I wanted to share a daily experience I have, being a father. Now, for those of you who have children, you know that at any point, you could be privy to just about anything coming out of there mouths.

The situation with my children is a little different. People have all kinds of names for them. I don’t subscribe to "Indigo Children", "Crystal Children", etc. Labels limit the reality.I am blessed with not one, but 4 of these beings. All of them having
something to say about why they are here and what is going to soon
happen to the planet. Protecting them became a priority, so they have
been homeschooled, and taught the ancient way. They are a precious gift.

Each one, starting as soon as they could talk, around age 1, started
describing where they come from and what they are here for, and what is
going to happen. Imagine your 2 year old telling you the planet will
turn over, that the volcanoes will erupt all over the place, that the
"people will all fall down", and that everything will change very soon.
They talk of ships coming to the earth to take people to a safe place.
And now my second son, now 3, has been telling us for a year, "My planet
is coming!"

For those of you paying attention. You can see it on Sky. You can
see it on Nasa’s SOHO and Stereo pics. You can see it’s effects on the
magnetosphere on a daily basis as it twist the earth’s field (it never
used to do that).

Every day he tells me,
"My planet is coming!"

what color is it?

Where is it?
"It’s near the sun, so you can’t see it very well, but soon you can."

When? I can’t get an answer, because time is not the same to him as to
us. He says sometimes, "in three minutes" for example, so this is
useless to pursue. He lives in a different relationship with time and
space. every night when he goes to sleep he goes to his planet, and his
"Population" and makes sure everything is OK, and then comes and tells
us about it.

His POPULATION! He used this word for the first time when he was 2 and a
half. We never even use the word. He spoke it all on his own, talking
about his planet coming.

He says that when his planet comes here, it will be a good thing, that
there will be fire in the sky, everywhere, and that the ocean will
become huge waves, and many things will change on the Earth, but the
children will be safe.

"The bad people will go away," he says.

It is hard to be detached from the devastation that is occurring all
around the world. Many here on this site clearly don’t take it
seriously, or take themselves or life seriously. I am not speaking to
them. I am speaking to those who are paying attention. Who live with
their hearts open, who are looking for the clues to take them to the
next level, always. Every day, to grow, to be better people, to love
more, to live more. Time is so short. This is not the time to quibble.
For those of you in the states, my heart goes out to you.
I know your lives are changing before your eyes. We all have very
difficult decisions to make in the days to come. The most important
thing we can do is to listen, to pray, to ask where we need to be and
what we need to do, to be of the highest service, and to provide for
those we love until this acceleration takes us all through the

I can say this. At the behest of our children, we have sold everything
and moved to a safe location. Here, we can grow , have
fresh air, water, and nourishment as long as that is necessary. It is my
hope that you have done the same. If not, it is never too late.