Beloved ones, it ’t what name you call Me, or even
if you believe in Me at all. While the mind might reach for
explanations, the heart knows that I Am Real. I Am the center of your
life and of your being. I Am the strands of Light from which you are

If you allow Me now, I will activate your heart, that each
of you might find yourself alive in Me, experiencing the life that I
make and experiencing Love as the truth of your being. Then, your heart
will walk with Me through everything that the of the mind presents
and you will be free, for I will feed you from this Love and your heart
will free you to live in this abundance that never ends.

beloved ones, is the only shift that must be made. There is nothing that
you need to figure out, for the moment that you allow your heart to
fully open, then your experience of life will change. Until now you have
been perceiving this Shift to the Heart through the perceptual filters
of your ego-mind. When you allow your heart to become the center through
which you live, then all that you see and experience will be founded in
this endless peace, this Love, this beauty and the fecundity of God.

Am life making more of itself. I Am Love knowing itself expanded and if
you walk with Me with an active and open heart, then everything reveals
this endless beauty that we create together. Walk with Me as the center
of your life and being and no matter what the world says is before you,
Love will clear the path and bring you everything.

Love will feed
you and bring you all you need to know the truth through the vehicle of
Love, the center of your being that is all you need to fund your life
from pure Creation , to create as My heart with the power
of never-ending Love. As the open heart of God I Am, you give to
everyone, everything that Love brings forth as gifts to them.

your eyes might see a world that is filled with confusion and your mind
might say that many good things failed, but as the active heart, the
center of Creation, the vision of Love reveals the deeper truth of God
and shows you the miracle of awakening life in every person, in every
molecule, in every atom that dances the joy of harmony engaged in Making
Love, until every breath is stunning in its majesty and you know
yourself as the heart of All I Am. Knowing yourself, then each of you
then knows Me, reflected as the world through Love’s perfect vision.

person is revealed to be the mystery of the heart of Love unveiled.
Even those things, beloved ones, that the mind sees as filled with
fearful possibilities, the heart shall show you as the potential of Love
to break free from the cage of dualistic seeing through the recognition
that I Am Love and only Love is Real. I Am the strength that brings
you easily to greater , as you allow the active heart to reveal
the most amazing life and it is your own.

I promise you, My
dearest and most precious ones, as you step in tune with Me, heart
active and open, you can literally walk through mine fields of every
kind — be they physical, mental or emotional — and I, God, I who Am
Creator — shall guide your every step that you might find that right
between the polarities of the ego’s world is the beacon of the heart
that guides your every step.

In these times of great change,
Love’s perfect guidance, the tender way you hear My voice, the
reassurance of My presence and of your strength in Me will bring you
through every challenge effortlessly. But so much more than this will
always be revealed, for right between the polarities of ego, the active
heart releases the dream of "not enough" — frees everything and
everyone it touches, brings back the purity of the surrendered life and
the endless effervescent supply of life that feeds your consciousness,
creates true heart awareness and wraps the world in the unity of this

Step by step I Am present here and guiding you, and
you the gift of Love with every touch. Each life you see, each person
you bless, everything that comes into your sphere of influence is
effortlessly entrained to this perfection of Love, raised up to the
highest and purest vibration of God that your vision which through the
mind has ever been looking down…looking at the world it has made, the
ground you walk upon … that this might fall away in an instant as the
heart comes online.

The heart raises you up from your knees upon
which you have been worshipping Me, be this figuratively or
realistically, and opens you into your endless experience of yourself as
the pure heart of all Creation, the heart of Love, the center of All I
Am. In that instant that is Now, the assurance comes that there is no
question that I Am always providing for you, for what life doesn’t
nourish the heart within it?

This Shift to the Heart, this joyous
Heart Activation changes your experience of life right now and brings
you the ongoing moment of pure bliss as you know yourself as the
orgasmic heart of Creation itself and you become the vehicle through
which I love.

Oh, ones, you finally know you are My heart
giving. You are ever and always the pure and open conduit of Love. You
are singing forth the truth of every being that one moment in the
presence of this active heart, alive in you, bring effortless
entrainment, bringing every life into its perfect place in the dance and
bringing the acceptance of all these endless gifts.

So if you
find yourself beholding the world in trepidation, if you feel those
waves of fear rising up, if the duality play of daily life hooks you
again, simply return and choose to live the heart, to be the heart of
God I Am, integrated soulfully, so that only Love’s Will moves you.

as you breathe, so too do you absorb this Love, taking it in, allowing
it to feed you, receiving Love’s atomic power to fuel your life and
letting your active heart bring the expansion of Love and the
consciousness of Love itself, until you are the experience of the
ecstasy of extending this gift of God — until you feel yourself
interwoven with Me perfectly, until you know yourself as this heart,
this conduit of Love given to you, that you might accept your true
identity and all that Love provides.

What I Am saying here to each
of you is that I Am more than enough. I Am the Source of all you are
and of all you need, not only to sustain your life but to allow the very
riches of Creation itself to burst forth in freedom and to know the
truth as power and beauty, grace and peace and unending Love live as the
truth of your being through our communion, by whatever name you call

Whatever definitions you have held, dear ones, let this Love
supersede them all through direct experience. Please let Me in. Let Me
come and touch your heart. Let Me electrify it. Let Me throw open the
doorway of heart perception and please, let the Will of Love I Am be
fulfilled in you that the wonder, the miracle and the mystery can now be
present as your life and as the world.

Please, beloved ones, make
for Me. Let Me come and walk with you. Let Me activate your heart
that you might be truly alive with the atomic power of Love expanding
your boundaries and the explosion, this explosion of Love easily
changing everything — how you see and feel and how effortlessly you
allow joy, how perfectly you allow the provision of Love to fund your
life, to fuel your every moment and to bring to you the most magnificent
experience of the expression of this Love as your counterpart, the
essence of your heart made manifest that you might see and feel and
deeply know My Love for you…

…that you might give it to all who
need it…this Love…this power…this joy of life that parts the of
the illusory world of the dualistic mind and reveals the heart’s reality
of Love and plenty that in every Now Moment I might be your guide and
also be your Real identity, the fully awake center of Love.

heart of God I Am shall entrain it all, magnetizing every heart to this
miracle and every life to the gift of transformation that just as the
butterfly, you find yourself free at after all the work of
transforming…that you might realize that this is who you have been all
along, the heart of God, unlimited.

Only your heart can know Me
and it knows Me perfectly, but you have been living with a veil of fear
around it. Step into My presence and say "Yes" that Creation, the power
of life may bring the unveiling, may open up that chrysalis that has so
long held you, that you might spread the wings of your spirit and
rejoice in freedom.

Just remember that in these times that might
seem confusing to the mind, I Am your truth, your center, your
activation of Love and I Am all you need.