As the truth gains more ground, so
those who reject it work against it and spread disinformation. It
therefore begs of you to be discerning in what you accept, and that you
find sources that are consistent and trusted. As always your intuition
should be your guide, and if necessary you can always put anything aside
until such times as you can make a firm decision about it. With time
you will that you become adept at spotting dubious messages or articles.
If the ring of truth is not there for you, then clearly it should not
be given your acceptance.

However, as we like to point out, you also
need an open mind so that your understanding of the truth can be
expanded where possible. It is ongoing and will go forward with leaps
and bounds, once we are able to come out openly to you. Everything
possible will be done to present the truth in a gentle way, without any
judgement upon those who have allowed themselves to be misled. The truth
will always carry the energy of Light and it will sweep away those
false teachings and deliberate lies, which have blighted the scriptures
and ancient teachings.

The truth commences with the one omnipotent God of your Universe.
Many mortals may have been seen as gods, and named as such but there is
in reality only the One Supreme God. Different names may have been used,
and some souls have deserved to be considered Saint, however, there is
still only the One Truth, and The One God. It is a good point to start
from which it will bring people together, and put a stop to the claims
that one persons God is better than another. The next step is to remove
the teachings that have not originated from God or his true servants.
The Laws of God are quite clear and based on Unconditional Love, and
anything less is not of God’s word. New ones will accompany Man as he
ascends, and with his higher consciousness levels they will allow him
even greater freedom than before. Life in the Galaxy is so varied and at
different stages of evolution, that Man will need to know how to
conduct himself.

Life is certainly not dull on Earth, but you are never totally free
to do as you wish. Real freedom is when the Galaxy is yours to travel,
and that will come to you in good time. With our advanced forms of
, distance is no problem and we can make frequent journeys
to far off stars whenever we want. It also helps that there is no issue
where we are personally concerned, as we are in a perfect state of
health, and do not age as you do. Also our Space Craft are totally
self-supporting and provide all of our needs. In fact we could easily
survive in them for several hundred years, as you understand time. Time
is not constant and you would find inter stellar traveling strange at
first, but you are now grasping the idea that the past, present and
future are all in the Now.

Coming back to Earth, your time is up and in the future you will put
all of your experiences to good use. You have plumbed the depths, and
now you are to rise up quite spectacularly with a quantum leap into the
higher realms. Your future will bear no resemblance to duality, and
instead give you every happiness and opportunities to share your
acquired wisdom with others. Remember that you will have become the
Masters that you really are, and will be welcomed into other life
streams. Life is bountiful, and exists everywhere making its way along
an evolutionary path as you have done so. Much of it is invisible to
your eyes because it vibrates at a different rate to yours. As an
ascended Being and through the power of thought, you will be able adjust
to it just as we sometimes do. You will have many attributes that will
seem quite remarkable, such as being in two places at once.

Matters on Earth are heading for a showdown, and it is just a matter
of months before a major step forward can be taken. There is of course
always a degree of uncertainty because of the number of people involved
in making sweeping changes. Certainly everything is at the ready and we
continually adjust our plans according to the changes on Earth. Our
appearance will be orderly and preceded by appropriate announcements,
that are near to coming out. These are crucial to our arrival as any
other way could be interpreted as a show of force on our part. That is
not our way, and even when the ultimate date is reached when we shall
lead the way, it will still be done through your officials. It is one
thing to show our craft and us in a casual way, but it is now important
to gain your agreement to an open landing and official contact with your

Whatever happens on Earth, never lose sight of the reason you are in
the end times. is the most important aspect of your future
experiences. What is taking place now is the chaos being perpetuated by
the dark forces; they have lost their way and try to buy time by
preventing us from coming. That ploy will not work, and the longer it
goes on, the more it rebounds upon them creating more dissent in their
own ranks. They are imploding and fighting to keep their heads above
water, but it will be to no avail as their capitulation is assured. It
is as you might say a messy business, but that is unavoidable when
dealing with those who have no conscience where their actions are
concerned. They also lack compassion for those whose lives they have
destroyed, but one day they will be called to answer for all of their

Carry on as best you can, knowing that your suffering will not last
and soon you will see the new direction that Mankind is heading into.
Already the foundations are in place for a quick change, where your
are concerned. Our allies in many countries are agreed
on a plan for a metals backed currency, and the end of the paper
currency that has led you into bankruptcy. These are the essential
changes to set up a fair system, that will protect your earnings and
property from unconstitutional laws. The changes will affect the whole
world and that is indeed the intention, so that you are released from
that include your tax laws. There is at last a glow on
the horizon as the Light permeates into every corner of your world.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and carry greetings from the Galactic
Federation to all of you, thanking you for your faith in us and the
higher powers of Light. You are great souls who we greatly admire, and
send our love for your upliftment.

Thank you SaLuSa.

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