19 May 2010 – 6:15pm

Blossom:Ok. Here we are again then! Lately my heart has been going nuts. There must be a shift going on surely … either that or I am about to have a cardiac arrest! And also  …  a great amount of releasing taking place too and I ‘m not even sure what I’m crying about. Sometimes the actual physical pain in my heart is so uncomfortable … I mean, is this all necessary? It’s very hard to FEEL full of LOVE and to FEEL that you are playing your part well in the process with all this going on. And for how long? For the last ten years we seem to have been moving from one shift to another! Is it going to carry on like this till we get there?  And does this continue once we are there … wherever ‘there’ is?  I sound like I’m moaning … I am! No, seriously, can you say we are really making progress? I still FEEL so ‘lost’ in all of this. Ok … done … your turn if you’d like?FEDERATION OF LIGHT: We thought you would never ask!  As
you sit and write you can feel almost a burning in your heart chakra
can you not?
This is absolutely a necessary change in your makeup. From
what you once were in human form, to what you are becoming in the new
form of human. It is taking place continually at this time and
without wanting to disappoint you, yes, it will carry on in this fashion
for quite a while to come. We are aware of these discomforts, yet we
say that what is taking place is so profound that this releasing and
adapting must be treasured  … for the transformation when complete
will …  you will find …  be worth every tear shed.
In a way that we might assist we would remind you that
your Higher self is fully aware of that which this smaller aspect of you
has chosen to undertake. Therefore , being fully connected to this
Higher self, one may find it acceptable. Although we do not
underestimate the magnitude of these discrepancies, we would say also
for you to ‘brush them off’. Allow them to Be, then let go and give
thanks that yet another segment of ‘the old’ has transmuted into Light
through YOUR doing. Recognise these ‘odd feelings’ as they pass
through you and KNOW that by accepting them in GRACE you are playing
your part in the changing of all that is of lesser Light into its
Maybe. It just doesn’t always FEEL that way. It sometimes
feels like a never ending waiting game.
What is it that you are waiting for?
The transformation into the NEW WORLD. The time when we no
longer are among all the ‘downfalls ‘that humankind has created. I
don’t understand how different this New World is going to be, but …
actually, never mind … you know what I mean. We have travelled this
road before … and I have learned that we cannot know what this New
world will be like until we get there. So I’ll ‘zip it’, and ask if
you would kindly move on to a topic of your choice?
You’re kidding! Must we?
You invited us to choose.
Mmm! Just wondering what ‘YOU’ wish to discuss about ‘ME’
We consider YOU to be a representative of OUR TRUTH.And in
this you have not faltered. You decline from offers made by others to
deny these Truths and remain steadfast in your loyalty to that which
you TRUST to be OF TRUTH. In reference to that which did or did not
take place on your given date by us of Oct 14th in your year 2008 we
would like to clarify a few things … on your behalf. Would this be of
Although I know what providence means, I wasn’t sure how it
would work in the sentence just given. So I looked it up and it said
“preparation for the future” ‘knowledge of the future’ Is that what you
Have you known us to say something we did not mean?
Nope. Just checking we were on the right track. And it’ s
very nice of you , because obviously  it is very clear that you are able
to take note of my thoughts of late and that whole episode seems to
be coming back to ‘haunt me’ in various ways. So yes, please, go
ahead. I will be interested to hear what you have to say, as I am
having to make sure my ‘ego’ has left the building practically all the
time and sort of ‘get over myself!!!’
Do you Blossom, believe that we came on that date ?
 In what capacity? Yes, for me, without doubt you showed
up to many in various ways. But not in the way that you had PROMISED
and therein lies my demise!!
And do you accept the explanation given by us after the
My heart accepted it, although my mind questioned it.
 Then let us elaborate on the events now that time has
elapsed and the ‘hype’  … as your world would say  … has settled into a
place where one can understand on a deeper level.
promised WAS THERE in your skies.
Oh I must have been looking the other way! With respect …
and simply trying to make Light of this.
 There is no need to Lighten this up dear one. We are here
to reveal what was. We now feel we are able to break through … for it
is time.’
Before you go any further, let’s clarify that shall we. My
thought when that last sentence came through about ‘breaking through’
was not that you would ‘break through’ the mists, not that you are
about to ‘decloak’ type of ‘breaking through’, but that you can break
through verbally and let us know the next level of understanding of
the incident.
Either way.
Your words, not mine.
At the time of the event taking place there was a darkness
unseen by the human eye. In the same way that it then became
necessary for the vessel in which we had chosen to display to remain
unseen also. It simply was necessary for the saving of your planet.
This may seem drastically dramatic, yet it is so. WE DID NOT REVEAL
We had been informed of a counter plan by those energies
that would choose at all costs to human life ….  to destruct
themselves as well as millions of souls rather than allow this event to
take place.
 Yet you said you had every possibility covered and it is
known that you are able to dismantle/disarm nuclear weapons ….  If
this is what you are talking about?
And yet, you are underestimating the vast implement that
was intended to be used. We spoke to you regarding this THREAT, being
treated merely as that … a THREAT, and we wrongly assumed that the human
level of these lost struggling energies within the human form would
stoop to this lowest degree in order to protect themselves from their
inevitable self destruction. To lose their power … to be shown in
their TRUE form, for the deepest greed that they have become … seemed
incomprehensible to them at this stage in history. For indeed they
have mastered their control to the highest degree. They felt it
agreeable amongst themselves to lose everything rather than be
uncovered by the one thing they fear above all … THE LIGHT.
We spoke that ‘agents’ informed us that indeed they would
carry out this THREAT of mass destruction should we  follow through
with our promise to the world. Put yourself in our shoes … what would
you have done?
Our mission, our Divine purpose is to assist your planet
and the Loving human Beings upon it to rise into a NEW WORLD … A
Higher level of Vibration … so that once again the Love that you are can
be exposed by the self and TRULY ENJOYED.
And yet it has come to this … that it FEELS like a burden
at times.
So, you couldn’t have disabled whatever weapon it was that
the ones of lesser Light said they would expose?
The preparation by them was too far advanced.
In what way?
By that we mean that it would have been improbable that we
could have affect on the situation devised by them.
I keep half seeing as if this ‘devise’ was/is underwater …
in the ocean somewhere. Like in a … I want to say … ‘substation’…
  And you would be correct in what you are picking up from
us. Although we are far advanced in our technology from that of your
‘current ‘ race, remember also that there are certain laws in place
that cannot be tampered with. There are laws that WILL NOT AND CANNOT be
broken. This would take our topic into unchartered waters shall we
say, and we prefer at this juncture to leave that for a much later
time. Therefore we would conclude that our choice to remain
‘invisible’ … we still heed to be of the best one. The decision was
not one taken LIGHTLTY or by just a few over a cup of tea at a board
meeting! We make Light of it also … on your behalf.
This day shall be replicated , yet the outcome shall be
one of TRIUMPH.
And yet, with certain TV programmes etc, those of lesser
Light are certainly doing well in spreading the fear.
Are you afraid?
Not at all.
Then know that there are many in place just like you.
Unafraid and in position. Ready to disperse fear. Ready to teach Light.
Ready … simply ready. You are aware Blossom, for it has been spoken
of many times … of the armies of Light that are in position for when
these great changes take place on your planet.  At this time many
wonder why they are here. They KNOW they are here to be part of
something profound … yet they cannot find their way. We tell you … in
your future days … when we visit in LOVE … each soul shall have their
duties awakened from within. A vast awakening will take place on a
scale as yet unimaginable … KNOWLEDGE shall be redeemed for some
instantaneously … and it is for those warriors to take their command
and lead those who are afraid and lost BOLDLY into THE NEW WORLD … and
dearest souls of earth, we shall proudly be by your side.
Dearest souls of elsewhere …. We SO look forward to it!
In Love … from a heart down here that is full to the brim
with many things … and in amongst it all is the deepest LOVE for your
‘giving’.  Thank you.
And our gratitude to each one that allows us the privilege
to continue, by the support given.
Bye. Until next time then.

December 7, 2008


16.   Morning! Are you game for answering
these questions that a 15 year old boy sent through? Would be
something different don’t you think? I know you know many ask me to
ask you questions … for some reason I know you want me to do this.
It would be interesting … for some of our
‘takes’ on the questions may differ from what their original intent
No matter. Let’s give it a go shall we?
We first of all ask you Blossom to go a little
deeper within your position of your head space with us?
Did as I was asked. OK here goes.
1.What is their location in the universe?
The particular ship that we are communicating
from has been circling your orbit for thousands of years. Therefore
we do not have one position for we move when aptly convenient and
2. Are they much more intelligent than us?
We would say by your behavior as a species
sometimes … YES. But in Truth …. NO. We KNOW of more things, but we
would say that if the fullness of the human brain were to be in use
we would be asking you for tutorage.
3. What do they look like?
We have stated before that aboard our craft
there are many from many planets. Look at the differences within the
human race and try to imagine the vast differences that may occur
between those from different planets. We are from many places and
each look very different. We say that some of us ‘put on’ an
appearance in order to be accepted, as it is necessary to do so.
There are those who visit us from THE that ‘adorn’ an
appearance as they are simply DIVINE ENERGY. We, that are communicating
with Blossom are a Conscious Energy. We embrace many. We are not
necessarily as you may imagine. It is that we ‘give out’ an
appearance in order to be recognized. We that are speaking now are
an ‘All’.  Yet we present to Blossom of ‘Star-kind Beings’ as in  …
almost white transparency bodies, very lean, very tall, no hair
follicles, with large eyes and a ‘line’ where ‘your’ lips are
placed. Blossom is feeling LOVE more than the vision we present, as
this is how we CHOOSE to appear for convenience purposes … There
is a large spectrum.
4. What exactly do they think of us?
It is not in the ways of your world. We do not
form opinions or make judgments. WE LOVE YOU …EACH AND EVERYONE …
for that is who we are and what we know. That is not to say that
sometimes we find certain distinctions (?) baffling!
5. How many other intelligent species are
they in contact with?
All. It is difficult for you to comprehend. For
ALL. From your position even trying to explain would not be
understood. Please KNOW we are ALL … therefore in contact with ALL.
6. What are the other species like? What do
the other species think of us?
We would be here for too long if we were to give
you ALL of that information. And we would say there is too much to
go into. Would we say perhaps, that any one thing that you could
imagine or create in your mind regarding a species and a planet …
Then there is one! From where you sit as humans, it is simply
impossible for you to grasp the VASTNESS.  It cannot be done by you
in your position. It is never ending. There are never ending planets
and species upon those planets. It is so. And yet … there is a
place within the soul self, a place that one can KNOW of EVERYTHING.
This may not be understood on one level , yet ask yourselves if it
is TRUE and the part of your Being that IS THIS KNOWING will tell
you this is so.
7. Do any of the ET’s want to or have they
wanted to destroy us?
On this matter we would say there are those who
were once ‘detached’ from the human race who have chosen to connect
with forces that do not serve the whole … but the individual groups
that yearn for power. It is not so much of wanting to destroy as to
control, which could involve destroying if it became necessary. Yet
we say to you … these ones that have succumbed to greed and allowed
the forces that are not of the Divinest Light to engulf them, shall
in time return , as indeed all energy shall … TO THE LIGHT FROM
WHENCE ITCAME. This is all we chose to say on this matter. Other
than , we have those in place that spend a great deal of
purely on bringing these Beings out of the position they have
trapped themselves within and back into their rightful place. This
is no easy task as they have allowed themselves to enter into the
vibration of your planet in a fuller way than is of safety to do so.
Once this takes place, it takes much work to undo the ‘damage’ that
has been done. And yet we say …. There are no mistakes. Life
unfolds. All life. It is as it is. No more. No less.
8. Do they know anything about 2012?
Indeed. We wish those who read these words to
know that 2012 is a ‘predicted’ space in your time. How YOU AS A
RACE perform the necessary upliftment shall determine WHAT actually
takes place and WHEN …. and HOW. It is up to you. Many fail to
realize this.
9. What are their and other species
religious beliefs (if any)?
We have NO religion. ONLY TRUTH. ONLY LOVE. ONLY
10. What do they do in their lives?
Upon our ship, it is like your world. It has to
function. Therefore there are many that are assigned to the
continual upkeep of the energies of the vessel. And in answer to
many … our particular ship IS an actual vessel. We live our lives
via energetic vibrations. There are those whose task it is to keep
these vibrations on their correct frequency etc. So many many things
that we do in order to function and adhere to our mission. We do
not need sleep as you on earth do. Yet we have … shall we say ‘switch
off time.’
11. Do they have a "base" on our moon like
me and many others suspect?
We would not call it a base. We would say there
is a ‘set up’ there. Just as there are ‘set ups’ in your oceans and
in your caverns. It is unknown by many exactly how close certain
undertakings by others that are not of your species are involved
with your race. And this does not mean simply on a telepathic
mentality. You would be very surprised at how close physically some
Beings are. It does not mean that they are of the same vibration as
yours though and this makes a difference …. Regarding in your world
you say …. Seeing is believing.
12. How do their crafts/UFO’s work?
Energy powered from crystal. Too large a matter
to enter into. These crystals are our lifeline so to speak. That is
another ‘job’ for many. These crystals are what we would call
‘sacred’ to a certain degree. They are strongly guarded and
13. What exactly is their plan for
"fulfilling our planet’s destiny"?
To assist. Only to assist. To show a better way.
A way that is of Love. That is our plan in its simplest form.
14. How, why and when did they find out
about us? Did they help in our evolutionary process?
Some of us created you! We have known of you
since the beginning of you. We have been closely observing you ever
since your creation. It is part of the plan when you were created to
be observed in this way. To see how the experiment panned out.
15. Are they of the same or very similar
race as we are?
Some on our ship are quite similar in appearance
and yet with all respect we would say it is of appearance only in
which there are similarities. You must try to understand that this
ship we speak of is not small. It is probably beyond your
comprehension. There are ships used in this ship to travel to
different locations upon it.
16. Do some of our governments know about
them? Are some of our governments involved with them or other ET’s?
All of your governments know about us. All of
your governments have been in contact with us. So much is to be
revealed to you as your time in the near future of your days
unravels. It is inappropriate to speak more of this at this time.
The TRUTH will be revealed. There is a sureness of this.
17. How do most of them communicate?
Telepathically. It is quickest and clearest.
Much can be transferred in one thought form. Words can be
misconstrued. Feelings cannot.
18. Do they admire any of our inventions,
art, abilities or accomplishments?
Your inventions were from us. Ideas put into
your heads. That is not to underestimate the inventors! The ones on
your planet who brought these ideas into palpable matter. Who made
something from a thought, become a reality. Is this not ‘life’? For
Art … we indeed are overcome with emotion at times (although many of
you believe us not to have such a thing.)  The beauty that is
brought forth from the depths of Love within the soul into creations
for another to purvey is indeed a human quality that thrills. It
Lightens your planet. And accomplishments? Of course. We often find
ourselves like proud parents. The bravery of some of your race is far
beyond expectations and it fills us with hope. For indeed … YOU ARE
19. Are they in any way sexually attracted
to humans?
We are not of that way with the human race.
Sexuality is a certain upon your planet and it is
not of our vibration. It holds a certain frequency. May we say …
what was ‘designed’ with the creation of the human was something
beautiful regarding sexual attraction and its activities. Much has
been lost from its original intent and lesser Light forces have
taken it from its place of beauty into a place that we do not
consider to hold any light at all sometimes. Yet, would we say … those
who take these activities within LOVE  … experience a High level of
the vibration for which it was originally intended. It indeed can be
a place to ‘go home’ for a while. Freedom of choice. Some upon our
vessel have ‘needs’ that are similar, yet different. Others are
beyond this and have no necessity for it in their energy.
20. Will they accept any humans into
alliances or relationships with them?
We will accept ALL those willing.
21. What sort of animals are there outside
of our solar system?
It would depend on what dimension you are
residing within!! A vast amount of different ‘animals’ exist.
Although not necessarily the name that is given for such energies
elsewhere. Again this is a subject that could take an eternity to
embark upon.
22.  What is in store for our race in the
That is entirely up to your race. You choose!
WELL … THANK YOU ! Just thought I’d go for
it. Variety is the spice of life. In case you don’t know the young
man’s name is Curtis.
We knew.
 Thought you might! Till next time. Gotta go or I
might topple of me perch!
One more thing … When each one of you takes a
silent moment to connect with us … notice the ‘feeling’ in your
Being. We are saying HELLO.
Cool. And I’m saying goodbye!
How many of you really know why you are here? It
seems to us that you invent scenarios to play out games that are of
NO VALUE to your actual purpose on your earth plane. These
scenarios do not benefit yourselves or anybody else …. OR your
 And yet you continue to spin around on a Ferris
wheel of pointlessness.
Are you generalizing? … Not all of us folk
are like this …. Are not there more and more Light workers on the
planet who are waking up and doing the exact opposite of what you
are saying?
To a certain degree. And please accept that
given the formation of the matrix that you are within, we understand
that it is a different form of dwelling from that in which we dwell
, and therefore we are not able to understand ‘FULLY’ that which
you upon earth must undergo.
Forgive me … but I have understood you to be
very Enlightened Beings … I would have thought that you WOULD know
of such things and understand them.
Being aware of certain matters is not quite the
same as experiencing them for the self, do you see?
Yes, I get that.
There are many things that we observe and
although this means we KNOW of them, it does not mean that we grasp
the point of them.
Tell me about it!!!
You see dear ones … We fully acknowledge our
position within the grand scheme of things at this given moment. We
proceed with our ‘callings’ and take them to the limits of
possibilities …  In the KNOWING that our purpose is to bring you of
earth into your next phase. This we have been committed to. This we
shall steadfastly adhere to. This mission of ours. This mission of
yours. We each have our part to play. Just as you Blossom have your
role in all of this.
And many like me … I am aware of the changes
within myself … and indeed those around me and those who contact me
to let YOU know of the change within … It has come to be known as
THE ACSENSION I believe. Can you tell us more about all this … if it
is appropriate?
As you look around your planet, as you observe
through your computers, you do … in a fashion … exactly what we do.
You observe what is talking place upon it. You learn of good things
and you become aware of the not so good. Each and every one of you
as an individual is responsible for your own Ascension. You cannot
simply hope that you will be taken along with the tide … it is not
like this. For you cannot move into a vibration unless the entirety
of yourself as a soul sphere (?) is able to sit comfortably in that
new place. It simply does not work in a way that would allow this to
beTherefore …. This is why we are asking those of you who ARE aware
to assist. This is why you are here.  Not just for yourselves, but
for your world as a whole. As a ONENESS. It is essential for those in
the KNOW to liberate those who are not yet able to understand this
movement into Higher Realms. It is interesting to us, that some have
slipped away from reading our words, for they are not to do with
what you in your world express as UFO’s and all the phenomena that
goes with it. And yet …. What theses souls do not understand is that
these words of LOVE that we offer is exactly what all this UFO
phenomena is about!!!! So many of you want to see for yourselves …
these wondrous ships in your skies … to PROOVE to yourself that
there is more … more to your earthly existence than just that of the
goings on upon your planet. You need the proof. This is what you
desire. And yet, what many of you cease to understand, is that until
there are a certain amount of souls that can ‘anchor’ our vibration
we cannot present ourselves on a continual basis. Yet we know that
more and more are Ascending. This is not to be confused with the
actual ASCENSION … which is in preparation at all times as you move
So, the Oct 14th appearance that didn’t
appear? You have explained in latter days that those down here would
have caused much destruction if you had revealed yourself and
therefore you made the decision to abort … for now… and yet … were
there enough of us who were of the correct vibe to allow your
appearance to happen and anchor you ?
Initially. For the first “WOW”! Yes indeed. And
yet we were also aware of matters that derived during those months
prior to Oct 14th that were of a fearful nature regarding economic
crisis etc that were creating mass fear within those who were
already so fearful. Many things are now in place that were not
before. The wise Energy that you know as White Cloud has taught many
that there is reason in ALL things and that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. We
say to you that when we say ‘Hello’ …  when we stream down into
your atmosphere with a GLOW that Brightens the entire planet … that
it will be understood by all that indeed this BELOVED Energy is indeed
 I can feel you wanting me to ask this … so
I’ll go along with you … This feeling I have of  ‘KNOWING’ you will
present yourself as you have promised … why do I (of all people)
also feel like … ‘whatever .. if you do you do, if you don’t you
don’t’… Is this because I am … dare I use the word … ‘ afraid’ of
the same outcome as last time? … Disappointment? … So in a sense,I
just allow all things to unfold and simply get on with life? And
yet, if that is the case … why do I still sit here and do these
channellings with you … I mean where is it all leading ?
It is leading you into The Ascension. It is
leading you into a place that will show that who we are and what are
intentions have always been will come to fruition and that we would
not desert you after all you have done. We would not allow a soul
of any caliber to serve us in the way you have, only to be throttled
(?) and left to deal with the aftermath. Do you think this would be
It really is ok. Truly. I have dealt with
what I had to deal with, and I believe I am a stronger person for
it. And besides it wasn’t just me! Many put themselves on the line
within their surroundings and within their friend and family circles
and had to deal with the same ‘humiliation’. People say to me …
‘weren’t you just al little angry with the federation?’… To which I
say …‘Not really. It was more confusion and questioning of Trust etc
etc’. You see, as you know, I can FEEL your LOVE; therefore I
continue to communicate with you in this way. Where it leads I have
no idea, and really it isn’t about ‘validating ME’. It is about our
world and making it better … and somehow… we all know you are not
coming to save us … but … if you were to show … I think it would
help us so much… It would change things … but I guess when you are
ready you are ready. And I cannot deny that ‘SOMETHING’ … whatever
that ‘SOMETHING’ is … FEELS/KNOWS that one day you will present your
ship to us, and a ray of LIGHT LOVE AND HOPE will  shine down … and
those of us who KNEW of this in the core of our Beings will fall to
our knees in wonderment.
Your world is changing and we are effervescing
with the progress that is taking place due to each one of you
changing. Each one shall find their place in this New World. Each
one has the choice to be part of it. We say to you before we part
this day …
BELOVED ONES …. There is a LOVE that is to enter
into your Beings that is the TRUTH of your soul. It is the
recognition of yourself as you are in your LIGHTNESS.
Returning into your LIGHTBODY. As you radiate LOVE so shall you
Ascend. This is so.
Many thanks. Swords of Light to the skies…
always!! Golden Rays!