Your Life IS Multi-dimensional…What are you waiting for?


I invite you to notice that we are meeting in a different point in
space. Although you are reading me on your laptop, on your cell phone,
on the same website or interface which you have used before to locate
and receive this message, I nudge you to realize we are meeting in a
different place than before…

At this frequency, the planet’s ascension is imminent. As I have
said in several prior transmissions, the earth IS ascending. Her process
if undisputed and so, those of you who are in vibrational alignment
with her will arrive in this new dimension at certain point in the
process. Furthermore, there will be the creation of a energetic
connection; with an ability due to the shared energies of the "new" and
"old" earth, for those who awaken and continue their process beyond the
earth’s tipping point, to transmit themselves there as well.

window will not be open for a lengthy period of time-the energetic
requirements to ensure safe transmission are substantial and this window
will only remain open for a short while in an effort to liberate those
who are close but not yet aligned with the planet at the point of her
ascension. (How much time is "not too long?") Oh a decade or
two…it’s variable. As many of you that are ascending arrive in the
Terra Nova (the new land/new earth), much of the supportive energies for
ascension will no longer be on the planet which will itself exist in a
parallel dimension–nothing will be lost. Only those with a clear and
strong inner connection to all-that-is and direct communication with
their non-physical guides will have the focus and clarity to complete
their transaction for ascension. And this too is uncertain…all that
is certain is the intention to hold this opening available for as long
as possible, but once it becomes nearly impossible for humans to make
this transmission, the connection will fade.

This new land is an energetic frequency within the universe which is
held and already in contact with your planet. The placeholders are
energized and sustained by the beliefs of many of you, and initially and
continually by the ascended masters and those who Sananda has brought
together for the purpose of creating the geometric and energetic
structures which are connecting with the earth and which will welcome
and merge with her at the point of change when she transmits into her
new fifth dimensional frequency entirely.

You will awaken in the world you know, and yet it will be magical and
transformed entirely. It is a blessed and amazing moment and will not
escape your notice! No, you will feel it coming and when you arrive
everything will be heightened, clearer, and especially the radiance and
the way "things" look will take on a totally new experience within your
physical form as the ability to see beyond this single incarnation into
the soul dimension of others . . . people, plants, weather-soul energies
and timeless energies will be visible and available and the fluid which
is light flowing between and within all of you in one unified swirling
mix will be discretely felt and understood. This will be the basis for
much crying, hand holding, hugging, smiling, laughing, weeping, dancing
and all other forms of delight. Celebration will be contagious and

The media which will assist you in communicating with one another
will be available to broadcast and share this knowing, but it will not
be structural in the world as your media is now. It is within the
cellular knowing of your individual vessels and it is being formed and
the function of this access to collective wisdom configured and
generated within those who have reached key milestones in their
frequency upgrades.

Some of you are now prepared to lead more prominently in sharing the
view from your experience. In narrating the abilities of the new human
vessel-thereby normalizing and reminding others of innate capacities
which lie dormant if only from their being unknown and therefore
un-real-ized-you accelerate and empower others to release their
limitations and claim their divine nature in form.

Awaken to your own shifting energies. Take seriously the nature of
your own experience transmuting far beyond your state of experience when
this process of activation initiated within you personally. Reflect
upon the changes in your own life, the released and the new
manifestations, the ease and the trust which is growing, the innate
sense of freedom and joy which you tap into and know more and more, the
overwhelming sense of love, the sharp pains in your heart as the chakra
expands and is taken to a new level and the inner-connecting of the
heart chakra with the sixth chakra, the brow chakra or third eye; the
connection between these two growing clear and establishing a new
ability to see from a heart perspective and in a quantum way.

To recognize that you know others. They know you. You can transmit
and interact from the quantum field knowing innately the perfect and
right transmission between you to fulfill all that is needed in the
contact. There is purpose in all contact. Approach interactions with an
awareness that everything knows it is you that they are indeed meeting.
Everything . . . your , your friends, your pets, you clients, the
sky, the wind. All-that-is knows that you are you and if you can allow
yourself to receive this gift, then everything which meets you will
bless you, will endow you further with a knowing of your profoundly
loved being, will fulfill aspects of your intentions in ways that
transcend all knowing within your physical vessel and yet reveal
themselves to you in a surprisingly delightful manner which makes the
human experience so special and spectacular. Do you not wish to know
the multi-dimensional nature of all that is? Do you not wish to know
your can receive quantum healing, guidance, in every moment?
What can limit you when this is your experience? Do you now see how
magical experiences are a dime a dozen as you say in your world? A dime a
dozen. Choose a dozen miracles before 10am if you like. Let them flow
into your life and your awareness and choose to know and recognize them
and allow your sense of awe to expand beyond the domain of your entire

This is the invitation! Be awed! Experience awe! Know the primary
functional impulse of the know and experience
expression with awe and a sense of expansion, fulfillment, curiosity,
new ideas, more creation, and delight!!!!! Joy!!!!! Learning!!! More
awareness!!! FUN!!!!!

This is LIFE which endlessly is and you are.

Let us meet here, where we know everything about one another and be
consciously connected and create together what will uniquely give us
joy. I am available to play in your sandbox and with you create castles
all day long . . . simply make room and create space in your schedule
to have such fun within your experience.

There are no more excuses, my beloved ones: a standing invitation to
magic has been extended, and your choice and focus of awareness is your
wand . . . choose more. Choose boldly. Please stop thinking so small.
It’s so much more fun for everything in the Omni-verse when you allow
yourself to think HUGE and follow all your inspirations and curiosities,
what is unique to you, what juices you up . . . matters! Trust in
that. I await your call with anticipation! I await your creations,
giddy with knowing they will awe me. Isn’t it time NOW to let yourself
go? Permission is in. Give it to yourselves. What are you waiting for
you amazing creature???

I AM the Archangel Michael and I know all of your names. {Smile.}

Shared with Love
Jessica x

* Transmissions: a specific focus within Expect
Wonderful providing messages, emergent themes, updates and communication
from the Archangel Michael and the Terra Nova (new land) Council.
Telepathic transmission through Meredith Murphy. *

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