My dear friends…

Last week I offered here what I
called Advice #1 on Grief: Let it out. Find a friend, go to your pastor,
, or ulama, check out a , get to
an emotional support group…find someone with whom to let it

This week—Advice #2: spiritual healing for a wounded

In the extraordinary final dialogue in the CwG
Cosmology, HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends, God gifts
us with the spiritual basis for healing after the death of a loved one.
These come in the form of what are called The 18 Remembrances.
Among them…

• Dying is something you do for you.

• You are the cause of your own death.This is always true, no matter
where, or how you die.

• Death is never a tragedy. It is always
a gift.

• The timing and the circumstances of death are always

These insights into the nature and the process
of death open us to a whole new understanding of the experience, causing
us to notice that we have been holding it in our reality in an entirely
distorted way.

Death is not something that happens to
us, but through us.

Actually, it is not something
that happens at all, in the commonly held definition of the word among
people of the earth. Death is simply a movement from one level of
existence and everlasting life to another. It is a gliding from the Realm
to the Realm of Being. From
that realm we will move into the Realm of Knowing, and
then, back to the Realm of Experiencing once again, in a
never-ending and always joyful cycle of expressing Divinity.

This cycle may not seem "joyful" to all who are experiencing
it, but that is because of their point of view; of their perspective.
Were they to embrace the perspective of the Soul, they would (as CwG
points it) "see the perfection."

All things happen in their
perfect order, at their perfect time, in their perfect way. There is, in
fact, nothing but perfection playing itself out in the Universe. Do you
know how it is possible to know that? Because it is happening.

Unless we are in the Universe run by an out-of-control God, Who
has nothing to say about, and no impact on, the events of our
day-to-day, we can depend on the fact that if something is
happening, it is the Will of God
. And if it is the Will of God, it
is for our own highest good.

This includes our own death-or
the death of a dearly loved one.

Yet how can "tragic" events be
for our own good?

Taken from the Soul’s perspective, all
things that occur, occur because it is perfect that they do so. And this
is because the Soul knows and understands the Overall Agenda of the
Totality of Your Being (that Essence which you call "You").

is important to understand that You came here (to the earth, I mean) to
undertake a particular mission. You are not here by chance, nor are the
circumstances of your birth or any aspect of your life as it proceeds
the product of chance. Rather, the Universe and every element in it
(including every element experiencing Life as an adventure here on
earth) is a constant expression of All That Is in All The Ways There Are
in All The Moments That Exist in the Always of Forevermore.

are God, "godding." We are Divinity, expressing. We are
Singularizations of the Singularity, knowing our Selves in our own

When we understand this, we never again grieve for
another-no matter how tragic or "unnecessary" the death, no matter how
"unfair" or unexpected the circumstance. Indeed, we celebrate,
knowing that the Soul of our Beloved is likewise celebrating, and now
experiencing Its Continuation Day, having chosen and perfectly created
the moment and the way of Its transformation from the physical to the

We may mourn our loss, but we will not
grieve theirs, for they will have lost nothing and gained everything.

Next week: But why is Life so difficult if everything, including
our own death, is chosen?

Love and Hugs,