05/26/2010 by

Your attention is required in these last few moments before you move
back into your natural state of full consciousness. It is to be a
momentous event as Love — the divine energy of creation — pours into all
your awakened hearts, and on through them to embrace your divine
brothers and sisters. They have been with you, playing their essential
roles in the illusory reality you have built for yourselves, for many
eons as you experience time, since the apparent separation from your
heavenly Father occurred.

You will once more recognize each other as the glorious, perfect
beings that your Father so lovingly created, and realize what effective
teachers you have been for each other as you struggled with the
confusion and suffering that your imaginary reality provided.

This brilliant divine Light into which you are to awaken will
overwhelm you, as the sensation of your utter acceptance as infinitely
loveable and eternally loved children of your heavenly Father engulfs

This is the moment that has been promised, and for which you have
been hoping and praying through so many lifetimes. This is why there
are so many of you on Earth at this time. Each one of you has been
promised boundless happiness that will envelop you as you leave the
illusion and return to Reality, your divine Home. No one will be left
behind, lost, or abandoned because all are One with God — from Whom
separation is impossible.

However, some may choose not to awaken yet. That choice will be
honored because your Father will not impose wakefulness on anyone who
decides, for whatever reason, that he does not yet wish to move into
this glorious state. Full consciousness is a state of Love freely
entered into, into which anything that is not Love is unable to enter.
Anger, fear, judgment, and blame would be instantly subsumed and
dissolved should they attempt to enter this state. Many will experience
this and be overwhelmed with joy and amazement when it occurs and they
find that all these aspects, which they thought to be inseparable parts
of themselves, have disintegrated to display the glory that was
concealed beneath them.

Those who do not awaken will be a very small minority who remain
unable to release these negative aspects of themselves, because their
belief in the illusion, with all its pain and suffering, is without hope
of change or improvement, and yet they cannot bring themselves to
surrender to the flame of Love deep within them. Eventually they will,
because it is impossible to remain forever in denial of Love. And when
they do, they too will come home to a glorious and tumultuous welcome.

But that welcome is available now. Pay attention to the flame of
divine Love burning eternally within you and let it guide you home to
the glory that awaits you. You are dearly loved and you deserve to
experience the wonder of that now and forever. The time for suffering
is over. Turn to the Love within you, smile on it in welcome and
gratitude, and realize that It is all of you — that there is nothing
else — as your fears and anxieties dissolve in the warmth of your
acceptance of It, and Its embrace of you.

With so very much love, Saul.

Full consciousness is a state of Love freely entered into