Archangel Sandalphon through Sharon Taphorn May 27, 2010

I am honoured to be called upon and wish to share with you a message
of love. Be kind and gentle with all living things – oh we know this is
not always an easy task for those in physical form and for many it is
easier to blame others for the sorrow and unhappiness that is about the
earth plane, yet we wish is that you each see and feel the love and the
peace in each situation and to look at the beauty of the lesson within
each experience just as you can see the beauty in the rose, the wonder
of her fragrance and yet be careful of the thorns. Spend time each day
flowing with the beautiful music that surrounds you, like the leaves
and the trees blowing in the wind, bending and flowing with the air that
is surrounding it. Be like the tree and just be. Be in the moment.

you know that every tree on your beautiful planet is connected with each
other, and if Beverly sits by her tree in Arizona and Sharon sits by
her tree in Williams lake and Eve by her tree in , that you three
would be more connected with one another, and it would be a connection
felt in deep love… form triangles like that with each other… (I
chose these three for they each asked a question this day)… this is
also a good clairvoyant exercise for you to each try… get groups of
three in different areas and connect at the same time…yes you can do
more than three if you choose. Take time out to be in love with the
moment you are in, feel us in your heart, and then let the love flow
through you and each time you do this it makes you more peaceful and
grounded, more in love with your experience. Surround yourself with
gentle and loving things. Harsh music, chemicals, foods, and experiences
put up blocks around those who are seeking the path to higher
vibrations. As your vibrations raise higher, the more these situations
become intolerable for you. If your neighbour is playing music that does
not vibrate with your soul, put on that which does with some headphones
and do a chakra clearing meditation and enhance your own field
to repel this vibration. If it becomes completely intolerable, ask for
our assistance in working with them to turn it down, or have them move
on to something else, or call in help from your legal system or bylaws
if need be. WE can work in some very interesting ways…leave all the
details with us and just refocus on your own space in time.

Beverly C, Phoenix AZ asked How to stay grounded?
I seem to be floating a lot? And to the beautiful Beverly, you are such
a gift – we appreciate and applaud you for all the hard work you do as
you continue on your path. You are feeling less grounded because you are
letting go of so much that is of the earth plane and 3 dimensional, you
just might float away – or is it flying…as you lighten your load. My
suggestion to you is to eat foods of the earth. Some wonderful root
vegetables and fresh produce grown from the earth and drink plenty of
water from the beautiful earth. Consciously attach a cord from your root
chakra if you feel you are not grounded, however part of it is the new
you that is emerging and you will adjust to the new frequency soon –
Drumming might also help you to assimilate the energy and if you can
drum and dance in the garden – this is so much better and then float
about in your pool connecting to the whales and the dolphins… yes,
drum and dance then float about… this can assist you all in the new
frequency that is now you.

SharonT, BC – I feel a connection with the dolphins when I connect
with you… why? I am very much connected with this realm on earth, and
these beautiful beings are so much about love and gentleness, and they
are a part of me as I am of them. I am also a guardian of Sirius and
they are very much from that energy as are you and therefore you feel
this connection. You have worked with me before in the dimension of
Sirius and that is why you recognized it when we made a conscious
connection this day. Listen to their music, feel their love and connect
with these most wonderful beings and learn from them for they have much
wisdom to share with you that will assist you in the earth journey.

Eve K, Florida – I have a job opportunity in … what is
happening there, And also with my other choices?

ou know that the choice is yours, the choice is always yours, and we
ask you…what is it that you truly want to do. Trusting in your
messages is the bridge you are now on and trying to cross. Trust in your
magic for when you do so many wonderful things come your way. You are
wise and know you can do the job…whatever that job might be; you have
no lack of trust there. You lack of trust comes in the messages that
you receive. WE can help you with this. We ask that you release the
how’s and focus on what your life is going to be like when you get to
where you want to be. And, if there is any part of you that is
saying…but I am not sure I want that, it needs to be put into
perspective as often it is the little thoughts we bury in the mind that
has the greatest power and puts blocks in the creation process. When
these thoughts pop up, see where they are coming from and let them be
transformed and healed. It is the that needs to be
transformed. Use the violet flame of Archangel Michael to turn these
thoughts into to help you in creating. And, be patient
with yourself. was not built in a day. Surround yourself with
loving thoughts of what is happening next and know that it is about how
you approach all of these situations that will make the greatest
difference in creating the results you desire.

Feel me in the energy that is around you and I am happy to assist in
bringing creativity within each situation for everyone. Dance with me
and I will help to clear the energy that is around you… use it like a
meditation and watch for the wonderful thoughts that come into your mind
and your heart when you do. This is also very helpful in releasing and
surrendering energy which is no longer of your vibration and a wonderful
way to shed the old…as they say…dance like you do when no one is
watching and be in that moment. It is my great love to be asked to
share in each of your experiences and I am always here to help you find
your way. Love Archangel Sandalphon