Placed the previous article and talked about wanting to be tickled….. here’s the girl with her feather!


I have felt so fed up with work and felt so stressed out that
my soul hardly could breath. I finally made some soul decisions, and I
feel like I am feeling my soul again. I have been so scared that I
wouldn’t fit in normal society, I tried and tried to work in "normal"
society. One of my fears was that I wasn’t grounded enough to survive,
so for years I have been pushing myself into hardcore work which
demanded of me that I would ground myself. Now I feel it’s an old fear,
that I can let go with ease.

I love life more than ever. I have
learned to ask for help now, as I practiced in the last few years.

hear my soul singing a new tune, inspiring me to go beyond my dreams.
More about that when the time is ready! Now I rest, sing and dance with
the new connection with my soul.

I FEEL now what I need to
breathe, and although it is anti-conventional it’s who I am. I can’t
flourish without water, so I better be sure I am standing below that
waterfall to fill myself up, and letting the stream finds it way.

key part now is to trust myself, to trust my gut instinct. And
although I may be stepping on people toes with being ME, I rather take
the chance than denying my soul purpose. I am learning more and more to
‘simply’ be myself, without the need to do something or hide my true
face. It’s difficult sometimes cause I feel what the effect may be when
I speak my truth, and I don’t want to hurt other people. So that’s not
my intention, I also feel and know deeply in my heart that the truth
always wins, and is a great great attribute for us all to create a safe
space in where you connect with your soul. With that you create magic.

what is your truth? What are your true feelings? What do you need to
express but are suppressing? In the higher vibrations their is no
guilt, there is no fear, there is your unique beauty. You honor every
existence in the world by being YOU, and sharing YOUR truth.

can feel so lonely, please know there are trillions of angels and
helpers around you and you are the master of the universe. There are so
many human angels here to hold hands with you, all you have to do is
ask for them. And be a little patient. :) Cause OMG we can get so
impatient in times. We create something and the universe is doing all
they can to create it. But then we feel like we are doing something
wrong, or are being left alone.Trust your creations, trust yourself and
give each other a good wink every now and then it makes the world a
lot brighter.

Bye bye you cool soul!!!

A tickle and a
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