Channeler: Peter

Unconditional Love, Ones, Such a word, for such a simple,
pure gem. I share with you what it truly is, for masters have for
been trying to bring its to you. It is a departure from
everything you’ve known and felt because all of those feelings you have
placed in that realm have been by circumstance. You have
created them through desire and moods, yet have overlooked the simple
moments when you have taken a breath because that is involuntary by

You have chosen to live in a world where the masses cannot
believe or are very skeptical about its existence. You have believed in a
God that giveth and taketh away. You have invoked a belief in sin and
forgiveness and feared what you cannot understand. Yet the breath
continues and in its simple existence is the presence of unconditional
love. For it is involuntary and goes beyond ones ability to shape it or
define its .

As we are drawn involuntarily to where it exists, we can barely see
it for self chooses to discern its existence and grade this treasure
next to what we have known. Yet in your search you have forgotten the
Universe of Love and that it is only attracted to its own vibration. So
if you prepare for love you will receive love in preparation. If you
grade the potential for love, you graded love and if you discern
the visibility of love, you will love only discernment. So you cannot
detract from love one sense, not seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting or
touching, and understand love. It is all or none as is the breath when
it occurs. And as it occurs all the rules that denied its existence
vanish, all the inhibitions around how it can occur fall into surrender.
It seeks only the smile of contentment and the purring of the soul. It
sets sail in an endless wind with an endless thirst.

It knows neither time nor space yet knows within every moment it can
expand, for in all of us it wishes to grow. Love is not needy, yet never
desires not to be. So as a source of love moves away even for a short
time, love immediately grows impatient for touch, for taste, for .
You see, Dear Ones, it is the most primal instinct we possess and that
instinct is through emotional freedom.

Love most likely exists in the midst of the sum of all your fears,
the place you’d least expect to fill you up, for why else is it not
completely you. Emotional freedom is the willingness to become a student
of love with a very short memory. All the paths to love have been
seemingly chapters of love gained and love lost but I tell you it is
better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all. It’s just
that you cannot write the last chapter, for the inner child knows the
sun is not seen in a cloud, and the rain cannot feed us under a roof.
Unconditional Love is a fully exposed, untethered of grace and
selflessness. As we create random acts of kindness in our search, we
understand unconditional love. We cannot retrieve love once it truly
starts as we cannot stop breathing. Once we decide to be unconditional,
we print on the window pane of the Universe that it is at long last free
within us. And through that window patiently waits souls who have gone
before. Though they are few in number, they are absolute in .
Understand the feelings that inhibit this level of surrender are the
reasons you cannot be loved. They are the same reasons you have failed
to love yourself. Namaste

Excerpt from Peter’s Book of Channelings
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