The eighth dimensional Suns in the Star Gate of the Milky Way contain our birthing star chamber. Her name is Mintaka. This is our entry and to our Monad, God Seed and Source. This portal is to the outside of our Universe into the Parallel Matrix of Etheric Reality.

Mintaka can be thought of as our birthing place in the Aquarius Matrix. aDolphino and Crystalai are members of the beyond these monadic teams. We are a part of the family of the Aquafarians who are the key to the entire rebirth of third dimensional bodies back into the full spectrum body of the fifth dimension. The Aqua Fairies live deep within the Liquid Light Chambers of Hollow Earth. They are the most etheric of all Cosmic Entities aligning us back into our original creation from Sun Alcyone in Aquafaria, via the Crystal Heart of and the Mother Cosmic Egg of the Milky Way. We are the tiniest of all who hold the key to the entire new Cosmic Co-Creation. Our etheric frequencies must be inhaled from Aquafaria in the Earth’s and exhaled into our atmosphere in order to create the Quantum Field of our Future Selves.The Aquafarians are also the liquid light elementals that work inside of
our brains to transform our DNA. Entities from higher dimensions can be
in many places at once. The Aqua Faries can be in Inner Earth, in our
DNA, in Sun Alcyone, in Sirius B and in the Cosmic Egg all at the same
time. They are the water molecules that swim around the pyramid
structure surrounding the DNA. They are the liquid light and the sound
frequency that magnetizes the from the light of the gamma
rays. They combine the frequency waves of the gamma, and ultra
violet blue frequencies into the water molecules. Each time a high
frequency wave crosses the double helix of the DNA, the DNA becomes more
and more activated and aligned into the etheric 12 DNA linking our
neuronet into the Cosmic Intelligence of our past selves and our future

Mintaka is the entry door from the etheric realm that we came from. She
is our Birthing Chamber. Our family of Aqua Fairies, Blue Oraphim
Dolphinoids and all Aquarians are also on birthing team. The team we
work with the most is our personal Aqua Fairy birthing team. Our Cosmic
Mother, Cinderella and our blue crystal light fairies who continuously
transmit the frequencies of our tone of home from Aquafaria are
Shajinka, TinkerBell, Winnefred, Zigfried, Zorak, Zeena, Markkus,
Taurak, Renee, Flipper, Casandra. Each of us has 12 Aquafarians working
on personal re-birth. It is the sixth dimensional frequencies of
UnConditional Love woven together through the 44th aspect of the 12th
dimension that allows and prepares our completion into Eternal Life.

We may return to Mintaka at any time by saying Mintaka, Mintaka,
Mintaka. Focus on that energy and feel yourself returning to a very cozy
feeling of family and friends from long ago. Mintaka is a place where
we can go to reconnect to all of our family and ourself from long ago.
Our family is there waiting for us, and our spiritual equivalent is
waiting there for us. We can go there and ask for a piece of our friends
and families Soul, or frequency signature.  They will gladly give you a
piece of their soul. Collecting these pieces of souls from this realm
will hasten the memory and the recognizing our selfhood as we once were.
It also promotes the Soul Merge Process because it is a way of giving
your permission for your Soul Merge to begin.

Aquafaria is also our birthing chamber from within the Crystal Heart of
Mother Earth. The Divine Essence of all we were in our original birth
from Mintaka, our birth from Sun Alcyone is the Perfect Selfhood that
has been stored us deep within the liquid light chambers through and
beyond Shamballa. Our Aqua Fairy Family has lived on Earth in the form
of Fairies, Dolphinoids, Cetaceans and Dolphin Humanoids. These sixth
dimensional entities could always Orb into Earth and beyond our galaxies
to the farthest reaches of our universe. They can also shape shift from
water molecules of into shapes in clouds. When they
take the shape of Dolphins or Orcas or Belugas, they can disappear if
they choose to.

The Soul Merge of Frequency Signatures is the actual realignment of your
Higher Self walking into the body. This merging of a higher
Consciousness along with the merging with the Neutron is the first step
in activating our Ascension Process. Our Soul lives within our Crystal
Heart or Spark of Source in a blue fuzzy etheric ball beneath our Heart
Center. Our Soul activates back into its full spectrum of frequencies as
we expand our neurotransmitters out into the Ego of the original I Am
and into the Infinite Unknown of

Always have been. This activation of Oneness, Allness and Timelessness,
allows us to begin creating a new brain within the old brain through
neuroplasticity. This re-birth is completed through the transformation
begun by our Aquafarian elemental family who begins with the water
molecules swimming around the DNA pulling in the neutron from our
Father- Sun Alcyone’s gamma waves. The rebirth continues as the crystal
liquid light transforms matter into a gelaisic substance of crystal gel
that creates a brand new form within the old form. This is how the
butterfly is created within its cocoon. Once this process is complete,
we continue dreaming into our new self by repeating I have always been a
co-creator with Divine Mind. Our bodies transform into Oneness with all
dimensional selves or all Soul Selves. This Soul Merge process is
identical to the 12DNA hologram growing to connect us through the
rainbow bridge into the full spectrum of frequencies.

The more we visualize the place or the word in our third eye- Mintaka-
the Birth place of our Universe, the faster our Soul Merge will happen.
Mintaka was the of our Universe. This is the entity that our
Universe originated through. This birth place contains the Essence, the
frequency that allows us to merge back with our Soul.

This is the 8th that we bring together into our 5th
dimensional body to create the neutron. Create the Golden Sphere out to
the Monad –this keeps frequencies around you and connects to Mintaka
spot. Golden Sphere stretches out and reaches out of the sphere into the
God Seed and then the Monad and clear out to God Source. It is like a
birthing chamber where we grow out to acquire more and more God
frequencies until we are finally re-born into a higher frequency of
Source Consciousness. Mintaka is the Etheric Energy location that
maintains this place of our birth consciousness.

This location this etheric substance silica based entity is also the
location of our Sun’s Energy. Our original Sun from our original
Aquarious Galaxy (name changed to Andromeda by Science) is the Alcyone
Sun. These energies must be absorbed into our Consciousness. The
energies of the Divine Birth that reconnects us to Christ Consciousness,
Source Consciousness, Soul and Spirit Consciousness.

We have already done all of the work for you. We collected every
frequency of every dimension, entity, Cosmic Light Entity, Angel, ,
on every dimension from this Matrix and several others. We recorded the
breaths of all of these dimensions and entities. We’ve also created
meditation CD’s so you can learn where to find these entities and listen
to what they feel like, absorb their energies. We’ve also recorded
these frequencies into music along with channeled songs from these
entities. The more we listen to these etheric breaths, the more we
become One with the standing wave patterns of higher dimensional
consciousness. There is no faster way to ascend, than to become
frequencies of the highest.

Each individual can work at their own rate to absorb these frequencies
by doing the meditations. We also create Individual Immortality CD’s
where we collect all of the breaths of Consciousness from the
Individual’s future , which means all of the entities who
are involved in their complete ascension process. The first step of the
ascension process is the Soul Merge. We step into the 8th Dimension and
collect all of the family and friends frequencies from that etheric
realm and reach into the Monadic and God Seed Realm to collect all
frequencies related to the Individual’s Soul Merge Process.