It used to bug me to no end, this Stilness: the fact that everything that needs to be done is done, and there is nothing to do but wait, for whatever it is that you want to arrive. Waiting ’t going to do it, for that ceates an infinite loop off on whatever it is you want and know will arrive. But at the same time, nothing else seems more worthwhile anyway.

Beginning to get the feel for it, this Stilness of Being. Noticing how the urge to do is slowly subsiding into the relaxedness of this Sunday morning. Even Moorelife has taken on that savoir faire lately: it no longer urges me to put in the hours, because it feels content to just be whatever it is: not just about Dré , but about the process of discovering More Life! A process that we are in together, willingly.

I could perform any of the domestic work that is lying around, and make this more of a for anyone to come to, but at the same time it is my , and I’m already. I am not particularly bothered by the pile of laundry that needs folding, or the carpet that needs vacuuming. So those are kept until such a time that I am in the right mood, the mood of wanting to create order. But even then, it is done for the of it, rather than the end result.The end result is non-essential anyway: notice how, the moment you finish doing the dishes, and you reward yourself with a few scoops of yummy icecream, the new set of dirty bowl and spoon immediately starts off the need to do the dishes again? You could let this your life, but then where would the joy in all of it be?

No, I’m operating more from the stance: "And He Saw that it was Good". Actually, until just now, I never knew why that phrase was in the Bible. But I notice how I’m constantly looking for what’s good, what feels good. And that my friends does definitely not mean that else is bad. There is no bad in my world, not because I don’t allow it to exist, but because the Divine behind everything is there, regardless of the atrocity it seems to be. And the weird thing is, the more I allow for the to just be, rather than resist it, the more I am privvy to insights on just how these mechanisms really operate, and what their true Nature is. 

We all see our own order in the World, and no particular order is anything less than another: after all, it is All Order, even the chaos. And any of it can lead us to new realizations, which then immediately get absorbed in the Akashic Records and retransmitted to Source. So yeah, I might do some domestic work today, who knows. But then again I might not. I will however be creating order, about that!

Love your Order,