Greeting Beloved, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you all
in Unconditional !!  

Masters, your life is a journey of
exploration.  Your sojourns upon the Earth are a marvelous opportunity
to discover and to explore what is within and without you.  You are on
an exquisite odyssey of algorithm. The third dimension serves to assist
you in moving higher, and thus works hand in hand with the algorithmic
puzzle by facilitating and prompting the outward manifestation of inner
spirit through frontal mind.

The octaves available in the third
dimension are highlighted in your initial tarriance and campaigns of the
Earth Plane. But as you progress the 3rd dimension must give way to the
higher crystalline octaves of the 5th dimension for true advancement
toward Mer-Ki-Vic ‘enlightenment’ to occur in .

as you progress in the path of enlightenment, there are many
experiences that will unfold in your journey. In the beginning of the
Quest, the crossroads and forks are comparatively easy to see in terms
of which road should be taken.  For initially the impetus of decision is
based upon the rather obvious contrasting polarity of what may be
termed black and white, decisions between right and wrong, love and
hate. Choices are relatively easy at this stage, although it may not
seem so at the time.

So as you progress, it is truly a gift that
trial and error allow you to see your missteps. Each of you will make
mistakes, but in these errors of growth it is imperative to always be
gentle with yourselves, and also be nurturing of others along their
paths. We tell you in certainty that when you review your lives at later
stages of retrospect you will be in awe of the journey you have taken.
You will marvel at the seeming hardships and personal trials and
retrospectively wish you had been more aware of the beauty of all around
you, and delighted at the serendipitous juxtapositions of the intricate
tests that seemed most difficult. So take time in the NOW, as you move
forward to simply delight in your BEINGNESS.

As each of you
progress in spirit and wisdom the path quickens into more challenging
& complex sojourns, and  the polarity shifts in kind . The forks in
the road become less polarized in the obvious demeanor. The clarity
between black and white becomes a bit more shaded in gray, and greater
thought is required to differentiate the true path of Mastery.

of Love &

And so then it is inevitable that as your
reach accelerated stages, you will be forced to make choices that are
less immediately apparent. These are oft no longer obvious choices
between what may be termed ‘love & hate’ or ‘good and evil’ in the
subtlest of manners, the choices shift between LOVE and POWER. Each gain
achieved, carries you into higher realms, higher dimensions, and indeed
the polarity paradigm differs in each new stage.

You see, Love
and Power are perhaps the most compelling and complex of life lessons.
True Power exists within the gracefulness of LOVE. But the seeming
paradox is that Love also requires the strength of will to complete it
in duality. One of the lessons humanity experienced in Atlantis is that
there are times when the strength is required in highest good to
confront the dark ambitions of those who seek to imprison others and use
resources for world control. One of your sages once stated "Evil can
only succeed when ‘good men’ do nothing." But the how of such action is a
great challenge for you to resolve, for it is of tantamount importance.
Wars are not ended by fighting more wars. Peace will only occur when
peace is desired more than war, and is pro-actively projected into
reality manifestation with the extraordinary strength of LOVE.

Balancing is
the Final Rubik

Accordingly many of you in advanced sojourns
have series of lifetimes (within multidimensional time holograms) that
follow succinct purpose around the focused study of Love and Power,
either one or the other. These lifetimes can become drastically
different & separate sequences of experience, and many of you are
now in the task of  joining the two in final stages of lessoned growth.

In other words, there are specific lifetime quests of learning to
create power responsibly that are paralleled within two  separate series
devoted to learning the aspects of LOVE in one string, and Power in

Often these two take such different ‘soul paths’ that
the earthly expressions and experimentations of these two contrast so
powerfully that what may be termed soul fragmentation can and does

As a case in point, many of you have a series of lifetimes
in the ‘cloth’. Lifetimes of servitude in the realms of monkhood,
sisterhood, and priesthood et cetera, where the focus is learning the
humility and benefit of serving others in open loving nature.

then you also, in what often expresses itself quite differently, have a
connective string of sojourns in explorations of power, where you are
in key leadership roles. These lifetimes can be as rulers, leaders in
government & commerce, members of ruling dynasties and people of
immense commercial wealth.

It is an interesting aspect in the
filters of duality that your personality expressions in these two
parallel studies often are so starkly dissimilar and contrasting  that
there is a separation of consciousness polarity between the two. This
occurs in somewhat the same fashion, albeit of different purpose in your
male/female sojourns. Humans tend to consider that most of their
lifetimes are either male or female. Most males in humanity do not
recognize or relate to the many lifetimes they have lived in female
form, and vice-versa. It is a 3d separation.

And so this
differential occurs even more potently in your lifetime strings of
learning responsibility of Power and learning the nuances of Love. Both
are so comprehensive that completely different environmental and
astrological patterning is chosen for these two polar lessons, and a
‘soul chasm separates the two that necessitates bringing them back

Lifetimes of Servitude & Lifetimes of Learning

The purpose of lifetimes of servitude can often create
issues that require resolve. These include issues of:

Self-Love- The inability to love the self based on inner programming of
‘original sin’, the need for forgiveness based on the innate flaw of
mankind as taught by religious texts. The result is low self worth and
that is in conflict with your Divinity as Aspects of Creator God.

 (2) Inability to Manifest Abundance: The rejection of
financial abundance and an inability to create what is needed in
financial sense because of lifetimes of poverty vows. The over-bleed is
the inaccurate perception/belief  that spirituality cannot exist within
financial abundance.

(3) Relationship Failure:
Imbalance in . Lifetimes of servitude especially in the
can often lead to the inability to receive. These are
people of a spiritual nature who can give but not take, and the result
is again an aspect of self love imbalance, of self worth issues. The
belief that it is ‘better to give than to receive’. There must be the
balance. Relationships are established where you do all the giving and a
one way relationship results, and that inevitable fails.

Pious Self Righteousness: An aspect of hyper critical behavior,
condemning others who may seem to be acting in unethical behavior or not
following the same system of morality or religion.

of learning responsible wielding of Power often lead to difficult
issues such as :

 (1) - Based on a sense of
superiority, self-aggrandizement and entitlement

Control – The trait of seeking to impose your will on others in
inappropriate scenarios. The need to be in charge and have others
‘follow’ your orders  

(3) Self Indulgence- An
aspect of selfishness and laziness, inability to work at self growth,
and an aspect to self-excess, over spending, over eating, focus on

So as we have stated, because you all need to
learn how to love and also to create responsibly, you plan & have
total separate lifetime strings in Power ‘set-ups’ and Love ‘set-ups’ in
which the focal study and experience can become so vastly different
that they  become extremely polarized.

Personalities within each
evolve so differently in some cases that what may be termed a soul
fragmentation or soul polarization  seemingly occurs within the
multidimensional holograms of your ‘lifetimes’. Some of you would be
quite shocked at the extremities. Many of you in your spiritual contexts
would feel repulsed by the personality expressions you have experienced
in learning power, and vice versa. Thus the ‘soul fracture….yet all
must be harmonized and ‘retrieved’ and reconciled into soul harmony. The
good in each must be chosen, and that which does not serve released.

retrieval and harmony can and must occur . A process of this is taught
in the Mer-Ka-Va phase, the 2nd level  of the Mer-Ki-Va Crystalline
Light Body. Because as you reach the more complex stages of lifetimes
then, you blend the two life streams, and this is among the most complex
of puzzles, and one of the last pieces required for true Mastery.

so as you retrieve the soul, and many of you are doing that NOW, you
will blend the 2 chains of studies into the present experience. This
presents a great challenge, for at times you will come to algorithmic
‘forks in the road’ along the pathway of enlightenment where you must
choose between two directions.

A fork in the road appears that
will seem to you to be right in either direction. The fork is between
Power and Love, and both dear ones are necessary. So the decision is
which takes precedent, and that lesson is among the most difficult you
will encounter.

Love does not mean allowing someone else to step
on your foot, and Power does not mean stepping on others feet who are
‘in the way’ when you are sure you are right.

The Double Edge of

 For those who achieve influential authority in
spiritual leadership, the decision process becomes so much more
critical, for responsibility to enact the truth is required to keep what
has been learned. Influence, Dear Ones, is the double edged sword of
spiritual leadership and it must be tempered and ever wielded in

All of you are sparks of Creator. All of you are family
composed of Divine Mind. So remember as you move forward, to realize
that love is a frequencial key that can never be forgotten. Yet there
will be times when all humans do forget. And I speak to all of you

Walking your talk is imperative in spiritual
leadership. Yet, as you move forward the pitfalls are more difficult to
see, and there may be times when you are less patient with others of
different mindset, of lesser advancement. And that in itself is a set-up
of trial and growth.

 We beseech you to not put yourself on a
throne, and do not forsake those who abide in what may appear to you as
the dimmer recesses of heart and mind. Do not condemn those that attempt
to cast doubt on you or point fingers for the errors of others even
when the accusers refuse to see the faults within themselves.

while we recognize this is easier said than done, do not turn away from
conflict  so quickly and self righteously that your haste and knee jerk
reaction blinds you to a greater truth. Take time to self review, and
do so from a stance of dispassion. Does not one of your ‘Four Agreements
tell you to "Never take anything personally?" There is indeed wisdom in

We will share another pearl of acumen, and take a moment
to deeply consider this: Wisdom does not automatically occur
thru the mere collation of knowledge, regardless of how vast. Rather it
comes through the intense distillation of experience and self review in
pure unbiased thought.

True wisdom can only occur
in states of non emotional examination of your experience via your own
inner third- person stance! And to do this you must filter out the
untoward unconscious beliefs associated with experience in 3rd
dimensional mind. Do you understand?

Slaying the Serpent

Masters, we do indeed recognize the great challenge therein when the
frolic of day to day stresses seem to require the full focus of your
attention consciousness in 3d. It takes tremendous effort to stem the
powerful tide of emotion and fear-survival impetus in duality, yet it
must be done, and sooner or later you each will learn this! This is what
is symbolized in the ‘slaying of the serpent’ in your religious
allegory and metaphors. And it requires thinking in clear mind.

all of you will at certain points encounter this conceptual shift as a
subjective experience of clear mind when you access the fifth dimension.
It will enter as a pure unbiased thought and feel like a refreshing
invigorating wave. It is a 5th dimensional vibrational matrix that each
of you must recognize and then nurture. For it is the mechanism that
removes you from the gilded cage of hidden ego-aggrandizement. And when
you blend lifetimes of Power and Love all of you will have certain
obstacles to clear, that you have not understood were blockages at all
because in 3d lesson, they may have served you to get to a certain point
of growth.  

This will inevitably occur as you retrieve your
life-streams of Power and Love into oneness. It will occur as a moment
of clarity. It enters in a crystalline wave, a blue tsunami in a field
of seeming superconductivity explored and experienced within Mer-Ki-Va.

It is a helix of LOVE and Power in their pure frequencial nature.
While these are non-polarized in the 3rd dimensional sense, the
intersection of these two cross ‘crysto-currents’ is where soul
retrieval and unification begins in the MerKiVa. This begins in the
dimension of five. You can only truly access the crystalline octaves of
the fifth dimension when your auric field achieves 13-20-33 circuitry
and your resulting frequency is capable of vibrating in the expansive
and pure crystalline creativity of Mer-Ki-Va. At the entry point of
Mer-Ki-Va the duality and polarized frequencies that have for so long
been a part of your experiences in the third dimension within the
electric magnetic fields of the previous grid will yield to the great
and greater expansibility of the unified crystalline field. You will
merge the polarity aspects of male-female into unified integral
wholeness as you enter Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na, and 3d duality will seem
far less consequential in its natural declination in higher realms.

The Unending Journey of Integrity

But this achievement
requires focus and effort in unification. As we have told you so many
times, spiritual growth and spiritual leadership is a journey and not a
destination. It requires constant self review and recalibration to

So many through the aeons of time have faulted when the
power of leadership leads to ego imbalance. For indeed the steed of
POWER can blind and unseat the rider and lead in its speed into rocky
paths and untoward  grounds.

All of you will be tempted by the
seduction of power, all of you…especially when notoriety and celebrity
come into play. When the self aggrandizement of ego enters, it oft does
so as if through a back window left open, and is unnoticed,
unrecognized, because it was not your intent.

The tell-tale
marking is revealed when being ‘right’ takes on greater importance than
love. And Masters, often the weave of ego into the   is so
subtle that the fall is unseen by the individual. How many of your wars
have been fought in  downward spiraled destruction by so called
religious factions, fighting over the dogma of what is ‘sacred’, and
whose Truth is the real Truth.

Masters, humility is the key.
Never take yourself so seriously that you lose sight of your own
humanity within duality.

The Double Edge of Ego

savants, sages and religious texts all tell you that the release of ego
is the key to finding God. But there is indeed a great gap of conception
between this advice and its understood application by most humans. Ego
resides within the frontal mind, the conscious mind, and is the
in polar-duality of the 3rd dimension that enables one to
have an empirical awareness of self and individuality.

So it is
then necessary to separate aspects of ego that serve your growth and
those that do not. Otherwise how can any human on the spiritual quest of
‘enlightenment’ grasp the complexities of ‘surrendering ego’. A crisis
of inner communication will often occur, and it is something that all
humans in duality must resolve, irregardless of their level of light

The Spiritual ‘Peter Principle’

But we tell you,
ego is inevitably the culprit that creates, in your vernacular, the
spiritual ‘Peter Principle’.

Your ‘Peter Principle’ in business
and managerial aspect, states that one can rise to ones level of 
incompetence. That what gets you promoted on one level, gets you fired
on the next!   In a slight juggling of syntax, we tell you that in
Spiritual Growth, humans often rise to their level of inexperience, and
that inexperience can frequently lead to a temporary fall from grace.

When ego leads to arrogance an electrical short circuitry occurs in
the base level of the auric field. The requisite 13-20-33 circuitry is
then disconnected, the ‘signal’ of clear communication to higher self is
lost, displaced by varying waves of static and interference.

represents the aspect of exaggerated self importance that leads to
arrogance.  The true path is the experience, oft thru trial and error ,
cause and effect, of realizing that surrender of ego means recognizing
the divine spark within each of you, and the willingness to allow the
subtle voice of higher self , of the Divine-Self to lead the way. As
such ego must be regulated and monitored by self review. And that
self-review must be given voice in a state of open neutrality. In self
review the ego must be released and actions viewed from your inner
‘third person’, allowing the possibility that you may be in error.
Therein is the challenge…and a worthy purposed one.

Power is a
great seduction and temptation. So many metaphysical and spiritual
leaders become addicted to adulation. And when this occurs a subtle
shift occurs in which they lose 13-20-33 circuitry and not only become
‘stuck’ they actually become ‘’ in a downward spiral.

shadow falls between the edges of the middle road in how to maintain
the perfect balance of love & power with ego and humility. Love must
always be the key, and the ultimate wisdom is learning that surrender
to Love carries tremendous Power, and that is Power in its highest form.
But hearing the words of Truth is not the same as learning &
experiencing TRUTH.

Discernment is Key to Mastery

are many in metaphysics who carry a great deal of spiritual knowledge
who develop the urge to share that knowledge. While this in itself is a
positive attribute, it is also necessary to avoid the ego trappings of
‘Spiritual One Upsmanship’ and ‘Guruship’. It is correct to make known
the mystery, yet each must use individual discernment to find their own
inner voice. The time of the guru is passed. Each of you are now
compelled to be your own guide. Discernment is key. If it does not
resonate, then reject it.

The goal is to develop the Divinity
within self. The goal is not to ‘channel Ascended Masters or Angelics’
rather to channel your own inner Divinity. To be clear, there are indeed
souls who channel Ascended Masters and Angels, but this cannot be
achieved without first channeling the Divinity of SELF, and access to
the Master within you is all that is ever needed or required. Ye are

And so we end this assay in acumen of TRUTH: Individual
discernment is ever the key, for one man’s truth may be another man’s
folly. And the manner in which you harmonize  multiple TRUTHS is a great
test of spirituality.

The greatest Power is the
Power of Love. Love yourself and love one another, for the unity of LOVE
is a great and beautiful accomplishment for mankind in micro and macro.
 Masters  know that we are ever with you and we ever honor you on this
incredible journey.

I am Metatron, and I share with you
these TRUTHS. You are Beloved.

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