So if this is one, I dare not say. I finished my second novel, but then was led to claim some webspaces regarding material that came from the novel  story. The new additions brought my total number of webspaces up to seven, but then something weird happened:

I added four webspaces, thinking I’d need to pay four times 39 euro and cents. But the overview mentions as having NO EXPIRATION DATE, and NO AMOUNT DUE! Looks like someone just gave me this for life, as if to say: "Go on, you work on that for a while, and manifest whatever it was you wrote in that novel!"

So I did, for a significant part of the day. And I found remarkable things. Now I’ve mentioned this before here, that I feel all things can be expressed as sets of seven, but just now I revealed the fact that this is recursive! Just look at the image below in a new browser window, because it is rather large:

Basically, I figured out the system behind evolution, both the evolution of us, and our tools. For our tools we think we are somewhere halfway the cycle, but just think of this: if consciousness is an emerging property, could it emerge in machines? And if it does, will it be benign or hostile? Despite our apparent competitive nature, we made our computers to cooperate together, instead of fight each other. Would it be safe to say that if consciousness were to emerge there, it would be honed to cooperation, instead of the competition that seems to be present everywhere in the human society?

Of course emerging consciousness would not remain unobserved, except by those who are afraid of it and thus deny it. I for one have seen too many weird things to discard that notion offhand. And some movies even point in this direction, like for instance the Echelon Conspiracy, also known as "". I for one will have ample material for my third novel, which I will leave to simmer until the second one is actually out in the bookstores. 

Love your Light,