May 9, 2010    Newsletter Headline

by Lisa Renee

Dear Family,
As we have entered the Full Moon of Taurus leading us into May, this time is esoterically called the "Festival of Wesak" which is the annual planetary cycle that transmits the "Ray Aspect of Illumination" to those whom are receptive to receive impulses from their Higher Self. This Ray Aspect of Illumination is another way to describe the higher intelligence field access we are able to receive when being connected into another dimensional frequency. Higher dimensions hold higher energetic frequencies which emits an "intelligence field". There are massive multiple layers of "intelligence fields" and humans have the consciousness power (when disciplined or trained to develop these abilities) to build discernment from where the intelligence is being sourced  from.To learn this discernment as a practice is the "Spiritual Initiation" or
Integrated Ascension process which has been taught by many of the
esoteric lineages. Both dark and light intentions can
influence the quality of the material, and even distort it from both
human ego misuse and Negative E.T. manipulation. The eventual goal in
all cases is "polarity integration" which is about synthesizing lower
density patterns into higher frequencies. This is how we evolve to reach
the level of energetic intelligence that exists as pure Unity
consciousness. Spiritual Initiation through polarity integration IS a
part of the Mechanics of Universal Creation and inherent in the physics
governing the laws of evolutionary direction that increases and develop
consciousness  expansion into Unity Intelligence. (Unity Intelligence is
synonymous to the Cosmic Christ Principle)

As we evolve into higher initiations of embodiment we are then
increasingly able to become more "Transparent" to the external
environmental energies. Learning how to become more transparent to the
external pressures and energies is a necessary skill at this time. This
starts with total neutrality (non judgment) applied to all that is being
observed externally. A good practice now is to strengthen and develop
your witness consciousness (now moment) to include neutral association
to all events, circumstances and situations as best as you are capable.
This means you will be less likely to interfere or become entangled with
external events that may drain your energy. Protecting your energy
field by becoming self contained and inner directed is important at this
time.  (The 12D shield practice is a primer to this process of learning
energetic self containment)

During this time, humanity has an increased access (similar to a
broadcast channel) to higher intelligence fields where our Higher Self
has a "station of identity" existing at that plane. These current
Stellar Alignments greatly assist us in accessing the clarity of
communicating with our Higher Aspect or Inner Christ Self. Many of us
are being Spiritually Initiated now.  (Read more about Wesak here: 
Wesak Festival (
) )  
Blue Lotus Heart Initiate

We have entered the Realms of Spiritual Initiation that activate the
next sequence of spiritual bodies and lead humanity into another
planetary "Ascension Wave" cycle. This year’s Planetary Ascension Wave
is related to the Indigo Crystal Star which when ignited, reconfigures
our , 6th AxiAtonal Line, 6th DNA imprint and its processes
that control our" third eye" and higher brain function. It also controls
the spin speed of the Indigo dimensional frequencies and how they
modulate into our 6th layer lightbody that reconnect the physical body
to its soul matrix energies.(the Soul Matrix bodies are 4D-5D-6D) This
Indigo Crystal Star is a function of our lightbody and it exists at the
Higher Heart Center in the Thymus  Gland chakra. This activation deepens
the Heart Chakra into fuller expansion as it transforms the heart
channels from a 4D green energy layer and into running Aqua to Blue
Frequencies. This process is the esoterically named "Blue Lotus Flower"
of the Activated Lotus Crystal Heart Lightbody, as described by the
Egyptian and Hindu Spiritual Initiation cultures. The reference to the
Blue Lotus Flower in Egyptian temple hieroglyphs was referring to the
spiritually initiated Human Heart Chakra as a Living Eternal God Crystal
Matrix. Many temple carvings depict Egyptians holding a Blue Lotus
Flower in their hand. From the Guardian perspective, this symbol was not
originally intended to represent the actual "blue flower" being used as
a hallucinogen as suggested by some Egyptologists. The from
the lotus flower was used in high priestess ritual and massaged on  the
Heart Chakra to represent the initiate’s desire to bloom the "Lotus"
residing within the Crystal Heart Matrix. Once the Blue Lotus ignited
the Initiate would become eternally connected through the Living Breath
of God Source.

January’s News mentions that this is The Year of the Indigo which
correlates to the planet’s 6th Dimensional Indigo wave activation and
our Blue Ray Star Families returning to the planet this year. This is a
specific Guardian Consciousness Planetary Grid Rehabilitation Project
that is underway ongoing to support the planet’s awakening Indigo

Buried Pressures Erupting

As this is a planetary frequency event, it means that the blockages that
exist in the Earth grid accumulate pressure and energetically erupt to
shift movement. When new frequency exposures transmit into our planetary
field it has to shift its ratio of particle spin to accommodate the
changing electromagnetic energies. (The Guardians have described we are
merging particle and anti-particle fields and as these particles merge,
they create a third particle field which is neutral.) These particles
merging also change the electron and proton balance which changes the
magnetic field and the "global brain" of our planet. This event
collapses timelines (dissolve membranes between dimensional veils) that
allow us to visually see or have conscious awareness to events,
circumstances or  energies we never had a previous awareness of.
Simultaneously how these new energies assimilate within our own
spiritual and physical body is being revealed to us in personal ways.
This has a high impact to influence changes in our personal biorythym,
metabolic system, neurochemistry and our eating and sleeping patterns.

It also means that a huge population of Indigo children will also
experience these energies as a "pressurized" type of acceleration this
year and ongoing.( In all likelihood, the sensory and advanced abilities
of a 6th DNA imprinted Indigo that have been previously dormant or
latent may begin to activate.) As we are being reconnected again to
these frequencies, we begin to remember what was disconnected from us in
the past at the cellular memory level.  When we feel "cellular memory"
it is a recording of a past historical event that creates an influence
on the current level of consciousness we experience as our physical
self.  Yet, these are collective memories of humanity that are surfacing
now. These are memories and in many cases trauma, that have  been
deeply buried in our group unconscious mind and our physical body.  Like
an accumulated pressure building momentum within an erupting volcano,
these deeply buried energies must find a way to release.

We will feel the impact of this event through the lens of which we are
more primarily focused within our bodies. Some of us are more orientated
to be focused on one layer or more of our four body system: the
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. One or more layers of
your body may be feeling the intensity of what is happening now on our
planet. As an example, if you process energies mostly at "physical"
levels, you probably have been dealing with a lot of mucous congestion,
sinus and breathing issues, head and body aches, skin eruptions and
viral type symptoms. If you process primarily "emotionally" you may be
dealing with anger, sadness,  anxiety and behavioral addictions.  If you
process "mentally" you may be dealing with intruding or possessing 
thought forms and strange images or dream like visions. If you process
spiritually you may be sensing neurological sensations, flashes of color
or geometries, and a sensation of energetic compression and expansion
happening at the same time in your awareness. And then there are those
aspiring Indigos that may be experiencing every layer transmuting as in a
process of intense spiritual transformation!

Race Memory Returning

The impact of these reconnecting frequencies is returning lost or
previously erased memories of our planetary history to be reclaimed.
Since our Species Race Memory is being restored (in sequenced portions)
it allows an access to these lost histories in the planetary
consciousness field at this time. Many of us are beginning to feel or
experience these memories and may not have been having an easy time with
these energies.

Most of the Guardian’s facilitation work is about opening the idea to
humanity the context that "planetary" ultimately become
(and are part and parcel of) .  There
is a direct interface link between our individual body, collective human
body and the planetary body. No energetic separation exists, only veils
that have been simultaneously lifting as we are introduced to higher
vibrating dimensions of frequency that open our bodies to become more
embodied as our Higher God Self.   As we go through Ascension and
spiritual initiation our personal bodies become highly sensitized to the
planetary shifting. Where we once had no memory or awareness that our
body was holding extensive layers of planetary blockages (such as 
collective human pain or distortions) many of us are not able to fully
heal ourselves until we address the "collective" pain issues. The most
important way to do this is to find neutrality and de-personalize
yourself from being the experience by becoming the "observer". The more
you can hold the "observer" the easier you can shift density patterns
into higher patterns of frequency vibration.    

One demographic area of the Earth where the Species Race Memory is
reconnecting is within the dimensional gateways located in . Giza,
Egypt is the Heart Chakra of our planet and the opening gateway to the
Astral Plane. This area of the planet is undergoing many frequency
changes that are igniting previously dormant portals. There is a
tremendous amount of information returning to the planet in regard to
ET related histories. We will start to witness and observe
things (such as artifacts) being discovered or revealed to the masses.
Some of these artifacts are being hidden or diverted as they clearly
impact world religious dogma and the current socially accepted belief
systems about humanities origins. The pyramids, which have long been
thought of as ancient  Egyptian burial chambers are actually designed as
"energy" transmitting devices. The Ancient Astronauts (E.T’s) that came
to the planet clearly understood that by putting pyramidal structures
on top of major planetary vortexes that it had the power to support
energetic balance, health and a higher consciousness for the people of
the earth. What better vortex to place a series of energy amplification
devices than on top of the Heart Chakra of the planet which is located
in Egypt? Possibly, our ET ancestors were attempting to help us through a
very dark age by amplifying cosmic energies to be received through
these pyramids in order to support balancing the planetary body.

We are about to have these "turned on" of which we have
not experienced for the last 5,000 years. June solstice appears to be a
timeline that begins transmission of ancient coding and Mother Arc
frequencies (The 13th Pillar described last month) throughout more of
the planet’s main vortices. This appears to be the beginning of the
major restoration of the God Female Balance "energetically" returning to
the Earth Body.

Balancing through Cellular Remembrance

When we can comprehend or have a context as to what is happening with us
(or our bodies) in most cases the energetic resistance stemming from
confusion is released and much relief is experienced by the person on
all levels. It has been continually observed that when any level of the
four body system is experiencing an unconscious block (such as pain, an
implant or ascension symptom) when the mind can participate with its
clearing by having a context for what is happening, the block shifts and
unravels itself, releasing its "grip" in that portion of the bodies
cellular memory.  We continually observe blockages being released from
layers of the body when an individual reads and participates with this
material, as well as releases from the group bodies that  participate
with this newsletter. If you so feel guided it is suggested to hold that
intention before reading each newsletter, that you are willing to go
beyond fear and release any obsolete pattern or cellular memory that
obstructs your highest expression of Love.

Releasing blockages stemming from cellular memory trauma buried in the
bodies is one purpose and mission of the Guardian Consciousness "body of
work". The more we can resonate with our Inner Source (Truth), its
vibration sets us free and liberates us from fear. At this time humanity
is returning back to Inner Sourcing through the process of Cellular

We are able to regain our consciousness harmony and physical energetic
balance by neutrally observing the embedded memories and their
"timelines" releasing. The act of observing them from your Higher God
Self is the consciousness power to "neutrally" release them.

Reptilian Invasion Timelines

One particular planetary cellular memory unraveling now and surfacing in
the mass consciousness fields involves the planetary 5 D Stargate and
their 5D timelines related to Reptilian Invasion memories. Cellular
memory imbeds in the planetary consciousness field are akin to a
timeline of recorded history. Absolutely everything that has ever
transpired in the history of consciousness is recorded as cellular
memory imbeds in the planetary body. Most of these historical memories
were erased or obscured by the Reptilians upon Invasion. The Starseed
(gridworker) incarnated here with this mission to rehabilitate the grids
can energetically "read" the cellular memory imbeds. Its data stream is
recovered similarly as how a market cashier will use a "bar code"
reader to scan  an item code from the grocery inventory list. It is
accessed from the direct cognition of reading energy signatures and this
function is a part of the Oversoul and higher lightbody matrix. (The
Oversoul Matrix is the 7D--9D Bodies)  More Starseeds are awakening to
"read" these "timelines" however most of us do not realize what we are
accessing and shut it down from fear.  So many of us are indoctrinated
into the 3D mind control system which limits our ability to allow
ourselves to open our mind and actually LOOK at what we are seeing or
sensing. Becoming neutral is highly effective as if you do not assign a
value to what you are witnessing it allows attunement to a deeper
connection of accessing energy or "memory’.

Reptilian Invasion memories are a part of humanities unconscious "Seed
Fear" which is translated here and exploited for mass control in the 3D
physical world as "Terrorism.  From the Guardian Perspective, there is
an orchestrated rehabilitation program being applied to these areas of
the earth grid from severe damage. As the Planetary Stargate 5th
dimensional frequencies have reached certain levels of access from
Guardian grid repair, (last year’s project was the start of 5D portal
and false umbilicus repair work) we are then able to access cellular
memory imbeds that were hidden in those areas of the planet’s field.
That means the memory of what transpired or was holographically inserted
into the time matrix as a false memory can be "read".  

What was artificially holographically inserted by the Reptilian races in
the Planetary 5th dimensional Stargate holds timeline memories that
changed our bodies and subsequently damaged our . This is an
event that changed the direction of the human race, began the
introduction of organized religion as a political control machine, and
disconnected us entirely from the "mother" life force of our planet
approximately 5,000 years ago. This timeline event is similar to
understanding that it was the beginning of humanities group Inner Christ
"Crucifixion". We became blocked from connecting to the frequency of
our God Parent, and our subsequent pain was immense.

Each level of our Internal Planetary Stargate system has a white hole
opening and a black hole counterpart that functions similar to the
phenomena science calls a wormhole. (These Internal Stargates have been
sealed and closed off by Guardians since 2005 to circumvent various
possible Controller Enslavement Agendas) The Original Inner Templar 5D
Stargate white hole opening (particle time fields) is in Machu Picchu
and its black hole counterpart (anti-particle time fields) is in Vatican
City, Rome, Italy. Vatican City is a hot spot at this time as it is a
main source of this Reptilian Invasion memory revealing and its
subsequent impact to influence a false "Crucifixion "story upon
humanity. This is the timeline that is surfacing now and its impact may
be felt intensely. This  will begin to change the Roman Catholic
Church’s governing organization and more of what has been hidden in the
Vatican vaults will become public knowledge.

The impact of this "invasion" deteriorated the function of our human
bodies immunity, glandular and organ system function and blocked the
Mother God Aspect from connecting into the Earth Core. It was the
groundwork being laid into the planet by the Controllers that are
referred to as the "Inner Christ" Crucifixion Implants. Our planet and
the human race incarnated upon it, were now fully stapled to the earth
grid (via Crucifixion Implants on our 7D AxiAtonal Line) unable to
achieve organic ascension and liberation from reincarnation.  We could
not feel our God Source connection any longer, nor our connection to our
Mother and female principles of balance.  We now begin to change this
"crucifixion" event by becoming aware that it happened so we can repair
and heal it.  This requires that Vatican City reveal to us what has been
hidden and become accountable for its actions. This is starting to
unravel the healing process and will be a huge Guardian grid repair
project in 2011-2012.

The pain being felt from this "crucifixion" memory is highly charged in
the mass consciousness fields at this time. Most people feel the
intensity of what is transpiring however have no context to understand
what they are actually feeling and where it is sourcing from. This
confusion exacerbates lower impulses in behavior as people act out these
energies without any sense of self control. More of the phenomena of
"thought-form possession" are happening in the masses of unconscious
people now.

It is important at this time to learn how to become Transparent to these
external energies.  Do not attach or make judgment on any external
behavior, only observe and hold peace inside yourself. We are traversing
some major phases of growth which require we witness what has happened
to our race so that we can become aware and choose to heal and change.
The change starts from within us

We are in this together and until next….Stay in the luminosity of your
Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love, Lisa

© 2010, Lisa Renee


This ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the
Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) as support, both energetically and
informationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo
Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to
support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model
for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based
advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value
difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression.
The directive is rehabilitation of the hologram,
repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended
Human Protoform, supplying  informational context on Ascension dynamics
and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human’s
to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom,
Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God
Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our
Universal Guardian Groups.