In your world affairs many are beginning to realize that the truth can no longer be repressed by the few who wish to dominate the land. A tide has turned and the current is too strong to swim against and many are losing the strength to resist the unyielding cosmic flow.

It is, however, with great honor and prestige that the mighty and the few who begin to rise to the surface now will be noticed for their glory in lieu of selfishness or greed. The story of the past can no longer precipitate the planning for the future, for the future beckons new perspective, new levels of consciousness that are rising to serve the planet as a whole.The new stewardship of earth will be governed by those who have attained
high levels of light and love within, those who emanate and radiate
that light outward to restructure the very particles of matter in

This new type of leadership is coming of age and all those who awaken to
serve the new direction of the planet will be swept up in the momentum
of the great upward spiral of evolution. Some of the changes will seem
simple in nature, yet comprehensive in scope. Some will seem

The new stewards of the land are gearing up to lead the mass population
to their destiny now, a destiny which has deep roots in ancient ways.
These members of the galactic brigade for a new earth are seeded with
the bio-genetic codes of the future and the once dormant receptors
encoded within the strands of your deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) are now

Activated by consciousness, these genetic triggers are timed by specific
levels of electromagnetic frequencies which are now permeating the
planet’s bio-sphere, emanating from earth’s central core and radiating
from the new sun.

Adamantine Particles

The new earth is comprised of crystalline Adamantine particles that are
restructuring the very form of matter as humanity awakens to the pure
vibration of love. These particulates contain within them the
intelligence of divinity in form; new ways of being and living in love.

All matter is composed of intelligent elementary particles responsive to
consciousness. The particles of ages past held within them codes of
survival mechanisms that resulted in polarity through separation
consciousness. Adamantine particles have contained within them the
encoded intelligence of harmony, wholeness, of resurrection and unity

To access these intelligent codes one must give & receive pure love
through the sacred vessel of the high heart. The high heart, directed
& regulated by the thymus gland in the physical body, is the center
for receiving and radiating the of love. This center must be
fully charged, fully open and capable to surrender to the higher will to
manifest spirit into form.

The higher will is the will of the highest good for all and is contained
within the genetic blueprint of each and every incarnate. The purpose
of the high heart is to map out the path of universal love for each and
every living being through magnetic resonance.

The cocreation of divine love can only be accessed and magnetized
through the purity of consciousness which is how those with pure heart
will mold and restructure the new earth. What this means on a global
scale is exponential, for the technological advancement of the species
will be made available through these particles of pure intent for the
purposes of global upliftment.

The restructuring process will be precipitated by a consistent flow of
new intelligence that will permeate any lower existing thought forms
contained within the grids of those holographic reality structures.

Those with pure intent will have access to this revolutionary
intelligence contained within the advanced particulates of light and
rendering much of the old obsolete while serving to
advance the species through higher intelligence.

Those with contracts to serve on higher planes of existence will in fact
be anchoring the new vibrations of earth through the awakened DNA
within their human biology. This will serve two purposes…. to fulfill
contracts of service through the formation of information super-highways
for , and to form new holographic matrices for those
preparing to embark upon the journey of ascended 5th dimensional living
and being.

Many who have attained high levels of truth through the cleansing of
toxic karmic debris will be serving in the final frontier. The final
frontier is the code given to those who chose to bridge the gap between
worlds, rather dimensions, as the examples and way-showers of the pure
potentiality available through the matrices of universal love.

These way-showers will be stationed in visible locations as the pioneers
of new earth. You who see clearly will be given tools to share your
visions with the world. You who know the light and the way will be given
the resources to implement those visions into form.

The time has come for those awakened warriors to take the first step in
action of ascended living. The first brigade will lead by example and
all who follow will continue to pave the way for the future of humanity.
As the torch is passed along in service to mother earth and her
inhabitants, the light will illuminate every dark corner and revitalize
all in its path.

We serve as the council of light overseeing planetary affairs to propel
the advancement of the human species through bio-genetic recoding.

Exciting times are upon you!

In gratitude,
Lauren C. Gorgo

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