A transmission from the Arcturus collective

matrix of time and space as you know it is compressing, merging into
One-time, and collapsing in on itself which is making for some unusual
perspective shifts and altered states of reality. We would like to make
it clear that those of you who are participating on and with the new
time-line are now well equipped to operate at the frequency of oneness,
or scalar wave frequency.

Scalar wave frequency is the
frequency of free choice.
It is a neutrally participating
energy wave which corresponds to intent, and by which, alters the state
of electromagnetic particles. These particles, when programmed with
intention, combine or cluster with like-energies to form a pattern of
energy that superimposes itself into physical form.

This is the
powerful point of perception, the bandwidth capacity, that many of you
have been working toward with such diligence.  It is, in essence, the
divine clay by which you now have the tools to mold your life anew!

In the making of your new lives and structures, there will be the
introduction of scalar wave frequencies in an around your sphere of
influence. These information pockets are ripe with potential and
attracted to those with the same light quotient as these participating
fields of intelligence.

For those of you who are due to
complete the reconnection phase of your personal ascension…the
merging of the divine masculine and feminine principal…you will now
be participating with these scalar energies to procure the physical
modalities required to build the physical structures and way stations
of new earth.

A congratulations is order for this galactic
brigade! For you have brought to fruition a collective web of
vibration suitable to bring these scalar energies into the earth realms
which will now become available to all who choose to meet the
challenge of personal purification through ascension.


There is a period of fine tuning required to work
consciously and effectively with these energies. Those of you who are
activated and aligned with these scalar wave frequencies will begin to
notice a subtle shift in your human abilities, a marked improvement in
your life and sense of well being, and a radical change in the way you
interact with the world at large.

For you, these energies will
seem commonplace on one level, yet entirely new on another.  For this
reason there is a grace period in place for each of you to work with
and participate in these and instruction will be brought
through to you incrementally through this and various channels. We
hope to encourage you during this time to utilize the power and potency
gifted within these new fields of potential and to help you to realize
that choice is now your most powerful tool.

To that we say, this has always been so, however, for those at the most
purified levels of consciousness, you may be noticing the effect of
choice with great rapidity as time closes in on itself. You may be
acutely aware of how your thoughts and are so closely
connected that a shift in perception can make or break you in less than
an instant now.

This awareness is ultimately where your
greatest power resides and within the next moon cycle you will be more
actively participating in new realms of thought spurred by the
compression of polarity-based time….that is to say, time in relation
to itself.

These new realms of thought reside within your
present moment, the space between the future and past, which is so
readily accessible to you now.  In fact, you may be noticing that
suddenly the past has little to no affect on you and that the future
seems completely out of reach.

This is meant to be so, for the
most universal impact comes directly from your present point of
perception…which essentially means that your future is malleable.

Do you see the power in this?

The power is in
the creation of your each moment, and where this has been talked about
many times, and in many circles, it is only now that you have the
opportunity to put "presence-in-action".

Presence in Action

is what the second phase of your ascension journey foretells… it is
the unmitigated presence of your fully embodied soul that creates the
very reality that only you can dream of.  It is as if the world around
you is your medium, and you, its art.  Combined, the impact of your
expressions will affect the whole in countless ways.

Now that
we are able to participate with you in these realms of pure presence,
we too will be able to influence your decisions with greater ease. Not
in the sense that we wish to control your choices, but that we are
here to guide you to the level of creation by which we have already
developed & achieved en masse.

And though we have many
technologies that have yet to birth on your planet, we are urging those
of you with developed ideas to now bring forth your knowledge of these
technological sciences. These technologies will be, in part, the
result of scalar wave frequencies which are now available and anchored
into the activated 5th dimensional information grid system surrounding
your planet at this time.

We are delighted to share this
information with you and look forward to the impact that these
advancements will have on your society.

In Closing

For those actively participating in the new time-line, the
finalization of biological purification is upon you. We know and
understand that it has been nearly impossible to move forward in your
ventures and to gain momentum on the many projects that each of you
have been inspired to employ, yet, we wish to assure you that though
you have been enduring the most difficult of tasks, all of this was
part of the preconceived plan for your immanent release into unity

This completion period is timed both with
galactic activation portals and with universal and astrological
cycles.  By mid-May you will be poised at a most critical crux, a
turning point in this powerful year of transcendence.   As you walk
forth into the light of a new day, you will feel the increase of your
stability in many ways. The most prominent will be by way of your
energetic endurance and the ability to completely detach from unwanted
reality matrices.

As well, the physical results to your
unending efforts are slowly beginning to appear in your lives and those
things that you have been working and waiting to implement are now
within your reach. We would like to remind you that though there are
many new beginnings at the fore, the completion of expired and wayward
elements must be resolved in order for you to fully participate in your
new lives.

During the above mentioned grace period, namely
from mid-May until the June solstice, you will be encouraged and
supported to finalize all lingering and past hindrances in preparation
for your full participation in creating your new landscapes. All that
remains in the way of your future development will only serve to slow
you down and impair your forward moving creations.

Take this
new moon period and the upcoming celestial shift to inch your way out
of the incapacitating slumber of purification, and bring yourself
slowly into inspired action…that which compels you to move forward
with grace and joy.  Honor your body as it ebbs & flows,
integrating and adjusting to the new altitude while expecting that there
will continue to be intermittent periods of down time until you are
fully stabilized. Mostly, be nurturing and patient with your sacred
vessels which have changed so much to benefit you, and give yourself the
space to emerge in your own perfect timing.

We are the
Arcturian Collective greeting you on the other side of separation. We
are your family of light and have long awaited our reunion in the
dimensions of love. Step forth in full knowing that all is well and
perfectly planned for. The earth and cosmos are all part of an
intricate algorithmic dance in creation by which great mathematical
systems have guided you to this exact point in time and space. It
always was, and can only be so.

With great reverence and
abiding love, we bid you farewell.

Telepathic Transmission thru

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