Question: I understand the need to be more
present in my life, but how do I with difficult emotions like
anger or sadness when they arise?

Leonard’s answer:
If you are repressed emotions from your past, particularly
from your childhood, you will need to allow these emotions right of
passage through you so that they can be released. Just feel the
emotions as they arise within you. them, confess them and
express them in a responsible , but do not become identified with

Do not believe in the story that your feelings are
presenting. The story is always from the past. The present moment is
free of the past. Whatever it is that you are angry or hurt about is
not happening now, so it would not make any sense to believe in it. It
is just a memory that you are caught in at some unconscious .

the feelings up. Allow them conscious within you. of
the keys to awakening is to come into right relationship with your
feelings. Everything that within you is seeking unconditional
love and acceptance, even your feelings and emotions.

It is only
when you repress your feelings that you an inner disharmony
which leads to disease.

~Leonard Jacobson