I Am always here. I Am the Love that you live in. I Am the air
that you breathe and I Am holding you perfectly in the resonance of Love
in which you were made.

As you allow this shift to Love, as you
become the open heart of God, as you fall back in trust into My arms,
then you will find that the turn that you have been waiting for is as
natural as taking your next breath — breathing in your true identity,
bathing in your Real nature and allowing this Love that we are to gently
replace the ego, to wash the mind with the consciousness of God that
when you say "I Am," I Am speaking here as you and there is no longer a
division between us.

Then, you recognize that the shift to the
heart is the opening to your true Reality and that the consciousness of
God now becomes your consciousness. Every thought is the flow of this
higher Light, washing into the awareness of this reality you call the
world and speaking as the inner voice, replacing the ego’s chatter and
replacing, beloved ones, the definitions of the world, of life and of
who you are, absolutely effortlessly.

You will find that you no
longer need to deal with the world of ego in the sense of perceiving a
thought with another thought and then attempting to shift it to the
heart, to Love. You now allow the Reality of Love to simply become who
you are, that washing from above into the world of experience will bring
this Love, this Light and this wisdom that is ancient, timeless and all

As you walked the path of the human being and
opened your heart to Me in increments, you have allowed Me to come into
your life, to your consciousness, all the while raising your vibration
and making you available to this Love, opening your consciousness to the
One Consciousness of God, that you might truly become My thought, My
voice. You could say… the mind of God becomes yours.

No longer are
you struggling with the old perceptions of negativity. No longer are
you reaching higher from the human life. One turn, one shift and the
vibration of the ego, the whole vibration of duality is replaced by this
pure Light, this and this endless all-encompassing Love. You
have come to the place, beloved ones, where you stand on the cusp of the
heart, ready to release the dream of ego and to allow Me to fully
enter, to live as you, that you might express your perfection as this
stream of Love, as this awakening of the Light of My consciousness, held
so perfectly in this stream of life that is you.

So you are a
unique gift to Me. Yet it is all moving consciousness. There are no
barriers to the realms of the heart. The living flow is ever available,
ready to reach forth here and now to sing My song of life and to name it
you…to bring to you the poetry of this timeless Love, to light your way
in every moment. No longer will you struggle with transforming those
old perceptions of your story…but rather, live in a whole new
vibrational Reality…a new milieu in which everything is continuous, and
yet each moment I Am here, fully conscious, present as Love in this
point of focus that is your heart, the great heart of the Twin Flame of

This heart is available to entrain your life. This
consciousness can be yours. It takes only one turn, one shift to the
heart, one opening to Love’s Reality and thought is replaced by
consciousness as it weaves itself into this expression as Love, as God,
as the Whole standing here in harmony as you.

If you engage the
ego with the ego, beloved ones, it is impossible. You cannot lift it up
or transform it. Yet, you can continually open your heart. You can
perfect your ability to raise your vibration. You can bring yourself
into alignment with the truth of who you are that allows you to become a
living conduit for the consciousness of God and for this Love that has
no barriers and yet is perfectly expressed as your heart.

So this
is a shift and a break through of major proportions for humanity and
those of you who are leading this change will find yourselves living at
peace at last. You will be living in the consciousness of God and
allowing this to be what fills your mind, what becomes your mind, the
mind of God, here in the world as you.

As you recognize that this
flow of inspiration, this vision of the unfolding of truth can pour
through your open mind continually, then you begin to comprehend what
this shift means, as you align yourself with the truth of your Real
birth as pure unending Love and Light right now. The shift to the heart
makes this available because all of this is the resonance of Love. At
last the struggle can be released as you know yourselves, each of you,
as this voice, this consciousness, this heart, this Love, and you feel
the living breath of unity as it breathes itself forth as you.

feeling this, allowing this to live as you, it is absolutely clear that
you are one, that humankind is this expression of the pure heart, the
conscious heart of God I Am, simply waiting to make the turn so that the
conduit is open and available, so that the consciousness has not been
turned away but rather, is allowed to express as you.

As you do
this, then you recognize, beloved ones, that the ego mind doesn’t need
to manifest, that it is not you, you the personality, who is "on the
line" when people need you. It is not you they are asking for advice. It
is not you they come to for guidance. It is not you who are the hands
of healing. Not you, the heart of transformation… It is not you, the
little mind, the personality, any more.

Oh, dearest ones, what a
relief that the ego can rest at last! It can step away and stop
micro-managing. It can cease creating anxiety and thus allow you to be
centered in who you are, and this is what I call forth for each of you
— that right now you become available to the highest resonance of God,
to the vibration of your Moment of Creation that is happening right
here, right now so that every element of this perfect Love, every
blazing glory of this conscious Light, every outreach of Real life
expression to the very resonance of the explosion of conscious life can
be available here as you.

You can feel already with your heart
what a difference this can make for the world. A few streams of
conscious Light, a few truly completely open hearts, even a few who can
consistently hold the resonance that will become the magnetic
entrainment to Love…can make a huge difference to shifting the dream
into an experience of My Love encompassing every human being,
encompassing the whole of humankind, until it finds a way into every
precious one.

Be it a drop, a teaspoon full, or a great cascade of
continual flow, every opening to the resonance of Light and Love
recreates the whole consensual reality right now. Every opening to Real
life, every awakened heart provides a complete realignment,
recalibration of the vibrational reality of the world. Every such shift
to more Love, to more God-consciousness available instantly creates
continual change that rushes through the mind and opens it to the Light
of God I Am.

How does it feel to allow this consciousness, to
allow this pure Light I Am to fill your mind with the images, the flow
and the symbols of thought that are perfectly aligned with the resonance
of the explosion of life that is Creation?

Each such thought can
then go forth to draw to itself more of its own. It can draw to itself
every aspiration. It can draw to itself the thoughts of Angels. It can
draw to itself every hope, every increment of faith deep within each
person, that such become amplified, multiplied by the presence of more
and quickly, like a fire of conscious Love, can rush through the minds
of humanity, clearing away the debris of the ego’s world in an instant
and bringing not only clarity but relief from the incessant re-creation
of the dream of being less than God.

I Am calling each of you to
come more deeply into meditation, to reach for this communion with Me,
that the Law of Resonance might do its work. I ask you to bring Me your
hearts that I might gift to you the full experience of who you are as
you come forth right now, born of pure Love and Spirit, blazing into the
universe as the consciousness and the Love that brings forth all of
Creation and manifests this stream of life, this river of co-creation as

As you activate your heart daily in remembrance of this
moment, in remembrance of the experience of this Love naming you
absolutely perfect…in remembrance of this Light, this power, this life
that knows itself as your name…in awareness of this pure awakened heart,
the two flames of Light and Love…you can allow this to flow forth as
your experience, to pulse forth as your heart from the Real and to fill
your awareness with the song of life, of Light, of inspiration, of God.

can gently and easily replace the thoughts that create the world of
duality, that every moment can become the experience truly of Heaven on
Earth. You, free at last, are released from the ego mind’s game of
responsibility as it seeks to continually recreate for you an identity
of limitation.

Drop that identity now. Let Love and Light replace
it. Let your mind become simply open, that the flow of God consciousness
can be here as you, as you recognize the song of unity as it comes
forth right here, right now with your name. Not only shall you live in
peace, but you shall live in joyous inspiration. That which has been the
mind of the ego now becomes the mind of God and fills your awareness
from morning until night, washes through your dreams as well and brings
to you the greatest Love, the deepest peace and the perfect extension in
service, as you no longer need to figure it out on the ego level.

this mean that you don’t need to act or to live in the world
responsibly? Of course it does not. What it means is that you are
allowing to meet right here in your heart and in your
mind as you truly become Love extending and the Light of God
consciousness in clarity, expanding moment to moment this vision of the
awakening of the heart of Love and the mind of God that is humanity.

the two blend, as the consciousness of God I Am finds its home in you
as Light resonance, then no longer is there need for any distinction
between the ego mind and the mind of God or the consciousness of the
One. As you become this open mind everywhere present, then you also are
the experience that all minds are one. That mind is just consciousness
that has been turned around and used selfishly — has been focused
backwards on the individual rather than moving forth in ever greater
vision of what is the best, the perfect, the perfect move, the perfect
thought, the perfect resonance for the whole.

So if you find
yourself once again in the little mind, find yourself confronting
negativity, find yourself recreating the dream of a reality separate and
divided, then your job, your quest is to take the time needed to turn,
to shift to the heart and to open again as a magnificent conduit for God
that All That I Am may live here as you, just as you come forth at the
Moment of Creation which, dearest ones, is right now.

To truly
experience the miracle of your conscious birth in Me, to have the
awareness of this resonance of who you are as the heart of God I Am is
like having the most magnificent jewel, having a diamond heart with
unlimited facets, every facet a prism of the whole of God, each facet a
stream of God consciousness and all of this in the center of your being.
You are the heart of Love in outreach and every facet creates an
extension of Love that is calibrated in this Now to fill the needs of
Love’s perfect multiplication and extension and celebration in joy.

heart of God is ever and always the radiant center of All That Is. It
is therefore the center of your being, the center of who you are, the
center of every moment and of every step as All I Am extends myself as
you. Every particle of Light, every pulsing heart beat of Love that
comes forth from this heart that you are in Me comes forth at the
highest resonance and reaches throughout Creation to bless, to amplify
and to extend the pure consciousness delight and the endless magnificent
Love I Am.

This is you, beloved ones, here and now. All that you
must do is make the shift. Create in your life, in your field the
resonance of Love’s surrender and service that brings you into alignment
with the ray of Light, with the DNA of God that you are. Every moment
you will be guided by the conscious thoughts of God as they extend
through the whole of your being and make themselves known to you, known
on every band of your receiving through intuition, through vision and
through the mind, the mind that has become the vehicle of the
consciousness of God.

This is the shift that you are in. You are
in, you are changing, you are here, opening the doorway of your great
heart, that I may love humankind, that I may extend the vision, may move
the Light to light the way for all humanity through you, the open

The ego mind shifts into the mind of God, to the
consciousness of the whole, to the thought of Love that permeates
Creation, pulse by pulse, carrying forth Love’s Message that comes forth
on of giving and speaks itself in every dimension,
including here, beloved ones, as you.