Channeler: Veronica

and The Council Complete transcript of 03.10.10

Guardians: Well, there you are. And here you are. We want to
acknowledge once again the progress you’ve made in bringing your
attention to the moment that we share. And we want to encourage you to
remember you have this ability. To remember that you have this
capability to bring your attention so quickly to the moment we are
sharing. Now, it didn’t used to be this way. When we first came to visit
with you all, you were all over the place, all over the place, and now
when we come you immediately recognize what’s at hand. What’s going on.
What’s happening. What we’re doing. And we invite you to remember that
this skill isn’t just for Wednesday nights but it actually exists all
the time. You have the ability to bring yourself into the moment that
clearly all of the time, so we invite you to embrace that truth about

Now, we are getting a little bit of a pickup of some anxiety—it
doesn’t work for me, I’m not sure, I don’t know how—let’s just let that
go because we’re telling you, you did it. Don’t energetically argue. Let
the fact that we see that you did it be more important than your desire
to argue about it. Because your desire to argue about it is based
typically in two things. One is habit and the other is in not allowing
the truth or the completeness of the moment to present itself. There’s
more going on than you know—we’ve been teaching about this, Eloheim has
been teaching about this, everybody’s been teaching about this—and that,
more than you actually know, has to be consciously requested or
consciously accessed. So we invite you to consciously access the more of
you that is able to experience the moment like that. Just remember and
come in. And any idea you have that, “Oh, it doesn’t feel the way I
think it should feel,” you have to just drop. You can’t let that be your
truth, because that gets in the way of the expansiveness that’s
possible. This is one of the themes, is that your preconceived notions
about how it’s going to be actually block it from actually occurring.
OK? We’ll just check your field one more time. Not much for us to do.
We’re going to have to let someone else come in and stir you up so
there’s work for us.

Eloheim: OK, hi, everyone. One of the things we wanted to get your
input on is the Matriarch. Now we’ve heard from a lot of you through
Veronica that you like the Matriarch a lot and that you’re having
powerful experiences when the Matriarch comes along. Most of you are
nodding. Most all of you are nodding. One of the things that Veronica
has been prepping for in addition to eventually working with the warrior
and Fred is prepping for the Matriarch to have a larger role in our
group, meaning our circle, and that larger role looks like being present
for a longer period of time. Part of what happens is that Veronica gets
concerned that you guys are going, “Why are we doing this?” or “I’m
bored,” or “This isn’t working for me,” or some of that stuff. You have
to remember that when Veronica is channeling she’s no longer psychic.
She’s very psychic, so it’s like telling someone now you can’t see or
now you can’t hear. It changes the way you interact with people. So when
something very new and very powerful like the Matriarch comes along and
she can’t perceive how it’s being perceived, it’s a little bit harder
for her to stay out of the way for it. Plus, the Matriarch was draining
her batteries so ridiculously in the beginning. So with all the cards on
the table sort of thing what we’re wondering is, are you guys
interested in inviting the Matriarch to have a longer appearance

Response: Yes.

Eloheim: So it seems relatively close to unanimous that you guys are
interested in spending more time with the Matriarch and we’re getting
Internet people typing “yes.” So that being the case, let us just see
what we want to run through before we bring her in because we don’t know
what it’ll be like after. So we don’t want to say now we’re going to be
with the Matriarch but instead of waiting until the last 10 minutes we
wanted to move her up in the program a little bit and see how it changes
things. It’s like an experiment. Everyone’s saying yes on the Internet,
too. So apparently this is a good thing. It feels like before, we’re
just sort of, we asked you guys, now we’re asking them.

We just want to talk briefly about what’s going on here. What’s going
on here is that you are all moving energetically, spiritually,
physically, into a very different way of being. Now this probably
surprises none of you because you’ve all run up against this, that, and
the other thing over and over again. But what we’re seeing for you is
that you’re at a cusp. One of the ways Veronica has done energetic
observation in the past has been like a staircase. You know where you
have a staircase in a tall building where you go up some stairs and then
there’s a landing and then you go up some stairs and there’s a landing.
Spiritual work oftentimes feels like that, like you work and you work
and you work and then you get to a landing and then you kind of turn and
look around and then go, “Oh, up the stairs I go again.” In this sense
you guys are at sort of the top couple of stairs. You’re at the top
couple of stairs with where we have been energetically. And you know
you’re at the top couple of stairs because boy, you’ve worked hard. And
you’ve put up with a lot—no , and “I’m bored,” and I’m this and
I’m that and all the things we’ve talked about.

But what we see you doing is that you’re just at that last sort of
jump on to the landing and what’s going to happen here in the next week,
two weeks, by the end of the month, we think you’re going to start
having a different way of looking at you. We’ve been building up to this
different way of looking at you. We’ve talked about where do you lie to
yourself and what is true now and blah, blah, blah. What we see
happening is you’re going to walk into, and it’s almost like you finally
can take a deep breath. Now we invite you very deeply to not project
what that’s going to look like. If you’ve learned anything you’ve
learned, “I don’t know what’s going to happen.” But energetically we see
this. It’s like a hump and you’re getting on the other side of the
mountain or whatever you want to call it. And why we’re telling you
this—we don’t always tell you this kind of stuff—but why we’re telling
you this stuff is because now is not the time to let go of your tools.
Now is not the time to slip up, in a sense. We know it’s challenging. We
know it’s hard. But we also know you’re getting satisfaction on many
levels that you haven’t had in the past. That there’s some satisfaction
underlying the challenges. So, hold onto that satisfaction and when you
confront something that’s triggering you don’t slip into the: “Is this
ever going to go away?” That would be slipping back down the steps. Hold
on to: “I know that I am on the cusp of something.”

We don’t know if we’re explaining that clearly enough. We’re going to
tell you why we said that though. Just let that float in your brain.

The . Did we talk about that last week? So what’s going
on with the warrior energy is this. We’ve talked to you about how it’s
going to be the lifetimes that you were in battle. The lifetimes that
you were in war and you were a warrior and when you were a samurai and
when you were a Confederate and when you were a Roman and when you were
an x, y, and frickin’ z. Because there’s never been a time when there
haven’t been battles going on on your planet. So anytime you were
incarnate you were affected by war, battling, stabbing, shooting,
cutting. It’s just part of this whole human thing. But what’s going to
happen on the other side of this landing we talked about on the
staircase, the other side of that is the warrior but in between now and
then you’re going to have the opportunity to address things in a new
way. Because the warrior isn’t just your warring lifetimes. It is also
the places that you do battle with yourself. It’s the places where you
argue with yourself, the places where you’re fighting with yourself, the
places where you’re not telling yourself the truth. So in essence, it’s
your shadow.

Now, a lot of stuff has been done about shadow and you’ve gone to
workshops about shadow and you’ve talked about shadow and la, la, la;
and that’s all well and good but you know we don’t work on the la-la-la
level. We haven’t ever really played on the foam. We’re usually down in
the ocean. So what we want to say to you is yes, there’s a big thing
coming up. It’s not immediately. It’s probably April-ish—but in between
now and then there is going to be this little plateau place. And in this
plateau place you may feel like you have answers, you may feel like
you’ve got some stuff figured out, the sun might start coming out more
often, so that makes a difference to some of you. But what we want to
ask you to do—and we know this is like homework over summer vacation but
tough shit, you signed up for it—stay on yourselves. Stay on yourselves
but stay on yourselves in a really, really honest way. And by that we
mean look at the shadow, look at the warrior, look at the battle you’re
having within yourself. And you don’t have to fix it. You don’t even
have to change it. At this level, you need to be aware of it.

Now we’re going to give you an example from Veronica’s life. She was
getting an from Rob and she always has had a lot of
stuff in her shoulders and under her scapulas. And so he went off and
went back home and she, for the first time really after years of working
on this, said, “OK, I’m going to stay on this. I am going to stay aware
of this. And instead of just working on it for an hour and a half when
Rob comes around I’m going to work on it myself.” So what she’s been
doing is breathing into the tops of her lungs more, feeling that
expansive across her shoulders and really focusing on how the energy
moves in that part of her body, or in some cases doesn’t move. And this
hasn’t just been like five minutes a day. It’s been like when you wake
up, when you go to sleep, when you’re sitting on the couch or when
you’re on the computer. Just remembering, “OK, that’s right, I’m going
to breathe into the part of my body that I know is my issue. I’m going
to breathe into it.” And that’s a great tool. And that’s one of the ways
to confront your shadow side. Confront your dark side. Confront where
you war with yourself. Confront lingering pain. Is to breathe into it
and say: “What you have to show me I’m willing to see.” Because you’re
going to be able to mitigate the intensity of the warrior energy by
doing your part of it. None of you needs to be hit upside the with a
baseball bat around your spiritual growth. You’re all ready to rise up
and face it. And this is on a new level.

Emotionally, the warrior energy is going to be a lot about the pain
and anguish and the killing and all of that. And trust us, you’ve killed
her and he’s killed you and that shit’s going to come up. Just like it
did with you guys on the and you knew. That’s going to
come up. So that’s why all this had to wait. But if we talk about that
stuff and you haven’t attended to some of the stuff you already know
about, it’s going to be doubly challenging. So we’re just giving you a
heads up. This is what’s coming down the pipe and you’re going to have a
little break in between. But if you know you have constant pain or you
know you’re ashamed of something or you know that you have lingering
fears or doubts or anxieties, it’s time to redouble your efforts and
your attention to it. Not in the sense of: “Oh my God, I’ve got to do
this.” Just, “I’m going to bring all of my tools to me now.” Remember
we’ve said you have more to offer yourself than you’ve ever had before,
and more than you know you have.

That’s the important thing here. This is going to show you the more
than you know you have. In Veronica’s case it really brought some stuff
up but when she looked at it, it wasn’t as scary as it has been in the
past. It wasn’t as challenging. It was just like, “Oh, I get that that’s
where that’s been hiding in my body.” So we have a perfectly good,
reasonable, wonderful example where it was like, “OK, I’m going to
attend to this,” stuff came up, and then when you look at it it’s not
the fire-breathing dragon in the case. It’s just someone making hand
gestures by the fire. So that’s what we want to warn you—alert you—to
the possibility. Does anyone have a specific question about that before
we move along? No?

We think that the warrior energy will come in late this month, early
next month, and we don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like but
here’s your fair warning. It’s coming. It’s coming. And they’re sort of
bad ass. They’re sort of bad ass and you know how the Visionaries were
in the beginning when they screamed and yelled and didn’t take any shit
from anybody? They’re not like that. But they’re that same intensity.
Where it’s like: OK, sit up and take notice. So those of you who like
that, you’ll be happy, and those of you who complained about that,
you’ll see if you changed your opinion about that . And on
the other side you get the Girls and the Matriarch. See, it’s happy,
happy, joy, joy and they’re a little more love-y and peaceful. They have
a lot of weapons in the sense of using —they are very
swords and knives and slicey, cordy things. They’re very interesting.
You guys are going to like them but it’s going to be intense and we
promised we’d warn you and so we did. By this time next month, if all
goes as planned, you will be in their presence. All right? OK. We’re
going to take a little break.

Matriarch: You’ve all agreed that an experiment is at hand for
tonight. We are willing to experiment with you. It’s, well, it isn’t
verbal really but we’ll do our best to bring verbal insight into an
energetic experience. But primarily we’re just going to hold the
energetic and allow you to have an opportunity to sit into a
knowingness. We don’t see it. We don’t feel it. We don’t wonder about
it. We don’t question. We don’t any of that. We know. We know the truth
of you. And what we want to do is give you the opportunity to experience
what that feels like. To feel into the truth of you. As you collapse
other lifetimes and as you bring that intensity into this time, one of
the things that has to happen is that you have to bring a centeredness
about the personality you’re currently experiencing in order to hold all
that information. You are the vessel and the vessel is filled by all
this other energy. We want to help you to know the feeling of you as the

Again, don’t try to figure this out, please. Just come together. Just
come back to the center, release expectation, release curiosity,
release all that you can. There. See how much nicer that is. You are the
vessel. You are the culmination of so many opportunities for expression
and you’ve been given the amazing, amazing gift, of being the gatherer.
You are the gatherer of the alternative expressions and you are the
assembler of that insight and information and experience into the vessel
that is you. It is an enormous opportunity and it comes with a sense of
responsibility and it holds within it ecstasy, bliss—we like the word
bliss. We’ll stick with it. Bliss. And it also is so revelatory. It’s an
aha and an aha and an aha as the doors open. The doors open for you to
say, “What more is there for me to be? What more is there for me to be?”
And as you are the vessel for your own experiences as a soul, we in
essence are the vessel for all of you tonight. We hold you as an
accumulation, just as you hold your experiences as an accumulation, and
what we’re doing is giving the energetic pattern of that truth, giving
it to you into your cells, so that when you set about doing a similar
process it will all feel much more natural. So in a sense, we’re seeding
your cells with the knowing, the knowing of how a vessel can be and how
it can open inside you, how it can bloom or unfold inside you.

A nice little exercise might be to imagine what your vessel appears
as. It can be anything, of course. It doesn’t even have to look like a
vessel. But again, we did that exercise before where we looked at an
image that perhaps comes to you. How you might appear as a vessel that
holds all of your alternate expressions, your soul’s energy, and of
course you, the you that you are. We must go now, but perhaps in quiet
times, maybe when you’ve just gone to sleep or when you’ve awoken, you
can recall this idea that you’re a vessel and give it to yourself as a
gift. This reminder: We hold you all and we will continue to hold you
even though we won’t speak to you verbally.

Eloheim: It’s almost like you’re all having a nap and we don’t
necessarily want to wake you up. Everyone’s so relaxed and napping. You
know we’ve been accused of being a little bit of a fan boy when it comes
to the Visionaries and we will own that with pride, but we are super
fan boy when it comes to the Matriarch. Partially because to physically
experience the Matriarch with Veronica is really cool. You know how we
like to eat and it’s like that. There is such a profound physical
sensation that comes along with working with her energy that, yeah.
Yeah. Now everyone’s got eyes open again. Does anyone want to ask a
question or make a comment? Then we’re going to get out of the way

The Girls and the Visionaries are having a debate as to which one of
them should come next and Veronica is like, “Make it the Girls because
everyone’s too mellow for the Visionaries.” So we’re trying to set a
mood here for you guys. We’ll see. They’re working it out.

The Girls: Of course it’s going to be us. Are you kidding? We jumped
in line. We’re not going to let them come in after you guys are all
Matriarchy and then they come in and whatever they want to talk about
will be great but you know they’ll shout. We wouldn’t do that. We
wouldn’t do that at all. But you know they’re going to come next so
just—waking up, we’re going to have a waking up time together here.

Last week we talked to you about frustration and about the idea that
blockages revealed so much to you, and what we really want to encourage
you to do and Eloheim addressed it very well earlier but we just want to
kind of piggyback on that. Now is really the time—and we know you’ve
been doing it for a long time and some of you may have been doing this
forever—but your ability to attend to things has increased and you may
not be completely aware of how much it’s increased. So re-looking at
things that you’ve already examined is going to be a real gift to you
now, and by that we don’t mean you have to run through the laundry list.
But if there is something that comes up and you think, “Oh, I’ve
already looked at that,” let yourself have the time to give it another
try, another look. Because you’re able to get into the roots of it now,
much more than you’ve ever been before. And we want you to pull those
roots out. We want you to be able to say: “I’m really done with that
now. I’m really done with it all the way up to the level I’m at now.”

Because you all have made such a big jump recently, and what happens
is that in that big jump you’re able to take another layer off that
onion. You’re able to take another layer off some of these core issues
that you’ve been dealing with, including your core emotion. So it’s
another reevaluation of your experience you’re having, another
reevaluation of the things that have triggered you in the past. So if
it’s money or parents or children or health or weight or whatever your
thing is, it’s taking another look at it, letting yourself have another
conscious experience of that and not letting yourself fall for the idea
that, “Oh well, I’m finished with that,” or “Oh, I’ve already done it or
oh, it’s already something I’ve looked at.” Because really, even though
it may be true that you have looked at it, the you that you are is not
the you who looked at it, and you have every opportunity now to embrace
and encourage yourself to have another look. And some of these things
were so hard to look at the first five times that you get afraid to look
at them again and that’s a big warning sign. If you’re afraid to look
at it, well, then that means look, look, look. That’s what Eloheim was
trying to kind of give you an alert to. You want to look at this stuff
one more time from the you that you are now. The you that you are now
has not explored it. The you that is the vessel that is accumulating
past lives has not explored it.

And remember, remember, remember, to call on these collapsing
expressions and ask them for help. So if you find yourself up against a
wall, you say, “Some of you 50, 60, 80, 100, whatever number it is, some
of you alternative expressions and I know the soul, you have some
insight for me and I’m asking for it. I’m calling on it. I need it. I
want it. Please give it to me now.” That’s the gift you’re giving to
yourself now. That’s the kindness you can do. That’s the love you can
show is that you bring yourself into a position where you open up to the
truth being “I have more information, insight, access, help, support,
than I’m aware of and it’s my responsibility to request it and it’s my
discipline to not project how it is going to look. It’s my discipline
not to project how it is going to look.” As you were warned earlier by
the Guardians, projecting how it’s going to look is the biggest barrier
that we all collectively see energetically for you right now. So we’re
going to say it again. Projecting how it’s going to look, how your life
is going to be different, how you’re going to solve a problem, how
you’re going to receive insight, how you’re going to collapse your past
lives, how you’re going to bring your soul’s energy in, what that’s
going to “look like” is going to be a barrier if you think about it all
the time.

So, please. We just, we see you doing this and we don’t want you to.
Do you understand? We see you doing this. It’s like when you watch your
gymnasts and you know that nowadays in gymnastics the landing has to be
just perfect or they take a lot of points away. And you see them
spinning and spinning and it’s gorgeous and it’s beautiful but what are
you thinking? You’re thinking, “I hope they get the landing right, I
hope they get the landing right, I hope they get the landing right.”
Yes? You’ve had this feeling? Or they jump up and spin when they’re on
ice skates and it doesn’t matter how everything else is good, if they
fall in that one moment it takes away a lot of their opportunity to
achieve their goals.

This is the place that we see you and we mean we collectively, we
want to make sure you know that, we see you, we’re cringing. We’re
cringing just like you cringe when you see that gymnast land and then
have to take a step, or you see that ice land and then have to
put the other foot down. Because energetically the desire to control and
have certainty, the habitual experience is floating up here and that is
the place that’s making us go, “Ohhhh. Oh, no. You’re you’re blocking
the flow. You’re cutting off the most important moment.” So we really
implore you, implore you, to stay the course. And Eloheim said it so
nicely with the staircase. You’re at that last step, and the last step
is, “I’m not going to give in to the desire of my brain, the desire of
habit, and the desire of certainty that I know what it looks like on the
other side of this. What I’m going to do is stay with the moment and
stay with the tools at hand.” Can you hear us tonight? We can’t see you,
of course, but you hear us? You understand what we’re referring to? You
can apply this in your life?

And maybe the figure skater and the gymnast can give you a visceral
side to this. You know those athletes, they train their whole lives for
that moment in and then they just spin in the air and when
they land it just is a little bit off. And it doesn’t discount
everything they’ve done. But there is a system and the system requires
that they land in a certain way in order to get the most points. Now, of
course, in our example you can do whatever the heck you want but we
know you have desires, we know you have goals, let’s say, we know you
want spiritual development. And one of the places where we see that
barrier bubbling up is in projecting how it should look or how it will
look. And we think we’ve said it 20 times now, so we’re going to stop
but it’s that important that we keep repeating it. You know we’re always
after you to love yourself. Well here’s a good place to love yourself.
Love yourself enough to hang in and not give in to the idea that your
certainty has to take over here. And how do you deal with that? What’s
my left big toe doing? What’s my left elbow doing? Come back to the
moment. Come back to the moment. Ask for insight. Open up to the
high-vibrational aspects of your alternative expressions. And let
yourself be fascinated in the moment. All those tools are the
alternative to thinking and demanding certainty or a certain outcome.
All right? Excellent. Thank you.

Eloheim: We’re just going to pop in because we need sustenance. How’s
it going?

Response: Good.

Eloheim: Good is a good answer. Do you have questions or shall we
just move on?

Question: I just want to know what’s happening with my body these
days? I got hurt really bad.

Eloheim: We’re deciding what to do with you. It’s your collarbone,
right? Did it involve your clavicle?

Response: Yes it is my clavicle.

Eloheim: So let’s be clear. It’s here but not here. You don’t have
any pain in the back?

Response: Yeah, I have some muscle pain in my back.

Eloheim: OK, good. We couldn’t figure it out. We might not feel the
right word for it but we can feel it. We’re going to come to you because
you’re all banged up.

Part of what happens when you are you—let’s say it that way—your
ability to be incredibly psychic and your ability to be very sensitive
and your ability to be high-vibrational is coming into direct conflict
with your ability to be a kid or a girl or a woman or a girlfriend or a
worker. Like, let’s live in the world girl. You’re kind of getting out
from under your parents a little bit more. You know, you’ve got a life.
You’re getting to be an adult and you’re like old and all that stuff. So
now you’re in a situation where you run up against: “How do I transform
from a kid to a woman? How do I transform?” And part of what your body
is doing is saying, “I don’t know, either. But if we don’t get into sync
things tend to snap and break and not work very well.” So part of
what’s happening is that you’re in a position where your body and your
knowingness are not in sync with each other and part of that is because
your body is going out into the world in a new way. So the way through
it, and this is true for everybody, just because she’s got a body and
she’s 18 and all that…. You’ve got a: “Do I want a new job, do I want a
new house, do I want a new partner?” The same energy, just a different
application, right?

So what happens is you say, “God, I’m this amazing spiritual being. I
know it. I’m having these past lifetimes collapsing, I’m having these
insights, I’ve got superhero powers, etc. I’m this amazing spiritual
being and I still have to be out in the world. I have to make a
living. I have to pay my bills. I have to cook, clean,” whatever. And
there is this place that’s really challenging for light workers to put
those things together. Especially when you’re looking at, “Will I ever
have my own apartment and will I ever get a job where I am going to make
enough money? This is Sonoma County for God’s sakes. Who can afford the
rent when you’re 50, and I’m only 18!” Yeah, all that pain. We can feel
it in your body. So to bring your body into alignment. No. This is it.
It’s a trifecta. It’s the body. It’s the spiritual awareness. And it’s
the world. This is really good for everybody, right?

Response: Yes.

Eloheim: So, your spiritual awareness—we’re all real good at that.
You come here every week and you know it’s important and you can be
conscious and we’ve worked on it for a long time, the idea to be
conscious, spiritually aware, etc. Most of you are figuring out a way to
be in physical form, as in pay your bills, do your dishes, go grocery
shopping, and stuff like that. You’ve managed. Not everybody so well but
none of you look like you’re emaciated, so we think you’ve all eaten
recently. So it’s happening somehow. But there’s this in between place
where the body says, “My God, this spiritual growth is happening so fast
I just can’t conceive of how to keep up.” And what happens is when the
body can’t keep up, then the 3-D stuff—the dishes, the groceries, the
laundry—starts to fall away. This is that: “I have no energy. I’m not
sleeping right. Time doesn’t flow at a steady rate.” So you have the
spiritual path is leading you, especially you’re very psychic and all
that, you’ve always been very spiritual, and the body is going, “I
can’t. I don’t know how. I don’t frickin’ know how to do this,” and the
rest of life falls apart.

Well, because you still live at home, you have a safety net for the
3-D stuff. She’s (Eloheim points to her mother) not going to let you
starve. She goes to Costco, so you’re pretty good in that department.
But the energetic of this is still just as intense even though you have
that safety net because a part of you is going, “What’s going to happen
when I don’t live at home? How is that going to work out? Will it ever
work out? Maybe I’m old enough, maybe I’m not.” Back and forth, back and
forth. So that’s your version of it. Someone over here wants to pay
their mortgage. You’re just like, “My God, should I move out? Am I
supposed to want to move out? I don’t think I do. Should I?” Right?

Response: Yeah.

Eloheim: OK. So that’s all kind of background information. “What the
hell do you do about it, Eloheim? Get to the point!” We’re getting
there, we promise. Everybody should just breathe a little. Some
breathing might help this. Breathe and blow your noses. That’s the
middle part of the meeting.

So the idea here—we could all do this together—is to just say to your
body, you can say it inside your head, “I get it. I get that this is
not easy and I’m not going to pretend, lie to myself, deny the truth,
any of those things, that it is. I’m going to acknowledge and admit and
be honest and say this is really fucking hard and what I’m asking you to
do is not easy. So what I’m inviting you to do is to tell me how I can
help you in ways that don’t involve broken bones, etc. How can I help
you make it easier?” Because just as the Matriarch said, you’re the
vessel, the responsibility is to maintain the vessel. Now you have to
open up to insight, so if the body says “ow, ow, ow” in this spot, just
like we said earlier that’s shadow, that’s warrior, that’s that energy
that we told you is coming up. So the body is inviting you to partner
with it more than you’ve ever done before.

Now, some of you have a real good connection to your body. Some of
you couldn’t tell us what your left toe is doing if your life depended
on it. So there’s a range of experiences going on here. But whatever
arrangement you have with your body, it can go deeper. And it needs to
because your body is going to be telling you how to help it hold the
vessel, be the vessel, for all that you’re doing. Not just lifetimes and
soul’s energy and all that. But boyfriends and motorcycle rides and
cars and “Should I move out?” and “God, will I ever make enough?” and
“Will I ever have a job that pays enough?” and all that stuff.

Part of what specifically is going on with you is you’re doubting who
you are. You’re doubting who you are. Deeply. And instead of doubting
who you are, we’re going to invite you to be fascinated by what you see.
Because what happens is when there’s a lot of change and all of you are
going through it, doubt—“Oh, can I handle it, what’s going on, am I
going to understand it?” desire for certainty, it has to be a certain
way, which we’ve talked about already at least twice tonight—that
becomes who you are instead of being fascinated by what’s actually going
on. You get it? So, you don’t know who you are and that is actually
good news. It’s just because you’ve seen “I don’t know who I am” as
something to be afraid of instead of something to be fascinated by
that’s causing the problem in you. Do you understand the difference? The
whole right side of your body is a mess. Did you know that? It’s just a
wreck. And you know what the right side of the body is about? Moving
forward in the world. No wonder you broke your damn whatever the hell
it’s called. It’s like what did you do. Run into a wall or something?

Response: I fell off a BMX bike and slammed into cement.

Eloheim: Yeah, she fell off a bike and ran into a wall or something.
So, here you go. You’re riding a bike. You’re moving through the world
and boom, crash, going too fast, not paying attention, not in the moment
we bet.

Response: No.

Eloheim: We’re not even going to ask you to tell us what you were
thinking of. We have a sense it had something to do with a man. So we
won’t make you admit it out loud, but everyone who can see her face
knows we’re right. But we’ll just use that as an example. In that moment
you could’ve been fascinated by the experience but it was more
about—fear might not be the exact right word—but it was more about
what’s going to happen next then it was about the exhilaration even of
the moment. So you didn’t even get to have the moment and you broke your
whatever it’s called.

Response: Yup.

Eloheim: At least she admits it. We have good young people in this
group. They all sign up and say, “Yup, that’s right, I did that.” Not
all of you 40-year-olds would do it. Now you do—sorry. Normal
40-year-olds wouldn’t do that. You all are not normal.

It shifted just then. Did you feel it? You’re all right, kid. You’re
going to be OK. Fascination, let go of certainty, because no one gets
it, so if you look for it you’re just on a dead-end track. And be in the
moment. And you can talk to her. You can talk to your mom and say, “I’m
freaking out.” [to her mom] And you: Don’t get triggered and say, “I’m
freaking out, too.” You can say, “I’m freaking out, too,” but you don’t
get to get triggered. She says, “Mom, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able
to move out.” You don’t get to go, “Oh, don’t move out.” We’re going to
have to come over there and kick you’re Kenwood asses. Because putting
bones back together again, that’s not our specialty.

So for you, specifically, breathing into that whole shoulder and that
whole right side and letting the shoulder and the right side inform you
as to what they’re saying. We put some words onto it and the words
resonated with you but there are other words that only you can uncover.
Maybe make a list of the words that you uncover. And don’t judge what
you find. We sound like the Visionaries! Don’t judge what you find.

Now we’re being serious. We wanted you guys to laugh but we want you
to be serious, too. Part of what has to happen here—and this is all that
whole staircase, landing, staircase, warriors coming in—what you
uncover when you look, you mustn’t judge. You mustn’t have a critique
about. It must just be revelation, fascination. Do you understand? This
is where all your tools come together. Because when you look that deeply
at stuff you’ve hidden and been ashamed of, the temptation is going to
be to get triggered and use old patterns. The freedom of transformation
comes from allowing yourselves to just go, “Whoa, that happened. That’s
true. What is, is. Where do I wish to go from here?” Not, “How shall I
deal with it?” but “What do I wish to have now? Where does my
fascination draw me?” You get it? We actually think you guys are getting
it. We can feel it kind of sinking in here and there.

Comment: You know I have that relationship that is fading away. So I
was thinking about the shadow and I thought what’s the dirty secret
shadow part that I don’t want to look at…and it’s that I want revenge.
It’s not great.

Eloheim: So what did you do with realizing that you wanted revenge?

Response: I just thought about it. What’s the little secret that
makes me want to hold on and I thought that it was that I want to see
that she’s been left and cheated on the same way she did with me.

Eloheim: So you sat with that, you felt it, you sat with it. Where
did you take it next?

Response: I didn’t freak out or anything. It just seemed like a
natural thing.

Eloheim: Did you go into plotting or planning or fantasizing? We’re
trying to get to did you take it to a low-vibrational place or was it
just “this is”?

Response: Yeah, it was just “this is.” What’s really funny is I was
walking outside and I walked underneath a utility wire and there was a
crow and it went “Caw, caw!”

Eloheim: Yeah, that’s a wonderful and very vulnerable, very
heart-open example and we want to give you a lot of credit for being
willing to tell that story. So, that whole heart thing we’ve been
working on, it’s working. It’s working. And underneath the scab of “My
heart is broken and I’m not going to show it,” and whatever else we can
describe that previous state that you used to be in was this dark
secret, this dark thing, that would be very easy to be ashamed of. It
would be very easy to find painful. It would be very easy to go into
speculation or have stories about and you were able to sit with it. You
had an experience with nature, which we’ve always told you guys will
raise your vibration if you find yourself interacting with nature. So we
say good job to you. And that you told everybody else we think that’s
pretty impressive. That’s a good example. That’s a good example and
we’ve said before, find that thing that you don’t want anybody to know
and then just plop yourself down in the middle of it.

Question: Do you think it’s related at all to having that thing again
where at night something is terrifying me?

Eloheim: Is it a dream or something or you just freak yourself out?

Response: I don’t know what it is.

Eloheim: Are you just laying in bed and you spaz out?

Response: Yeah. It happened a couple of times when I was sleeping.

Eloheim: Wow. Can you guys feel that? It’s coming off your left
shoulder and just going up like as if you had lit a campfire or
something, right off your left shoulder. It’s very interesting. OK,
good. Keep talking.

Comment: The other morning I was trying to do the thing where you
just experience the moment.

Eloheim: You guys are so funny sometimes.

Comment: And it happened again where it felt like something was going
to happen, like energy moving, but it freaked me out. So the thing that
is the barrier is what you’re anticipating it’s going to look like. But
it was kind of freaky.

Eloheim: What you’re doing there that we’re picking up on
energetically at least, we don’t know what’s going on physically
necessarily, but energetically what’s happening is you’re in a space of,
a couple of things are happening, but primarily it’s a space of we’ll
call it shadow stuff, just for a general term, shadow stuff gets into
your consciousness. It comes up, it bubbles up, and when it hits
conscious level you’re like, “Yikes!” And your body does that and that’s
where you have channeled that energy to. So if it happens again or when
it happens again see if you can channel it into, “OK, there is no
danger. I’d like to release this. I’d like to transform this. I’d like
to let it go.” Because part of what happens is that when you do that
stuff it doesn’t let it actually transform. It dissipates it a little
bit, you know like with the tea kettle, it lets some of the steam off
but it doesn’t take it off the heat. That’s a good one for everybody.
Did you like that? That’s pretty good, just off-the-cuff, whipping out
analogy thing. We’re going to give a little pat for that one. We liked
that one. Let’s have the Visionaries.

So now the Guardians and the Visionaries are having a dialogue. We’re
going to have to get our shit together with this because this is
ridiculous. OK, the Guardians want to come in and do a little scrape
first. We probably should come up with a better term for that too. We
need to up our game a little bit here.

Comment: A barnacle scrape.

Eloheim: It is what they do. All right. We’re going to do Guardians
and then Visionaries.

Guardians: Center. Center. See how fast you can do it. Well done.
Now, last week we had the bubbles. Remember the bubbles? So just let
whatever all this conversation has brought up in you bubble up and it
makes soap bubbles on your skin or whatever visual you like and we just
come in and we can just wipe them off. It’s like if you’re washing a
window and it gets soapy and you just wipe it off. That’s what we do.
Again. Maybe an intention would be: “Those things that I find in my
shadow I am willing to look at now. I am a willing to allow to bubble up
in me and not need to experience but to release all of it that’s ready
to be released.” Some of it will need contemplation, some of it will
need observation, some of it will need your attention, but a lot of it
is just ready to come off and that’s where we can help you. So if you
bring it up we’ll take it off. That’s our job. Watch your minds now.
Watch your minds. Don’t let the mind get involved in this. Simply be
willing. There. That’s nicely done.

You guys are taking out a lot through your crowns tonight. More than
ever before. We’ve never taken this much off the crowns before. Now the
third eye is becoming more activated. So we’re just really working with
the upper chakras, which is nice to see because in the past we’ve always
worked very low with all of you. We’re at the throat chakra now. Maybe
turn your heads from side to side. Shake your head. Just let your head
kind of float on your neck because we’re really taking a lot of energy
off the upper three charkas and off the back of the neck.

Energetically we are working together very well. It’s quite a joy.
See, this was the right order of events. What’s that? That’s
interesting. Where did you guys find that stuff? It was like a
simultaneous first chakra dump that happened. We’re like oh, we’d better
attend to that. We’re just going to wipe your charkas. Do your auras.
Ohh, who got sad? If you feel sad, remember that’s a choice and if it’s
old sadness it’s a real big choice. So bring yourself back into this
moment and allow sadness to just drop out of you. Now, you’re not used
to dropping emotions so just try. Let the sadness drop out of you.
Sometimes if you tell the sadness, “We’ll do it later,” it works better
and you don’t ever have to pick it back up. Just let it drop out of you
from your heart chakra. Sadness oftentimes is just resistance to
contemplation with consciousness. You’re sad because you’re arguing with
the way it is and you don’t want to go conscious about it. So when you
say: “I’m conscious I’m sad,” a lot of times that will shift you out of
sadness. OK, now we’re going to ask you one more time, bring it back
into the center and everybody just let there be an intentional release
out of the heart chakra. Nicely done. There you go.

Visionaries: It’s interesting to come at the end. We come at the end,
we get a whole different group of people. You’re completely revamped. A
lot of times we come at the beginning and shake you up a bit. Now we
get you at the end where you’re already shook and massaged and pushed
and prodded and we don’t even know what-all happened. We just watched it
unfold. But wow, you guys really did have an energetic change happen in
this room since we started the meeting and we want to invite you to
recognize that that doesn’t require being here on a Wednesday to
experience. You can open up to the truth of you at any moment and we
invite you to do it regularly.

Let yourselves have this experience where the Guardians will say
bring your attention to the moment, and you do. Let yourself do that
regularly. Let yourself do that regularly. Let yourselves do that
regularly. You have the opportunity at hand. It’s going to serve you
quite well if you take yourself into the space that allows for the
moment to be the most important, most fascinating, most interesting
thing that’s going on. And then let that moment then expand itself to
encompass what is not just you but the vessel that you’re becoming and
what is the next step. You all want that certainty. Even though you’ve
really worked on letting go of the need for certainty it still exists
within you. And as you work with that desire for certainty and you rub
up against that shadow part of you, what you’re going to find is that
ability to say, “Aha. Aha, there you are again.” Just like your core
emotion was in the beginning. Aha, there you are again, that desire for

And we’ll tell you, at the bottom of the shadow there’s a couple of
things primarily that you’re going to find and it’s fear of getting dead
and the need for certainty, which of course then is supposed to keep
you from getting dead. So whenever—well here’s something to do. Ask
yourself, “What am I wanting to be certain about now?” Remember how we
did “Where am I lying to myself, what is true now? What am I trying to
be certain about? What am I trying to be certain about? What am I trying
to be certain about?” That’s our new one. What are you trying to be
certain about? Because when you try to be certain you’re doing the thing
the Girls warned you against, which is the idea that you’re going to
preprogram how it needs to be next. And when you try to preprogram how
it needs to be next you are going into limitation, limitation,
limitation. And it’s amazing because your mind can actually convince you
that you’re going into expansion because you’re thinking, but thinking
never takes you to expansion.

Insight takes you to expansion. Thinking just helps you go to the
bathroom and buy groceries in the meantime. You can have grandiose
thoughts but your thoughts can never take you where insight can take
you. So the most expansive thinking you’ve ever been able to do, it
pales in comparison to insight. Let yourselves know. Let yourselves know
who you are, let yourselves be the truth of you in the moment and let
yourselves, let that be enough, let that be enough, let that be enough.
Be fascinated by the experiences you’re having. We’re not sure…just a
moment. That’s enough. That’s good. The invitation is for you to know
you in a brand-new way, and in order for you to know you in a brand-new
way you have to remove the habits that have kept you in the old form.
They’re like clothes that don’t fit anymore but you still wear them
because you don’t know there’s any option. OK. Veronica is getting tired
so we’re not going to stay. Goodnight.

Eloheim: Well. That’s a lot, huh? How are you guys? You’re all here?
You’re all here? Just a moment. Let’s just bring it back in here a
little bit. We thought with the Matriarch, yeah, it might. OK. Well,
guess what? That’s what we get for tonight. The go juice is gone. And we
are not going to require any more than what’s available. There is the
way to do it. Imagine if you all gave yourself that permission. We’ll
say that you have such an opportunity right now, such an opportunity, we
just want to reiterate that thing about the stairs. When the Girls say
it 20 times, they mean it. So we see you swinging on that bar like a
gymnast and you’re just ready to let go and we just want to hold you
until you land. Like come on, come on, come on. That’s the best visual
we can come up with. So we’re holding you but it’s free will. So you
guys have to still be the one and you love to let go because you think,
“Oh, if I let go and it’s going to take me someplace new.” When the
truth is the letting go, what happens when they let go is they have to
come here. Do you understand? Because what else is there? There’s no
bar. There’s nothing. All there is is here. It’s no longer: “Where do I
put my hands?” It’s, “I’m spinning, I’m this. I’m that. But it’s just me
in the air.” That’s where you guys are. You’re just in that “me in the
air” place, and if you start to say, “Oh my God, if I don’t land
properly I’m not going to get a medal and yikes!” You can see that’s not
going to work.

So what do you do? You go into the training, into the tools, into the
muscle memory, into that space where you can say, “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll
just stay with this. And this experience of being upside down and
twisted and contorted and bent in three different ways, that’s my moment
and then this is my moment and then this is my moment.” And then
whether you step out of your landing, whether you fall on your butt,
whether you make it perfect, all of that is just as fascinating. And if
you go into judgment about it, that’s fascinating. OK? So be nice to
yourselves. OK? All right. There you go. That’s how it is. Thank you
everyone. Goodnight to you all.

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