journey

-       Ayahuasca & alternate realities

-       What 2012 really is.

-       That we already made “the shift” this may 20th 2010

-       Sacred geometry.

-       Illuminati & demigod (their true motivations)

-       Pineal gland & hypothalamus

-       DMT

-       HAARP

-       Microchips

It’s a long video and that’s a good thing because it’s worth every second of it. Learn and enjoy the ride:

Thanks EagleEyes, interesting stuff here....

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Your Key to Self-Forgiveness

Part 3 - Your Key to Self-Forgiveness

I have found that the Key to Forgiveness of myself is not to forgive at all, but to understand.

God has made it very clear to me that when I understand the actions of others, when I understand those others themselves (what informs them, what animates them, what motivates them), forgiveness becomes unnecessary.

All I needed to do to find self-forgiveness, then, was to understand what informed, what animated, what motivated me when I made the choices and decisions I made, and when I behaved as I did.

I am not really a "bad" person. I am not villainous, and my intention in life is not malevolent. I'm not out to "get" anybody, and I don't even seek "revenge" when people have seemed out to "get" me. I'm just a regular guy, a good person, I hope---rather ordinary in my goodness, like the rest of us. I try not to cheat, steal, lie, hurt, damage, or destroy. And yet I have cheated, stolen, lied, hurt, damaged, and destroyed. So what is that about?

It's about my not knowing what in the heck I was doing---and thinking that the only way that I could get what I felt I needed was by doing what I was doing. I was so wrong in that. I was so misinformed. Or ill-informed might be a better word.

All I wanted, in the end, was to be happy. I just wanted to be happy in my life, and I was scrambling around trying to make it happen because I didn't know how to make it happen. No one teaches us how to be happy. There's no Happiness School anywhere. There should be, but there isn't. Maybe I'll start one. Maybe I'll create the CwG Happiness School...

So there I was, scrambling like a quarterback with a porous front line, darting around the backfield, trying not to be thrown for a Big Loss.

Sooner or later I'd find myself asking meekly, "Uh...can we run that play over again...?"

I did some things during that scramble that I am not proud of, some things that hurt other people...but now I understand why I did them. I understand that I wasn't trying to hurt anybody. And even though I knew that some things would hurt somebody, I did them not wanting them to be hurt, and just wondering in my simple mind, Why can't we all just be happy, without making someone else unhappy in the bargain?

And it's all because I didn't know how to be happy...or where to even find happiness. Or, worse yet, what happiness even was.

So if a person promises to pick you up at six, but doesn't arrive until nine-thirty, and the party you were going to is over, you might feel like you have something to forgive. But if, when they arrive at the door breathless and perspiring and shameful and embarrassed and chagrined and desperately hoping for forgiveness, they tell you that they actually started out an hour ahead of time but became hopelessly lost...suddenly, forgiveness is not the order of the day. You pop out of forgiveness almost immediately, and move into deep understanding and compassion.

And so that's what I did with myself and my own past. I was, I realized, hopelessly lost. It's worse than that. I didn't even know where I was going. Conversations with God showed me that, and I responded with compassion for myself, born of a deep understanding of why I did what I did during those years past.

God, of course, knows all of this ahead of time. I mean, without my having to explain. Like the mother who comes into the room to see the child's face distorted with shame and fear and sadness and self-recrimination as he gazes at the shattered family heirloom at his feet, God understands all that has happened---and why. God doesn't have to forgive, because understanding erases any need to forgive.

Then, on top of this comes God's remarkable revelation that in any event there is "no such thing as Right and Wrong"! So if I didn't have sufficient grounds for self-forgiveness (or the lack of any need for it) through understanding why I did all the things I did, I now had an even richer awareness of Life Itself---its purpose, its function, its process, and its construction. That is, how it is put together. And this completely eliminated the need for anything even closely resembling "forgiveness."

Step One in being friends with myself was complete! I could "let go" of
all that guilt I had been carrying around. Yet I don't want you to think that I suddenly became cavalier about my past, and all the hurt I had caused. I let go of guilt, but I did not step away from regret.

Guilt and regret are not the same thing. If you feel into them, you'll know the difference. I will never give up `regretting' some of the things I've done. To do so would be to give up my humanity. But I have given up my guilt. If nothing else, I am "not guilty by reason of insanity." It was insane of me to think that I could find happiness doing what I was doing the way I was doing it!

With guilt gone, I felt better about myself---I was almost a person I really could have a friendship with. But I still had two more steps to go before I could complete that process...

NEXT WEEK: Part 4-The Gift of Acceptance

Love and Hugs,

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Summoning the Family of Light – Allowing Your DNA to Re-member Itself

The New Human aspires to function with a physical structure activated in their human body which is plugged into the Earth’s gridwork.    As the human being in the third dimension begins to attune themselves to more light.  As the human being begins to ride the waves of incoming light with a free hand—not holding on—trusting and with courage allowing the incoming information=light to flow into their physical body; the body grows in its ability to hold light.  As the light comes into the body, the DNA is gradually being transformed.  The human race was meant to be a living library, a completely accessible record of all that is, and also to have direct structural connections with the energy gridwork of the Earth, which was itself foretold and created for the purposes of being a living library.

For those who have encountered the work of my ancestors and the holy ones in my world who have transmitted this information via Barbara Marciniak in “Bringers of the Dawn,” I am here to revive within you the awakening you experienced when you took in these codings of language and light in the form of the energetic transmissions which Barbara brought through and to inform those on the planet who are not members of the Family of Light, as to your presence in their midst and their ability to contact and connect with you for support and information: encouragement.

Brothers and Sisters.  The earth’s ascension is underway and the disruptions to the planet are difficult to ignore.  As the awakening among many of the human race continues there are emerging significant anchored beings of light upon who you might call for encouragement.  It is more than difficult for you as humans to move beyond the structures within your bodies and within your culture which have limited your ability to see beyond fear, to see beyond differences in your race.  First of all, in the same ways in which you had big awakenings some years ago as to the manipulative qualities within your advertising field, you must begin to realize that some of these limitations you experience in being optimistic and positive, in having faith in yourself, in loving one another, in choosing the path of harmony and peace in your lifestyles—many of the challenges which make these choices difficult or seemingly NOT to your benefit at times are created by structures within the planetary energy system which are currently being dismantled and destroyed.  Need I say it?  Hurray!

The existing planetary structures which were based upon your limited abilities with your own biological structure—the limitations made manifest by your two helix DNA—are being dissipated as more and more light is not only coming into your planetary organism, but the Earth herself as well as a number of humans and “humans” on the planet have the physical structures and are now holding this light within their frameworks.  As such they are and have been, transmitting this energy just by being.  As they hold this light within their physical bodies and as this aligns with the energy structures of the planet there is a growing sense of knowing that the human being is indeed, DIVINE.

This is not an egotistical, grandiose notion created by insecurity, or fantasies.  This is a concrete physical knowing which is emerging as the light which comes into your structure begins to re-activate within your physical body the codes which have been inserted for you, per the request of your soul, such that at the perfect moment you would be able to receive the energetic transmissions of these words, and the words of those members of the Family of Light who are within your midst and are transmitting these energies, who are stepping down these energies as needed such that you may assimilate them and begin to reclaim your glory as divine beings on this amazing and auspicious planet.

The Earth has a history much longer than anything you remember.  It is older and more magnificent than you can yet know of.  But I tell you brothers and sisters that you will indeed remember your glorious beginnings as race at a time that is perfect for you to awaken to this inner glimpse of your history.  You must have this moment of knowing when you can handle the image and the content which will transmit it.  So do not be frustrated or concerned that this has not transpired yet.  It will.

I tell you, indeed, it will.  For I know this.  I know this the way you will know this.  And this is coming without a doubt.

There are those who wished that we would not be successful in our aspiration to return the Earth to its original intentions as a Living Library for the galactic community, for they, like us, have their own aspirations for this beautiful planet.  And in the past, they have been successful in using the consciousness of the planet for their own creations.  All of these aspirations are infused with source energy, just varied in orientation and focus.  We all have desires to create and the creations of our planet are dependent on the focus of the energy forms which house consciousness, which “lead” consciousness, which orient and amplify the structures which emerge from their own focus. 

As such, the human race no longer realized that they were creating within not only a limited structure—due to the manipulated mutation of their DNA by the existing keepers of the planet—but also by the collective fear and scarcity thoughtforms which were amplified and dominant in the planet and thus made manifest in cultural and lifestyle structures and patterns.  These cultural and lifestyle energy forms, which embodied and were based on scarcity and fear, created further structures based on power and divisiveness.  All of this has created an unbalanced energy pattern within the planet, but one which catered to the energetic desires of the keepers of the planet, and one which limited the light=information on the planet and in the experience of the human race.  (Until recently!  Smile)

This may all sound a bit farfetched for you to comprehend and assimilate, but as the Archangel Michael, and I will keep telling you, along with the Terra Nova Council, the other species who are committed to the Earth’s transmitting to the fifth dimension and the emergence of the New Human Race: the time has come for you to awaken to the bigger picture of what is transpiring on your planet.  To look at the larger themes in what is unfolding and to open yourself up to the inner knowing which will clearly speak to you, if you but allow yourself to attune to what resonates within you.  When you are willing to be neutral and not judge what you remember and what you will then, clearly from within, not from outside of yourself: KNOW will be revealed.  You will feel powerful and uplifted; because light informs you, and once you are informed you feel powerful.

It is imperative that you orient yourselves to your inner knowing, for the capacity of this knowing to convey much larger meaning and much fuller comprehension of yourself beyond this focal point, will allow you to view your NOW-moment with an understanding and appreciation which will give you great purpose and clarity.

This will be empowering and will itself initiate a subsequent acceleration of your evolution which will engage your body further with the existing Earth structures, thereby allowing you to know more, which will then allow you to hold more light, which will activate within your body dormant strands of DNA and allow them to begin reassembling, which will again allow you to tap into the Earth’s planetary grid more completely and this again will allow you to hold more light.  All the while you will be broadcasting what light you do hold and this will allow others to transmit themselves along the same pathways that you are paving, co-creating and walking as a result of those who came before you: The Family of Light.

There are among you many who are not native to this planet.  The Family of Light is here in disguise as human form.  Although they are part of the original planners of the Earth they are not necessarily native to this land.  They seeded it, with components of their own DNA, as did many others from the Universe, when the Earth began its amazing beginning as a Living Library.  But they are here now, for a subversive purpose and have been active in this process long before you likely awoke to it.  They have been here to hold light, to bring more light and information into the planet and by doing so to bring in a different frequency, which by its very nature would destroy the limiting forms and structures within society and culture which serve to hold you in a limited physical vessel (this vessel actually contains all that is needed for full participation, yet it lies dormant for the voice, the words, the energy forms which would activate and re-connect your dormant DNA structure, have been awaiting these transmissions of light and actually required them to awaken).

The purpose of this message is to provide you with a much needed larger context for the ascension of the planet.

Many of you have been calling for clearer visions and understandings of what life is to be like in the new fifth dimensional earth.  We must tell you with love: you are thinking way too small.  Think big!  Much bigger.  Or, rather, tap in.  Find within you the true knowing of what is to come by remembering what is the original form of the Earth for the aspiration is to re-instate your physical structures such that you may perform the honored function as members of this Living Library.  And beyond that, the Earth is your oyster…so to speak.

What you will choose to create as the new human is something we await with delight and anticipation.

You must simply follow your own inner voice and urgings, allow yourself to have some faith and courage, to trust in your experience.  And ask for all that you will benefit from receiving as support and encouragement.  The Family of Light are alive, in human form, existing within your midst and have already, succeeded in bringing enough light into anchored form on the planet to ensure transition for the Earth into the fifth dimension.

Now, though, my earth friends, it is time for us, the Family of Light, to turn our focus to you.  Many of you are not yet keepers of the light in actual experience.  You innately may resonate to these calls to awakening, but it is time to go beyond liking this message to living it.  If you do not awaken to your own innate soul purpose, time will simply run out for you.  We wish to assist you in any way we can to accelerate your evolution and to make it an easy, peaceful, joy-filled experienceWe are here for you—in the non-physical and the physical. 

You only need ask and you will be led to us for encouragement, information, and most importantly—the chance to encounter the energetic vibrations of light which will activate your own inner codes such that the transformation and knowledge that is within you will flood into your awareness and guide you.  Then you may utilize us for community, for support and encouragement as you like, but knowing full well from your own sources that you are on the journey and creating it with your own willingness to awaken and your ability to do so and hold the light you are receiving without freaking out, and therefore, ready for more.

This process is accelerating, as the planet has reached already the tipping point. There is no turning back.  There will be a separation of worlds in which those who are vibrating, not liking the idea, but actually vibrating with the higher dimensional codes, will transmit into a new dimension.  The entire universe is hierarchal, exists as sacred geometry, and this structure is not something we can alter, only move and transmit between based on our own energetic focus and structures.

To participate you must simply be in accord with the frequency of the ascending earth.

I am Ashira, an expanded focus of Naeshira-Meredith, leader of the Pleiadian force on the planet at this time.  Here and present to align your inner resources with those of the Earth via transmitting and broadcasting awakening vibrations of light and information.  Align yourself as you see fit.

We welcome you in love and enthusiasm.  We are the family of Light.

© 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications – You are free to share, copy, distribute and display the work under the following conditions: You must give author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work.  For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get the permission of the copyright holder.  Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by the author.

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David Icke on his new book

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Message from Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon through Sharon Taphorn May 27, 2010

I am honoured to be called upon and wish to share with you a message of love. Be kind and gentle with all living things – oh we know this is not always an easy task for those in physical form and for many it is easier to blame others for the sorrow and unhappiness that is about the earth plane, yet we wish is that you each see and feel the love and the peace in each situation and to look at the beauty of the lesson within each experience just as you can see the beauty in the rose, the wonder of her fragrance and yet be careful of the thorns. Spend time each day flowing with the beautiful music that surrounds you, like the leaves and the trees blowing in the wind, bending and flowing with the air that is surrounding it. Be like the tree and just be. Be in the moment.

Did you know that every tree on your beautiful planet is connected with each other, and if Beverly sits by her tree in Arizona and Sharon sits by her tree in Williams lake and Eve by her tree in Florida, that you three would be more connected with one another, and it would be a connection felt in deep love... form triangles like that with each other... (I chose these three for they each asked a question this day)... this is also a good clairvoyant exercise for you to each try... get groups of three in different areas and connect at the same time...yes you can do more than three if you choose. Take time out to be in love with the moment you are in, feel us in your heart, and then let the love flow through you and each time you do this it makes you more peaceful and grounded, more in love with your experience. Surround yourself with gentle and loving things. Harsh music, chemicals, foods, and experiences put up blocks around those who are seeking the path to higher vibrations. As your vibrations raise higher, the more these situations become intolerable for you. If your neighbour is playing music that does not vibrate with your soul, put on that which does with some headphones and do a chakra clearing meditation and enhance your own energy field to repel this vibration. If it becomes completely intolerable, ask for our assistance in working with them to turn it down, or have them move on to something else, or call in help from your legal system or bylaws if need be. WE can work in some very interesting ways...leave all the details with us and just refocus on your own space in time.

Beverly C, Phoenix AZ asked How to stay grounded?
I seem to be floating a lot? And to the beautiful Beverly, you are such a gift – we appreciate and applaud you for all the hard work you do as you continue on your path. You are feeling less grounded because you are letting go of so much that is of the earth plane and 3 dimensional, you just might float away – or is it you lighten your load. My suggestion to you is to eat foods of the earth. Some wonderful root vegetables and fresh produce grown from the earth and drink plenty of water from the beautiful earth. Consciously attach a cord from your root chakra if you feel you are not grounded, however part of it is the new you that is emerging and you will adjust to the new frequency soon – Drumming might also help you to assimilate the energy and if you can drum and dance in the garden – this is so much better and then float about in your pool connecting to the whales and the dolphins... yes, drum and dance then float about... this can assist you all in the new frequency that is now you.

SharonT, BC – I feel a connection with the dolphins when I connect with you... why? I am very much connected with this realm on earth, and these beautiful beings are so much about love and gentleness, and they are a part of me as I am of them. I am also a guardian of Sirius and they are very much from that energy as are you and therefore you feel this connection. You have worked with me before in the dimension of Sirius and that is why you recognized it when we made a conscious connection this day. Listen to their music, feel their love and connect with these most wonderful beings and learn from them for they have much wisdom to share with you that will assist you in the earth journey.

Eve K, Florida - I have a job opportunity in Chicago... what is happening there, And also with my other choices?

ou know that the choice is yours, the choice is always yours, and we ask you...what is it that you truly want to do. Trusting in your messages is the bridge you are now on and trying to cross. Trust in your magic for when you do so many wonderful things come your way. You are wise and know you can do the job...whatever that job might be; you have no lack of trust there. You lack of trust comes in the messages that you receive. WE can help you with this. We ask that you release the how’s and focus on what your life is going to be like when you get to where you want to be. And, if there is any part of you that is saying...but I am not sure I want that, it needs to be put into perspective as often it is the little thoughts we bury in the mind that has the greatest power and puts blocks in the creation process. When these thoughts pop up, see where they are coming from and let them be transformed and healed. It is the mental energy that needs to be transformed. Use the violet flame of Archangel Michael to turn these thoughts into productive energy to help you in creating. And, be patient with yourself. Rome was not built in a day. Surround yourself with loving thoughts of what is happening next and know that it is about how you approach all of these situations that will make the greatest difference in creating the results you desire.

Feel me in the energy that is around you and I am happy to assist in bringing creativity within each situation for everyone. Dance with me and I will help to clear the energy that is around you... use it like a meditation and watch for the wonderful thoughts that come into your mind and your heart when you do. This is also very helpful in releasing and surrendering energy which is no longer of your vibration and a wonderful way to shed the they like you do when no one is watching and be in that moment. It is my great love to be asked to share in each of your experiences and I am always here to help you find your way. Love Archangel Sandalphon

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Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

And a third one to top it off.....


...I just KNOW that something good is gonna happen....
I don't know when
....Just saying it could even make it happen....

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SaLuSa 28-May-2010

As the truth gains more ground, so those who reject it work against it and spread disinformation. It therefore begs of you to be discerning in what you accept, and that you find sources that are consistent and trusted. As always your intuition should be your guide, and if necessary you can always put anything aside until such times as you can make a firm decision about it. With time you will that you become adept at spotting dubious messages or articles. If the ring of truth is not there for you, then clearly it should not be given your acceptance.

However, as we like to point out, you also need an open mind so that your understanding of the truth can be expanded where possible. It is ongoing and will go forward with leaps and bounds, once we are able to come out openly to you. Everything possible will be done to present the truth in a gentle way, without any judgement upon those who have allowed themselves to be misled. The truth will always carry the energy of Light and it will sweep away those false teachings and deliberate lies, which have blighted the scriptures and ancient teachings.

The truth commences with the one omnipotent God of your Universe. Many mortals may have been seen as gods, and named as such but there is in reality only the One Supreme God. Different names may have been used, and some souls have deserved to be considered Saint, however, there is still only the One Truth, and The One God. It is a good point to start from which it will bring people together, and put a stop to the claims that one persons God is better than another. The next step is to remove the teachings that have not originated from God or his true servants. The Laws of God are quite clear and based on Unconditional Love, and anything less is not of God’s word. New ones will accompany Man as he ascends, and with his higher consciousness levels they will allow him even greater freedom than before. Life in the Galaxy is so varied and at different stages of evolution, that Man will need to know how to conduct himself.

Life is certainly not dull on Earth, but you are never totally free to do as you wish. Real freedom is when the Galaxy is yours to travel, and that will come to you in good time. With our advanced forms of transportation, distance is no problem and we can make frequent journeys to far off stars whenever we want. It also helps that there is no issue where we are personally concerned, as we are in a perfect state of health, and do not age as you do. Also our Space Craft are totally self-supporting and provide all of our needs. In fact we could easily survive in them for several hundred years, as you understand time. Time is not constant and you would find inter stellar traveling strange at first, but you are now grasping the idea that the past, present and future are all in the Now.

Coming back to Earth, your time is up and in the future you will put all of your experiences to good use. You have plumbed the depths, and now you are to rise up quite spectacularly with a quantum leap into the higher realms. Your future will bear no resemblance to duality, and instead give you every happiness and opportunities to share your acquired wisdom with others. Remember that you will have become the Masters that you really are, and will be welcomed into other life streams. Life is bountiful, and exists everywhere making its way along an evolutionary path as you have done so. Much of it is invisible to your eyes because it vibrates at a different rate to yours. As an ascended Being and through the power of thought, you will be able adjust to it just as we sometimes do. You will have many attributes that will seem quite remarkable, such as being in two places at once.

Matters on Earth are heading for a showdown, and it is just a matter of months before a major step forward can be taken. There is of course always a degree of uncertainty because of the number of people involved in making sweeping changes. Certainly everything is at the ready and we continually adjust our plans according to the changes on Earth. Our appearance will be orderly and preceded by appropriate announcements, that are near to coming out. These are crucial to our arrival as any other way could be interpreted as a show of force on our part. That is not our way, and even when the ultimate date is reached when we shall lead the way, it will still be done through your officials. It is one thing to show our craft and us in a casual way, but it is now important to gain your agreement to an open landing and official contact with your leaders.

Whatever happens on Earth, never lose sight of the reason you are in the end times. Ascension is the most important aspect of your future experiences. What is taking place now is the chaos being perpetuated by the dark forces; they have lost their way and try to buy time by preventing us from coming. That ploy will not work, and the longer it goes on, the more it rebounds upon them creating more dissent in their own ranks. They are imploding and fighting to keep their heads above water, but it will be to no avail as their capitulation is assured. It is as you might say a messy business, but that is unavoidable when dealing with those who have no conscience where their actions are concerned. They also lack compassion for those whose lives they have destroyed, but one day they will be called to answer for all of their misdeeds.

Carry on as best you can, knowing that your suffering will not last and soon you will see the new direction that Mankind is heading into. Already the foundations are in place for a quick change, where your financial systems are concerned. Our allies in many countries are agreed on a plan for a metals backed currency, and the end of the paper currency that has led you into bankruptcy. These are the essential changes to set up a fair system, that will protect your earnings and property from unconstitutional laws. The changes will affect the whole world and that is indeed the intention, so that you are released from unfair systems that include your tax laws. There is at last a glow on the horizon as the Light permeates into every corner of your world.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and carry greetings from the Galactic Federation to all of you, thanking you for your faith in us and the higher powers of Light. You are great souls who we greatly admire, and send our love for your upliftment.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

The Galactic Federation Messages by Mike Quinsey - All languages stated above -ENGLISH
• - POLSKA/Polish
* –日本語/Japanese - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ/Greeck - LATVIEŠU/Latvian中文 Chinese – NEW - БЪЛГАРСКИ/Bulgarian - NEW

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