Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic

2 Ben, 16 Moan, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come with much to talk about! At present, a
series of discussions is taking place around your world to finalize the
particulars of the dark cabal’s relinquishment of power. These panels
are also empowered to go into detail concerning what the post-cabal
world is to look like. We are acting as mediators and moderators of
these myriad discussions, and once they are completed and signed, we
will ensure that all is carried out as negotiated. Our liaisons have
done a magnificent job of overseeing these meetings. The cabal now
understands that it can no longer continue as before, and so its
ultimate concern is to find a way out of the dire consequences it faces.
The heads of the major families that make up the dark cabal are
terrified of what may happen to them, and so, in order to gain the
concessions that this planet’s peoples so desperately need and want, our
allies have leveraged this fear, resulting in a number of
agreements that are close to the signing formalities. Once this is done,
we will turn over implementation of the contract specifics to the

It is essential that the two human constituents of your
globe work together and get to really know each other. This new
relationship can form the foundation of the post-landing world as each
of you has experience of a different aspect of what constitutes being
human. There is also the urgent matter of bringing a true spirituality
back to the surface world. The surface realm has been hugely manipulated
over the past 13 millennia, first by the Anunnaki and then by their
minions. What you feel to be real in your spiritual rituals and
practices has been released from within you by your recent awakening.
The Agarthans can mentor you and give you a deeper knowing of these many
areas of Spirit. Moreover, we will ask them to set up programs designed
to introduce you to the functioning of galactic society. For our part,
the heart of our mission is, as ever, to get you into full consciousness
as soon as possible. Everything else that is going on is merely a
lead-in to our actual mass landings and in a sense constitutes only
time-consuming diversions that we can put behind us once the
above-mentioned agreements are acted upon.

First contact can be described as a series of stages made
up of events that permit us to move closer to the landings. The
importance of these events is that they make possible the transitional
regimes we have often talked about. The coming time is therefore
critical. Our liaison teams are fully briefed and have advised all
parties concerned what is expected. Our talks with ’s
Spiritual Hierarchies and with your world’s major governments helped us
to sort out and prioritize the vital elements that can get us closer to
first contact. We work within the divine framework given us by Heaven,
and the Light is busily altering your reality so that you will be ready
to make the big changes when so decreed by the Creator. One of these
times is now approaching. Your dark cabal is to be moved out of the way
and prevented from further impeding what needs to be done before we
land. This can be done in two ways; the preferred one is to quickly
complete the many recent agreements we mentioned above.

Another issue under discussion at these meetings is the new
economic system and the delivery of the abundance programs. A key
element in the US is the "Farm Claims," which form part of the
legitimization of the new banking system in . It is essential to
dismantle the illegal Federal Reserve which constitutes the foundation
of the present economic system first set up at Dumbarton Oaks in 1944.
These Claims kill the entire present system, leaving the way open for a
successor. To this end, a number of new proposals were enacted by
various economic committees. These regionalize the Dumbarton Oaks
system; set up a new range of gold-backed currencies; and re-charter the
. Once this is made public, the new system
will drastically reorder international . Charged with global debt
forgiveness, it can serve as a transition to a true economy based upon
global abundance and consistent universal prosperity. These conditions
segue into what we call consciousness economics.

Consciousness economics is a state where money no longer
applies, as your living conditions have been raised by zero-point
technology to a level beyond dependence on Mother Earth (e.g. farming,
fishing, , etc.). Here, the basics of survival like water,
, and shelter are no longer derived from planetary resources.
Moreover, you have graduated to a state of spiritual wisdom which allows
you to perceive your relationship to physicality in such a way that you
move out of dependence on a planet’s ecosystem and into a new role as
her guardian. This way of looking at physicality is normal for the
Agarthans and is something you have not as yet experienced. This is
another reason for bringing you together with the Agarthans. They will
become your master-teachers and introduce you to the glories of full
consciousness, where you will begin to recall your past fully conscious
lives and integrate them into your limited-conscious lives.

As you become more able to integrate your past lives, you
will begin to understand your role in the great oneness that is galactic
humanity. We know that as you do this you are to become proud citizens
of your planet and of this new star-nation. Mars, Venus, and Pax (many
know her as Maldek) will also become new homes for you. As you assume
your guardianship roles, you will become conversant with lines of
thought and realities only dreamt about. Galactic society to us is a
most beautiful state of mind and being. You are in direct contact with
Heaven and her infinite Orders and Hierarchies. You are able to converse
with the Elohim and the physical Orders and Administrations. You have
an innate wisdom on how the Divine Plan is to unfold and are able to
apply it. Together with others you can use your powers to manifest the
Divine at will.

Mother Earth knows that what we are talking about is ready
to manifest. She has therefore put out a warning to all concerned that
the time for these changes is now. She has been severely handicapped in
her present limited state and dearly wishes you to leap into the next
level of consciousness. To instigate this, she has increased the scale
and frequency of earthquake and volcanic activity. The danger posed by
the to transatlantic and European is one
such warning. Mother Earth’s sacred Hierarchies tell us that Heaven
needs to give us the green light for direct intervention. All this is
something that Mother Earth wanted to have happen much earlier on in our
first contact timeline. In fact, now she is egging us on to get to the
finish line much earlier than we had expected!

This is a moment when some tumultuous things are to happen:
your many societies are to be exposed to us and your beliefs will be
severely challenged. Your perceptions of reality will be swept up into a
massive paradigm shift and your level of consciousness raised to that
of Angels. Your technological base will vault into a sphere that will
seem like magic, and your lives, for a time, will take on a dreamlike
quality. Indeed, full consciousness quite resembles a lucid dream that
you have the ability to change at will and where miracles commingle with
magic. Such a realm has been home to us for millions of years, and it
is our delight to share this magnificent way of living with you, and in
the process spread Divine Light to this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Today, we pursued our discussion of what is happening
around you and expounded on where events are leading you. We wait
joyfully for the moment when we can arrive on your shores and be part of
the grand change that will return the Divine’s Light to what was
temporarily cast into darkness. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts
that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are
indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One!
and Be in Joy!)