This is the year of the Tiny . This is the year when the  Aquafarian blue crystal elementals who are the high frequency sound located in the nano water crystal area surrounding the microtubules around the DNA strands are able to become activated
by those who are willing to spend more time in the Aquafarian Frequency than they spend in the 3D world frequency. We have spent the past three years swimming in the Aquafarian Frequencies in Inner Earth. Now, our family of 12 blue crystal water fairies
are swimming around inside of our DNA creating our rainbow bridge into our full spectrum of frequencies.The microtubules actually look like and are the harpstrings of our mind.
The aqua blue crystal elementals carry the sound that magnetizes the
from the photon belt which carries gamma waves, waves
and ultra violet blue waves.

Our elemental family is now telling us that we are now only ready to
FEEL the frequencies of our higher selves in higher dimensions. However,
when they complete the rainbow bridge in your DNA through the gamma
wave, this will give us the wave length of the x-ray wave. That
frequency lowers into the ultra violet blue wave, which aligns our
template into the full spectrum of frequencies. When that happens, we
will be able to complete our journey into the Milky Way or any other
place we desire to go. The journey will take place when we orb as a full
light spectrum, not just a dream. If you would like to learn more about
my Aquafarian friends and how to align into their frequencies, please
visit our website:

Please bring your earphones to and FEEL how the
of our Cosmic Families ignite the spark of Source deep within your
crystal cells and DNA.




It is very interesting how different people have such different
perceptions of the same music. The answer to why that happens came to me
yesterday from an Aquafarian friend of mine. I just learned that it is
my Aquafarian crystal blue water crystal family who are actually the
nanoscopic entities who work inside the liquid area that surrounds the
microtubules within our DNA strands. It is their music frequency that
absorbs the through the photon belt as gamma waves
that is the that raises our DNA. They told me they are
working on the fifth and sixth strands in me right now. This is why I am
now able to see the within in the without. I can actually see my
microscopic friends as they weave and braid the frequencies inside of my
DNA. It looks like what we might see in a chemistry lab through a
microscope. I can see this activity when I look out into the
morphogenetic field around me. I see tiny, little strands of light
energy weaving and braiding into new forms each time I exhale their
Cosmic Frequencies.

When I sing or exhale the frequencies of my Blue Crystal Water Fairy
Family (the angelic and elemental consciousness of the Blue Dolphinoid
Family from Sirius B), they are the ones who sing these tunes that are

The melody of Puff the Magic Dragon is barely perceivable in one song.
That song, and any of the songs that the listener can perceive of when
they  listen are not coming from my mind (I mean my altered ego mind).
They are coming directly from the breaths of my Aquafarian family–my
highest dimensional selves.

They told me that they were the ones who wrote these songs a very long
time ago.
They told me that they have always been the sound aspect of the light
and sound that we know as ascension frequencies. It is the etheric, nano
level sound that connects with the light energy that is being sent
through the consciousness of all of our starry families that is
activating this entire ascension process.

I don’t even know that the melodies that are heard are actually in the
music until after I have already recorded it and listen to it my self.
When the frequencies are originally exhaled onto the recording equipment
they are not audible. They are so light and etheric that I have to
layer them about 20 times before I can even hear them.

The story of Puff the Magic Dragon is a very real story, as are most of
the fairy tales we have been told. These fantastic realities have been
stored away in coded memories for us to begin to remember at this time.

was a musical transmission from my Aquafarian Mother
Cinderella. She is the Cosmic Mother in charge of the rebirth into our
5D template. She holds the perfect 6D template that translates down into
our physical form. Her etheric sound frequency weaves into the Mother
Mary Cosmic Egg through the Heart of the Milky Way. This is the light
and the sound partnership.

Only those of us who have at least five strands of our Cosmic DNA
activated at this time would have the perceptions that can be seen in
the light fields around us. Those who would be disturbed by familiar
melodies are still perceiving through their old 3D wave patterns in
their DNA. Those old slower wave patterns still hold memories of a
separation between the music of the spheres holding the 10 DNA and the
present 2 DNA.

The bottom line is this. People can only perceive of those things that
are on the same wave length as their consciousness is on at this time.
That is the reason why my audience is so small. Those who are receiving
the higher, shorter frequencies of light coming in from the gamma rays
and being translated through the sound of the ultra violet blue crystal
water of the Aquafarians are few in number at this time.

Those who are riding this Cosmic Wave that brings the Highest
Frequencies to Earth
through Music are not experiencing the pain that many light workers
report. When the body template is in the same exact rhythm and resonance
as the Cosmic Activations, the body glows from the inside out. When the
body is not aligned with the Tiny Crystal Liquid Light Frequencies that
are absorbing the gamma waves, the body is not in Tune. The Aqua Blue
Crystal Tiny Ones provide the key of atunement when we ride our merkaba
down into the etheric realms of Aquafaria in Hollow Earth and then
exhale these frequencies into our morphogenetic field. We did this
continuously for three years before our higher selves – the tiniest ones
– were living inside of us continuously.