19 May 2010 02:15 PM PDT

Channeled by for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us return to Experience Travel. Some of you may have attempted to
implement Experience Travel with little or no success. Do not be concerned. You
could not read a book the first day your introduced you to the alphabet
either. It might take a bit of practice for you to Experience Travel.

We are outlining your new tools. More importantly, we are helping you move
beyond many of your belief patterns that indicate only “special” people with
“special” gifts can Experience Travel…. for that matter. All of you
have the ability to do either or both, as well as thousands of other skills we
have not yet introduced. So let us return to Experience Travel for just a bit

Perhaps you have questioned your purpose in this life or what happens
to you
between lifetimes on earth or whatever arena you opt to create a
physical form.
Questions you have believed are beyond your current skill set to answer.
truly have access to any of the Universal information that has been
generated or
ever will be generated.

Many of you have heard this information before and so you are a bit
reading it yet once again.

We wish to point out that if you truly believed that you and others
access whatever information you needed or wanted whenever you needed it,
, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and economic and
upheavals would not be of concern to you for you would expect to access
information necessary to quell or shift your concerns. Furthermore, if
you truly
believed that you could access any information of importance, fear would
not be
part of your daily life.

You may have intellectually accepted that you are able to access
information, but emotionally you retain the belief that such a lovely
dream may
happen someday, but certainly not today or any day soon.

Experience Travel is your passport to the information you pine for.
How does
the future solve your current ? How do politicians shift
actions? How do you pay your bills? Why are terrorists terrorists? All
important issues in your life – yet you believe that you cannot solve
any of
those dilemmas. How silly. You have the answers. You have all of the
Granted, your area of interest may not be in but there
others who find that field fascinating. You merely have to access what
what concepts, what ideas are important to you.

Even though Experience Travel may require some practice, the most
element is your belief in the possibility.

Most of you reading these materials believe that you return to earth
times – you have perhaps accessed some of  your past lives through
hypnosis or
various exercises performed by “special” people with “special” skills.
That is
hooey! You do not need anyone to help you with . In truth,
travel is a simple concept – similar to reading your first book. Your
first book
was delightful in kindergarten or the first grade, but quite boring by
the time
you were in the fifth grade.

Experience Travel is a more sophisticated form of time travel.

Today we will explore time between your lives. And we will start this
exercise by strongly suggesting you access the time shortly before your
birth in
this lifetime in which you and your guides outlined what you wished to

Again, you may most easily obtain visual images, words or other
methods of
accessing your information. How you access information does not matter –
that you allow yourself to do so.

Let us begin.

  • Find a comfortable and quiet location. You will not need to be
    as selective
    in the future, but as is usually true with any new skill, it is easier
    to master
    a skill if you are able to concentrate.
  • Allow yourself access to any medium such as paper and pencil, a
    magic markers, color crayons, or paints that feel comfortable and right
    to you.
  • Close your eyes and create some form of transport – a bridge,
    vehicle, magic carpet or whatever else feels correct.
  • State within your mind and being that you wish to return to
    your meeting or
    meetings prior to this birth in which you determined what your chief
    were going to be.
  • Then ask questions that are relevant to you such as: “What are
    objectives?”  ”Have I achieved my objectives?” “What have I not yet
    accomplished?” “What areas are of the greatest interest to me now?” “How
    that change, if at all, as the earth evolves?” “Why am I not interacting
    certain people who I used to interact with?” “Does my current job fit my
     ”How are my communication skills going to evolve in the near future?”
    “If I am
    most interested in _____ area, why is it so difficult for me to achieve
    what I
    want to achieve?” “Why am I afraid of (terrorists, other cultures,
    issues, my boss, my spouse, my parents, my community, etc, etc.)?” “What
    do I need to take to achieve ________ goal?” “What will make me joyful?”
    “Who am
    I” – not what my culture has created but, “Who am I?” “What information
    am I not
    allowing myself to access?”

Note the information you have obtained once you complete your
Travel exploration knowing that you can return whenever you wish. Also
know that
you will not spiral out of control and wish to remain in the Experience
mode – a fear that stops many of you from exploring any new tool kit
item. You
have elected to enter the earth realms during this dramatic time of
change for a
reason. So go explore. Think of your exploration as a fun, fact-finding
that will provide you with more information than you could obtain in a
trip around the earth – and that you can do so in seconds or minutes
instead of
a year.

Did you not expect to learn how to read as did your older brothers
sisters? Did your parents not believe that you merely had to put
letters together to form the words that would allow you to read anything
wished to read? And so it was.

Do you wish to Experience Travel? Do you wish to explore the Universe
and all
of its knowledge. Believe that you are able to do so and so you shall.
So be it.

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