Hi all,

For the last few days I have repeatedly been hearing the word within
me ‘ equanimity’. Am now realizing what the message is for me. Maybe it
can be helpful for others also in the coming days, weeks and months. It
is becoming self evident that changes and happenings are coming quickly
now. The severity of the major in the Gulf is
starting to sink in to John Q Public. This blowout is a HUGE physical
happening with large immediate effects, and what looks like severe long
range effects.

There is even the distinct possibility of large and
invisible underwater plumes of oil, moving up the east coast and maybe
all the way to Europe via the Gulf Stream. [ hundreds of feet thick, ten
and more miles long and miles wide] These underwater plumes could seem
to come out of nowhere and act like oil bombs on coastlines let alone
the effects on all the lifeforms in the ocean itself. The national and
collective mind is just starting to show and deal with the deep and
profound anger, victim consciousness and all the other denied and
repressed energies which are now surfacing.

Also the war drums are beating in the Koreas, and . It
appears like preparations are well under way for war in the ,
and area this summer, or even sooner. The old pains,
judgments etc are coming to the surface for resolution. The old is dying
before our vision, and in our conscious awareness. Some of it is and
may continue to die very ugly.

In this context the word ‘equanimity’ has meaning for me. It means to
be able to stay centered, calm and balanced within oneself; no matter
what level of intensity seems to be happening in and around us, in the
coming times. When we can stay in a state of equanimity we are Being, [
as a verb] the optimum center point of Loving conscious awareness
possible. Individually we may feel moved to be proactive in some way. We
will feel those urges inside ourselves and it may be quite unique for
each of us. The bottom line though is that whatever we do/BE needs to
not be motivated by fear. We may not discover that fact till after we
start something; however, what is important is to be open, willing, and
humble enough to allow ourselves to discover those deeper motives and
then let them go. A great question to discover our deepest motives is
the repeated use of FOR WHAT PURPOSE? That is our personal
responsibility. Judgment and blame does not, or will not fit or work
anymore. Those reactive responses will not be appropriate anymore. The
more we can let go of those fear based motives the more truly Loving,
in a Real and Divine way, our Presence can and will become as beacons,
from the inside out, of the Light of healing and deeper understanding.
The vibration of our personal balance point will rise as we allow the
the Light to shine on our own deepest motives.

Equanimity and humble willingness are the keys to the healing and
unfoldment processes now, both individually and collectively.
of preparation is done. We are not alone. There are many millions of us
around the world who are able to see the bigger picture of what is
happening. Also there are millions of Galactic Spiritually aware
friends close by, who are available to help us. They only help when
invited to do so, as they are careful not to interfere with our Divinely
given ‘free will’. They have technologies that can be of great help.
The repressed pain and anger of thousands of years and many
incarnations, for most all of us, is about to come to the surface of the
collective awareness now. In the greater sense this is all quite
wonderful as it is the purging needed for the release from the deep and
profound state of suffering our , and all of the life forms
on her, including ourselves, have been experiencing for so long.

A new and wonderful day is dawning. As it is said, the darkest part
of the night is just before dawn. Many of us has worked through our own
dark nights of the Soul. It is now the time for the whole of the Earth
and the Unified collective mind of all of us to walk through similar
changes to the light of a NEW DAY.

Just felt moved to share. :-)