Channeler: Adele

Tuesday, 25 May, 2010 

My greeting s to you that this time. You have been much aligned with
energies that have been working very hard to displace you on all
levels. And here you are, welcome my friends we have journeyed before
together and it is now time to open yourself to an understanding as you
begin your final journeys towards that which your planet has much
discussed and displayed fearful energies out unto the world in which
you live. As say this as I begin for there has been many interruptions
of energies and many eruptions from your .

Can you not see why this is happening? Can you not see that this is
accumulation of energies that had been put forth from the limitations
of expressions to which is said that your Mother Earth needs? We have
all been paying close attention to that which is going on. We all
have been working very much in alignment with your planet of Mother
Earth to assist in all ways. But we also know that it is the human
manifestations in which you and Your Mother Earth are now playing out
in your journey.

We say your Mother Earth for a reason, can you not feel it, and can
you not feel it deep within you when we say this, for she is your
Mother Planet, she is your host and you are her guardian.

We have not missed anything that is placed before you, you whom
live upon your planet of Mother Earth….Ahhh… she is beautiful is she
not? But of course she is…she is a gift unto which you have chosen to
be with during these changes of times. For to you to begin to see the
effects of your own manifestations created and displayed for all to
see. You have created much do you not see this? You have created the
building of energies into which is now at play. You have through your
own ego logical mindfulness created that which blinds you to see past
that which is right before you.

How many times have you been to the past? How many times have you
looked at the past? For to not look at the past is to not look at your
future. And that is the walking force of your human development to
always be where there is not, when there is that which is with you.
Your Mother Earth, the place in which you have chosen to be housed
upon right now. Do you not see this, your planet has had many
explorations and images displayed from the human creation of the
thinking mind to catapult you into the future in which all humankind
seems to want to be in. Think about this, is it the future in which
you live or the present in which drives you? You have chosen your
planet of Mother Earth as your housing planet to retrieve experiences
and gather that, which you need, the supplies to bring about your own
ascension in your wholeness….a totality that will eclipse all thought
forms of the present being to that which is the inner most of your
essential self. Ahhh… yes…as there are others into the Universe who
have chosen a less strenuous journey, you have chosen this one. Why
then live for what shall be when you can live for what is? We watch as
there are many among you who are coming forward to say that there is
existence in which has always been held back but now they are to be
acknowledging the existence in which you have always known. There is
much growth upon your plant for the human experience. And there is
still so much to learn.

We shall go to the past as that is what the beginning is all about,
is it not? For the energies upon you have been lived many times
before and it is for you upon your planet of Mother Earth to find that
which is a continuation of . To find that which was completed
and lived on again. For you are that which lives on again and you
shall complete the circle that is here with you now.

I give to you a case in point… Just as the is being guided
to where she needs to be right now, she is being called forth by the
Blessings of the one who is known to her as Mother, the Blessed One,
within whom all things are. For the Teacher has touched the hands of
Yahweh, been held in the light for all the heavens to see and
acknowledge. She has ascended into the light and risen above all
physical limitations to be anointed in Light of the Holy Trinity. Have
you not asked her about this? Have you not taken the time to ask
yourself why she has a light that shines so bright nothing shall limit
it for she has been touched by God? She has then descended given to
herself that which is being given to her to share and bring forth the
light to all beings upon your planet of Mother Earth. For this she
shall be rewarded even thought she asks for nothing… She is gently
smiled upon, watched over and loved for there is grace and beauty
wherever she goes.

Do I tell you this as to say she is greater than you? NO, for there
is nothing greater than that which is within you. I tell you this as
she shall find out much later, that as she has given to her inner
calling, she has also given all that she has to her truths, she has
acknowledged and gone forth through the anguish, pain and denial of
others for so long and she now holds within her absolute peace of
being. This too is that which calls to you, to ascend to your inner
value of truth in all things. As you do this you shall rise above all
limitations of the human thought process to see truth in all things
around you. And to know you are not alone, you are at the time in
which all is beginning to be shown to you. To discover the
manifestations of the human mind come into play at its finest and then
too at its most undermining ability to be blinded to that which is
with you right now.

The times in which you are living are parallel to that which was
lived long ago. When you look back at your ancient cultures most
humans seek the beauty of what is being presented to them. It is not
in the beauty that you shall find the answers; it is in the worth of
the existence of that which was lived. Many of your Mother Earth
ruptures were being displayed then too, many famines, and sacrifices.
How does this replicate that which you are living right now? How many
sacrifices shall it take to appease that which lives inside of you?
How many famines in nature shall be allowed? You are matching the same
energies as that which the Mayans lived in the years before the own
what you call ending of their calendar. Living the parallel existence
to your own ancestors. For their cultures and people did not all just
die off. They are gentle souls who know the history and they too see
the same repeating patterns as before. The ending is that which is
before you now. A time in which is repeating itself and the blinding
ability to not see this is what shall be the ending to the beginning. I
say this as they suffered much with famine, you this day suffer the
famine of your own creation. It is all around you not look at the
to be that which is famine….look , look around and what
then is your famine upon your planet of Mother Earth? Sacrifices,
ahhh…yes… each of you are sacrifices each day from your own
manifestations of desires. Do you not sacrifice the other to gain that
which you believe to need?

When looking at the parallel journeys, seek that which is in your
time to match that which is in the time of the Mayans and you shall
see the energies that are at play here for you r right now and
remember I said…they still live, there rich culture did not die
off…For many ancestors live among you… When you acknowledge the same
is when you can see the changes that are to be needed to learn from
those before you.

For the true path of light shall always be there for you to see and
follow… it is for you to see the light in which you follow…

New discoveries are going to be expanding for you of Mother Earth
soon, this is great joy and as we have said before the collapsing of
your governmental and religious structures have been unfolding around
you. Being exposed to truth on all levels, how much more will you
take, you of Mother Earth? …ahhhh… sacrifices and famines, is this not
the way to find that which is the answer? Hmmmm…..What is being
allowed to that which is being given are on two different levels.

I send you my peace for all of humanity to love another in their
hearts as much as you are loved on all levels of your being. For we
are one with you and we walk with you in all you do, for you are the
Guardian of Light.

I AM Lord Amin-Ru

Love, Laughter & Light,

Copyright 2010 Adele Linsalata and Angelic Wise Ones