Hi Andre’,
here is another for your site…it is part of Gillians latest email newsletter

"either be a victim or live in victory"

Thanks Tamra,  I used to get these by subscription, but it seems I’l have to re-enlist to get them back again. 

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As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We see that you sit at an intersection of whom you once were and who you
shall become.  You read the roadmap of your past actions and reactions
and expect to find the future in those schematics.  You see where you
have fallen and none have picked you up.  You see where you have allowed
yourself to be emotionally strangled into a place of limited breathing
and limited acceptance of air into your lungs.  You wait for the world
to exhale so that you can breathe in what it good, what is grand and
what is your purpose.  The carbon monoxide of other’s thoughts and
negativities waif through the air that surrounds you so you breathe
shallowly, you inhale less possibility.  

In the fullness of time, we appear to be seen by heart and inner eye. 
In the fullness of light we stand in front of all shadows, all doubts,
and all fears.  In the fullness of heart we enter gently as the family
and friends of light gather to show their love, their appreciation,
their acceptance of you into their hearts.  We are the Pleiadian Council
of Light. We work within the sacred geometry of humanity’s outpost.  We
represent the schematics of what is human and humanoid of nature.

You try to escape what is too human, what has become undone, what has
become frayed.  you now enter a corridor of time where situations that
were once hidden and covered from your eyes are exposed.  The time
period for looking and examining your life so closely with hairline
precision comes to an end.  The choices of the last two years brought
you fully into a place of  belief or doubt.  The last two years of time
have asked you to look at the vulnerability of your humanness, of your
flesh, of your desire to stay or to leave the outskirts of earth.  In
the last two years you have questioned God. You have asked does that big
G God exist or this world justified by the all the ‘little g gods?’ 
You have faltered in the storms, you have faltered in the choices and
you have faltered in the quickening.  Time elapses and lapses upon
itself.  All that you have learned comes to an Apex of reforming your
thoughts, your intentions and clarifying what still lingers in your
heart, mind or soul.

In the next days you will be given a choice – do you believe 100% that
you are aligned with what is light, what is Christed, what is good about
man, about God, about Life.  You will have to dig deep into this
haystack to find the needle that represents the goodness in this time
and place.  You must become a living blessing to all those that cross
your path,  giving to them a new hope.  Do you realize that everything
you do affects another whther seen or hidden all has a ripple effect. 
Ask to be a blessing for everything and everyone from the morning to the
night.  It is by doing this that you will amplify the wattage of your
light quotient.  

You have forgotten what the journey is really about.  You are not here
to judge or point fingers at another.  You are not here to learn by
hurting another, physcially or with your thoughts.  Those that stand in
your way do so as a mighty giant that stands before a sacred mountain
not allowing you entrance.  If you cannot bypass the giants of your
life, find a different angle of thought and heart and gain entrance into
what seems impassable  

Everything in your life that you see as a blockage can only be dissolved
through the amplification of the vibration of love. You can either be a
victim or live in victory.  Every one of you are Masters of Light and
you have forgotten because the smallness of everyday life has piled
itself up and you cannot see beyond it.  

Reconfirm your vows with the light, with what is divine, with the future
of planet Earth.  So many of you have given up on your freedom, on your
heart’s desires, on what brings you joy that the frequency of doubt has
shifted the entire equation of light and dark.  We ask you to dig in
your heels and to believe, not just for yourself, not just for your
planet and your people but for all life forms in all worlds. The outcome
of earth’s ascension or dissension has a fulcrum effect upon all

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan 

THE QUANTUM AWAKENING, PO box 217, , TN 37725-0217, United