Sunday, 02 May 2010

This channel is about the energies of Wesak.  This is a
festival that arrives during May which is the return of the Christ and
Buddhist energies to the Earth.  They do so by creating an
alignment where one flows through the other and creates a beam of
light that transmits into the earth.  This is thought to
take place in the Himalayas.  During the channel the place
was called Shambhala.    Some say this occurs
on Buddha’s birthday from his last lifetime.  Others say it
occurs in the full moon of Taurus. I have always felt the festival and
energies to occur in early May, so perhaps they meant the full moon
during the month of Taurus.  But as you know, the days are
not as important as the energies themselves.  Your
intention to align takes you right there!

During this channel Christ came through to speak a message of light and
energy.  He spoke of how the actual Earth is releasing
through the earthquakes and volcanoes.  He spoke of the
transition taking place in humanity.  He also told us that
he has be returning to walk upon the Earth more than he ever has before. 
Now is the time of his presence.

The energies shifted and then Buddha began to speak.  He
spoke of the alignment he has with the .  He
spoke of the joy of being human.  He encouraged everyone
to truly enjoy your experience and allow yourself to expand as much as
possible.  He spoke of us stair stepping through the
dimensions as we ascend.  He reminded us that our life is
our choice and our creation. 

Thirdly the Lightbody energies came forth to speak.  They
were so different from the Christ and Buddhist energies.  They
were filled with a dynamic energy.  They sparkled and
danced around each of us.  It is through the Lightbody
energies that everyone was able to more deeply align during this process
than ever before.  They spoke of how the Christ and
Buddhist energies were already fully within you through your Lightbody

This is truly an amazing journey!  As you read or listen to
it, I encourage you to let the energies flow through you in such a way
that you transform into all that you are seeking to be.


Festival – Christ and Buddhic Energies

sika; venia benya         I AM the one, I AM the whole

beloved family.  I reach out to each one of you, sending
forth my greeting; sending forth my awareness of who you are.  I
am with each one of you as you move through your days. 

energies upon the Earth continue to transform at an amazingly quick
rate.  Some of you have a sense of feeling as if you’ve
jumped upon one of those moving sidewalks and it’s going too fast, and
you wonder how do I get off?  How do I find the way to
fully integrate?  How do I do whatever it is that you may
feel you need? 

invite you to always remember to take some deep breaths because those
deep breaths are the ways in which you draw your own energies back
within.  When it feels as if your life is out of control or
moving too quickly, what goes along with that is that your energy
bodies are way over expanded. 

as you consciously take a deep breath in you’re drawing all those
back within you.  You’re breathing them down
through your body and you’re letting yourself once more re-focus and
re-connect within yourself.  Feel what this is for you. 
Feel how you can do that right now.  Oh, there it

my beloved friends and family, I invite you to have a sense of
consciously letting go of your physical body.  As you do so
you have a sense of letting your energy or your consciousness shift
until it links with the magnetic grid. 

your into the magnetic grid you have a sense of feeling
that alignment with your higher self.  Allow your energies
to expand.  Feel the flow, feel how you are able to more
completely know who you are in this life.  Here within the
magnetic grid you may also have a sense of sending around an impulse of
light or an intention and then you practice feeling that come back to
you.  As this flow is moving through you, you recognise
that deeper aspect of yourself. 

here I invite you to shift your consciousness so that you may expand
into the crystalline grid.  As you arrive here within the
crystalline grid, feel how nice it is to have let go the magnetic pull
of the Earth.  There is so much that is here and available
to you within the crystalline grid. 

invite you to take a moment and feel the flow of the essence and the
flow of your focus as it moves through you.  Then have a
sense of reaching outwards as if to expand your consciousness or your
awareness and let yourself feel even more of what is here. 

is a place where you may find yourself whenever you expand into your
higher self.  You’ve always had that sense of a home place
within the magnetic grid but there is such a blending of energies now
that here within the crystalline grid so too you have that sense of your
higher self residing.

what this is to you.  As you are ready to do so, shift once
more that you may arrive within the soul plane.  Each of
these stair steps of consciousness allows you to move with ease into the
space of your divinity and the All That Is. 

within the soul plane you are able to reach out to align with your
divinity.  Some of you may have a sense of your I AM
presence coming up from within; others may have a sense of reaching out
to embrace your divinity. 

you feel comfortable with these energies have a sense of reaching out so
that you may blend more fully with my essence.  I reach
out to each one of you and I enfold you within my arms.  As
I do so a shift takes place that allows you to more fully move into the
All That Is. 

within this space you truly feel yourself in your expansion.  You
recognise how this is where you come whenever you are in a process of
creation upon the Earth.  This is where you have the
opportunity to practice various potentials.  It is also the
place where you have the opportunity to more fully experience the
angels, the teachers, the guides and the masters and much more of the
essence or energies that come within this space so as to communicate
with you.

our journey tonight, we are going to create a link between a very
ancient tradition and where you are right now.  The
Festival of the Wesak is coming up on your Earth plane within a few
days.  Most likely the majority of people as they listen to
this or read it will have already passed by that actual day.  It
matters not.  The energies are always there and always
present for you if you so choose. 

Festival of the Wesak has taken on different tones or energies over the
last several years; perhaps five or ten.  In essence what
happens is that there is an alignment between Buddha and the Christ as
they allow their energies to more fully return to the Earth.  When
they do this they are using their lightbody energies so as to allow for
that transmission of energy to take place.  

upon the Earth has their own .  Some are
more aligned with or open to their own . 
We have worked with this in great detail over the last eight to
nine months.  We chuckle a little bit because it’s closer
to nine months which is the gestation of a child on the Earth plane. 
You could think of this as your own gestation for your lightbody
energies although as you are aware it didn’t take nearly so long for
you to give birth to your alignment with your lightbody. 

tradition with the returning of Buddha and the Christ is that they take
place in the mountains in that space known as Shambhalla.  Allow
yourself to let your essence shift so that you may join with us in that
space.  You are still here in the All That Is, yet an
aspect of your vibration or your energy is also located on the Earth
plane in the space of Shambhalla. 

within the All That Is, see walking into this space the Christ energy. 
He walks in, stopping along the way to greet each one of you. 
He takes his time with everybody and then finds himself here
beside me.  He wishes to speak with you for a moment so I
will step to the side and allow him to give you his message for this


greetings, beloved family!  Another year has gone by on
your Earth plane.  Another thousand years you could say or
the equivalent of has gone by in my space.  Time for us on
this side of the veil is a non-issue, we simply know that we work with
or do whatever and when it’s done it is complete. 

the Earth plane, especially during this past year, tremendous change
has taken place.  The Earth itself is letting go of old
energy through the earthquakes and volcanoes.  The
collective consciousness of the Earth is shifting through the many, many
ways that people are either transitioning, becoming sick, letting go of
old illnesses so that they are actually more healthy.  It
has manifested in myriad different ways.

about you in your life?  How has the shift in
consciousness over the past year affected you?  Consider
the essence of the Christ energy.  When I walked upon the
Earth as a human, as everyone is well aware it was quite different than
what it is right now. 

the shift in energy that is taking place and so many more of you
expanding your vibration in the ways in which you have, I am walking
upon the Earth in a physical manner more and more than I have for almost
2,000 years. 

may wonder what I mean by that – yes, there are occasions on which I
manifest a physical body so as to walk and communicate.  I
am here and available for you to create the alignment but then I accept
that and so through my various alignments with individuals I’m able to
flow my consciousness down within and I walk along with you.

this takes place through a conscious intention.  Sometimes
it takes place through prayer when people are desperate.  It
can be joy; it can be any reason at all.  As always I am
here for you and I am more readily available than ever before due to the
shifting of consciousness upon the Earth. 

are coming up to the Wesak and so my brother Buddha is also coming to
share some conversation with you.  He is now entering this
space.  As he does so he greets each one of you just as I
did.  And as he comes up beside me he indicates that he too
would like to share a message with all of you.’


my fellow souls walking upon the Earth.  This language
through which I’m communicating right now is a little bit different to
me so it does not flow perhaps as easily as some of the other energies
that speak through Shelly.  But I know that you can feel my
energy, you can feel my essence, and you can feel the message that is
so much deeper than the words I speak.

have to take a moment to laugh about how I have evolved according to
those of you upon the Earth; the laughing Buddha, the big huge Buddha,
the rich, the poor, the essence, the vibration. 

of the joys that I had – of course I had many different lifetimes upon
the Earth – but the one that was known as Buddha was my last or shall I
say it was the last time I lived an entire life upon the Earth.  So
I come and I stand with you in this space of the All That Is and share a
little bit of who I am and where I have been.

you feel my energies flowing through you, open up and awaken to what I
represent.  As you feel my love and my presence flowing
within and around all of you, allow every cell within your body to feel
that alignment. 

was always a human; I was always divinity.  So my message
any time I come to speak with people is about realising the value of
being human.  Embrace your humanity; embrace whether you
are male or female, well or sick, rich or poor.  Embrace
the fact that you have this lifetime that you are living. 

chose it.  You’ve chosen it step by step.  It
is yours and as you are finding out even deeper who you are.  I
was there simply to show you that you can do it too.  I
was human, I knew my divinity and I learned how to embrace my divinity. 

is of course a great deal more than these simple words that I have
spoken to you, but this is the impact or the aspect that has not
changed.  You are still a human walking upon the Earth
seeking self-actualisation as your divine essence. 

many of you have already accomplished this.  What you have
that was not as readily available to me is the opportunity to simply
shift into another dimension as soon as you’re done.  It’s
as if each one of you is stair stepping through the dimensions available
to you upon the Earth.  This is your ascension.

you have completed an aspect or an energy, you automatically shift into
something new which gives you the feeling of beginning again, or gives
you the feeling of having to do what you’ve already done or been doing
time after time after time after time.  The difference is
you are now in a different state of consciousness.  You now
have all the experiences under your belt.  You are now
moving forward again and again.

is always movement.  There is always transformation that
is taking place.  Now as my friend Jeshua and I stand here
in front of you we create a space where your lightbody energies may also
speak with you.’

energies speak: 

here we are.  We always feel as if we come into this place
dancing; as if we come in expanded, jumping, leaping, flipping,
twirling.  This is just so much fun!  You
remember when we first came into your consciousness? Or we came into
this gathering like this and we could barely speak to you because our
vibration was so different than what you were used to and what we were
used to.

now it’s cool.  It’s rad.  We’ve been playing
around with those different expressions from the Earth.  What
you see gathered in front of you, many of you perceive like a brilliant
sparkling light; yes that’s us.  We sparkle, we glow. 

we are also the combination of all your energies so if you reach out to
touch our essence you will find that it feels exactly like you.  You
will find that you allow yourself to expand into that part of you that
is more of your divinity; it’s more of your humanity, it’s that new
energy body around you that allows you to be more fully crystalline. 
Yep, that’s us.

we’re here.  It’s not just the two of them this year. I’m
here too. And what we are doing is creating a triangle.  We’ve
created a triangle that’s larger than everyone who is present and
everyone who will be present somewhere in the future.  And
as this triangle is forming you will have a sense of me sending my
energies to Buddha, Buddha to Christ, Christ to me.

these impulses of light move faster and faster until it’s at a point
that you cannot even consciously perceive.  So it’s as if
there is this brilliant light that surrounds you.  Now I
ask each of you within this light to allow yourself to really fully
expand.  Truly feel your lightbody energies.  Feel
the uniqueness of it, feel the crystalline vibration of it, feel
everything that is here for you. 

you take in your greater alignment with your lightbody energies,
recognise how the Christ energy is already there completely there within
you.  How the energies of Buddha are also completely there
within you.  And the biggest thing of all is that there is
that complete balance.  They, you, your lightbody; it is
all equal.  You have such an amazing amount of divine
experience that’s coming forth right in this moment.

yourself feel it.  Let yourself know.  I’m
going to shift back so that the Goddess is able to continue on with
what’s going to happen next.’


this not a beautiful sight?  The light, the iridescence,
the sparkle, the colors are all simply exquisite.  You are
very much a part of what makes up this beauty.  Now as I
mentioned this is the time of the Wesak. 

are going to shift time and space so that you once more allow your
consciousness to be there in Shambhalla and as you look towards the sky,
just as the planets and as everything comes into alignment, you see
that beam of light that comes down.

beam of light is even more brilliant than it has ever been before. 
Within this beam of light, you recognise all the various
lightbody energies of you; you, the people who have come to this
festival, you the people working and aligning with your lightbody
energies upon the Earth.

that beam of light becomes more brilliant you begin to see as if the
figure of Jeshua descends from the heavens onto the Earth. He takes on
the image similar to what he looked like in that lifetime, only because
that is how people expect him to look.  I ask you to look
beyond; look beyond the image and see him for who he truly is.  Feel
it within yourself.  You can feel his presence anchoring
upon the Earth. 

that same column of light descending towards the Earth you now see the
essence of Buddha.  As he descends towards the Earth he
comes down very gently moving through this energy until he finds himself
standing also upon the Earth.  He too has the image that
is expected of him so I once more invite you to look beyond, to see him
for who he truly is. 

this alignment with the Universe also lining up to create this intense
influx of energy, you see as they step to the side from this column of
light and as that column of light seems to dissolve in front of you,
look; look for yourself as your lightbody energy.

as your lightbody energy comes down to walk with Jeshua and Buddha. 
As you walk with the Christ energy, the Buddhic energy and your
lightbody, you can feel that alignment that’s taking place.  As
you are here in this sacred space upon the Earth you recognise how the
flow of energy from the Universe into the Earth can be accomplished with
greater ease. 

it is partly due to the alignment of the Universe, it is partly due to
the fact that this is a space where so many have infused high
vibrational energies.  It is also due to the recent shift
in the collective consciousness; the collective consciousness is rising
at a very rapid rate. 

of you may say that they do not see a difference. Some of you may think
that this is not going to take place any time soon.  But it
has.  And especially at this time of the Wesak with this
huge pouring into all of you of these energies, you can feel it for
yourself; you can know it for yourself.

take your every day person and merge with these energies.  Is
there anything within your life that can be enhanced through opening up
to these energies?  Is there anything in your life that
you would like to let go?  Now is your time to do so. 
You can hand them over to these energies or you can consciously
take them and toss them up into this brilliant magical energy that is
flowing through this space.

may come here as often as you would like.  This window for
the flow of energy is not open for a long period of time but through
your intention you can shift into this space and tap into it at any
point from here forth.

around at the mountains; look around at all the people who have come. 
Some are there in a very physical manner.  Some are
there as consciousness.  Feel all of this flow through
you.  You find that that column of light reshapes or
reforms and you see Buddha first of all stepping forth into the column. 
His essence ascends.

feel Christ as his energies blend with the column and he too ascends. 
You see both of them holding hands with many, many people as
they choose to ascend at this time.  If it is your choice,
reach out and allow it to take place.

this is complete have a sense of saying goodbye to Shambhalla.  Allow
your energies to return to the All That Is.  As you do so
open to perceive your difference.  You have let go of
whatever you were ready to release; you have allowed in an even greater
amount of your lightbody energies.  Feel this experience
for what it is. 

invite all of you to form a group or a circle.  Although
you just a moment or so ago ascended from the physical Earth, have a
sense of feeling the hologram of the Earth come up within all of you. 
As this hologram comes up within, look at the changes that have
taken place. 

the past perhaps six months or so, you’ve had a sense of two holograms
that are distinct from one another; the Earth hologram and Ariellis or
the New Earth hologram.

you look at this now perceive the deeper blending that has taken place
between Ariellis and the Earth.  This has been accomplished
in this hologram.  So too this has been accomplished upon
the Earth.  So infuse into the hologram who you are in this
moment; infuse that deeper awareness of your lightbody energy.  Infuse
you as accomplishing everything you seek to accomplish.

you do this, have a sense of the hologram itself shifting.  It
moves downward.  It first of all aligns with the
crystalline grid.  You may have a sense of a shift taking
place that allows for the energies of the New Earth to shift in one
direction while the energies of the Earth shift in another.

one links with the physical Earth and for you this goes down within your
physical Earth moving all the way in to the core essence until it
blends with or aligns with the crystalline essence.  From
there it moves outward, it comes back out, moving through the Earth
itself coming back up and moving through the water, the grass, the
trees, the flowers.  It moves through everything.

So I
invite you to open up and feel it come up within you.  Your
own energy that was infused into that hologram has been anchored within
the Earth and it now comes up and anchors within you.  Feel
your lightbody energies expand.  Feel who you are having
walked and talked with Christ and Buddha.

as you allow yourself to connect with and anchor with these energies,
let your consciousness once more come back out within the All That Is;
and you may release the group there as you allow your consciousness to
once more flow through the soul plane.  As it moves through
the soul plane, it then goes down linking with the crystalline grid,
moving through there and through the magnetic grid until everything
flows back down within you.

yourself as coming together; feel yourself within your physical body as
being fully aware of your physical self, mental, emotional, spiritual
and your lightbody essence as if everything is here.  It’s
balanced and in alignment within and around you.

arrived.  It is accomplished.  Go forth into
your days with this innate knowledge within you.  Your time
upon the Earth is about allowing yourself to fully experience
everything that comes your way.  Let that all move through
you.  Know that you are never alone; especially after this
experience you are even more deeply aligned with these two glorious
energies of light.

and through them you have access to everything or anybody that you may
seek to create an alignment with. 

right beloved family, feel your energies coming back together.  Feel
yourselves coming back down into whatever space in which you find
yourself.  Allow your energies to ground and as you do so I
am open to receive questions if you so choose.

Question: Hello
Goddess, thank you that was so lovely.  My question is kind
of mundane tonight.  We’ve been having trouble selling my
house for the past 5 months and we have an offer now. It’s been a
difficult negotiation unfortunately.  I guess I just wonder
if you see it going smoothly now we have six weeks to close.

Answers:  Alright
now, it feels as if there is still an attachment to this house.  From
you, but also from your daughter or other family members, maybe your
husband; it feels like there is still attachment to this house and it’s
kind of kept it isolated or not in the flow of being able to get it
sold.  We think that is one of the reasons why it’s been so
slow to sell.  What we would recommend that you do and we
know not all your family members would be open and do this, so you can
do it for everybody.  Have a sense of gathering all who
have lived there as if gathering them in a circle and you have them with
you in a small little group there.  As if everyone is
together and making a conscious choice that it is time to move on in
your life. You then invite them and we flow energy and support around
all of you.  But then have a sense of being grateful about
the times that were good for you and the times that were less than good. 
Whatever it may be that is holding on to each one of you, let
that come up at this moment.   As you consciously breathe
in and release, so too is everybody else who’s been living in that
house.  Let that come up at this moment.  As
you consciously breathe in and release, so too is everybody else who’s
been living in that house.  As everyone breathes out and
release, have a sense of just letting go of what has been, letting go of
that period of your life, letting go and allowing it to be open and in
the flow of light so that everything will progress with greater ease. 
There, it felt to us as if something shifted. We think perhaps
your husband or ex-husband; it was a that was holding on
more tightly than anyone else.  It feels with this, even
though he wasn’t consciously present, he was enough present from his
higher self that he could make that conscious release.  Can
you feel that difference beloved? 

I can, but I thought it was me!  I’ve been releasing,
releasing, releasing so I don’t know.

that’s why you have been. We see that you have already been releasing.
That’s why it felt as if it was more so him than you.    Perhaps
there was that little part of yourself that was also holding on. 
But it feels to us as if going forward from here, once this
house is completed things will shift back into a place of greater ease. 
So what we’re going to do is flow energy down the next 6 weeks,
just flowing energy that everything will fall into place.  I
don’t know, this sounds crazy but we’re hearing 4 weeks; as if
something will happen within 4 weeks instead of six.  Don’t
know what that’s about.  But anyway, we have a sense this
is going to take place, that things are going to fall into place. New we
have a sense of reaching out towards the family moving in, of reaching
out towards them that they too will be in the flow and everything will
happen with ease.  We do see the closing as taking place.


are welcome.

Question: Hello
Goddess? This November I had a very hard time sleeping.  I
have been unable to sleep at all and sometimes only a little.  I’m
very exhausted, crazy and in pain.  Can you tell me more
about what that is and how I can get out of it? 

as I’m looking at you beloved, I have a sense of an electrical energy
going through.   It’s like those images that they have on
cartoons when someone sticks their finger in a socket and they are
electrified.  That’s what your energy looks like to me. We
sense it’s one of the reasons why you have been unable to sleep.  It’s
like there’s a constant vibration that keeps you from sleeping, keeps
you from finding balance and keeps you from being more comfortable in
your life.  Where this comes from is an influx of energy
you have invited to come into you that is a higher vibration than where
you have been in your physical body.  So that misalignment
has created a static electricity and that is what we’re picking up on as
your energy field.  Does that resonate with you?

totally.  How can I integrate it better?

help you right now.  We actually have a sense to send a
shout out that other people are feeling things similar to this.  So
what we would like you to do and anybody else who is out of balance in
integrating energy is for you to first and foremost breathe in.  Breathe
in through your nose, down into your lungs and into your heart center
like we did at the very beginning.  Allow yourself to take
some deep breathes in so really begin to feel your heart center as it
gets bigger and bigger.  It’s like a swirling light that is
moving through your heart center and constantly expands.  Then
as this expands, you consciously bring up within your heart center
anything that has to do with your past, anything that has been holding
you back, anything that keeps you from being in the moment.  And
then you send it out from your heart as if in a wave.  You
let it go, let it go, let it go………..whew!  As you
are letting that flow away from you it is creating little pockets that
are opening up within you.  As you breathe down this higher
vibration you have been bringing in, it’s as if it’s been standing up
above your head like a cloud.  You breathe it down inside
of you and you feel that soothing, flowing energy as it moves down
throughout your whole body.  You breathe it in through your
breathe going through your lungs into your heart center.  You
can also see it as coming down through your head center.  It
flows through you all the way down into your feet. Then as you do this,
you are allowing that to fully integrate
within  you. Then consciously send it all the way down into
your cells.  As it goes within your cells we have a sense
of a calming through you.  Are you able to
feel that calmness that we speak of? 

and I know what was blocking it was a lot of guilt that was planted.

Guilt is probably one of the strongest energies that creates
blockages in people.  Guilt is never ever something that is
enhancing in your life.  So whether it’s guilt or any
other emotion; for you we have a sense that you might do this several
different times and guilt may come up again and again.  Don’t
worry about it if it happens like that.  Just as many
times as you need to release it; release it until the day comes when you
realize it’s just gone.  There may be something else that
comes up for you, but you will find that you are sleeping better, that
you are more integrated, that you are calmer and feel better within your
physical body.

thank you so much.

are welcome. We see that quite a bit helped tonight because you had
already let go of many of these energies on the journey.  So
by consciously doing it in this moment, it was like you were doing the
last half of that equation, the last part of letting go.

thank you.

are welcome.

Hi, I’d like to know; I’ve been sick for a few years
with fibromyalgia and different other illnesses and muscle weaknesses. 
I’ve been to a few different doctors and no one’s been able to
help me.  I’m wondering what the root cause is and where I
can go to get help.

Answer:  My
perception of this when I link with you is disconnection within
yourself.  How very interesting that we have two people
back to back expressed the same; well the root cause is the same but
expressed in such totally different ways. Well not totally because she
had a lot of pain also. Basically that is what we see is the root cause
of this; that within yourself you have been on a very deep and we know
this sounds very dramatic to say this, but we feel like we have to say
tortuous journey in this lifetime.  By that we see it as a
path where you turn a corner, there’s a wall; turn another corner,
there’s a wall, then again and again.  It feels like much
of your life was about running into walls, starting over and creating
changes.  It feels like that was especially so in the past. 
That was ultimately what led you to make the decision of finding
out ‘how can I find some peace in my life, some love in my life, some
sort of a connection to who I am’.  In the doing of that
you began this spiritual journey that you are on for what we see as two
to five years.  During this journey as you’ve been opening
up we see so much energy that you have been bringing into your body. 
We have a sense you’ve learned so much and have come so far. 
But yet there is still within you, like a very solid hard pit. 
It’s like those fruit that have a pit inside of them.  That’
s what we have a sense of seeing inside of you.  That is
what keeps you from fully integrating these energies of self love, these
energies of acceptance, these energies of believing and trusting in
yourself.  Does that resonate with you beloved? 

Yes it does.

our sense is that it may very well be that you know what that pit is
inside of you.  Or it may be that that is a blank space
inside of you.  If you can work with that part of yourself,
breathing into your heart center then let that flow of down
around your solar plexus. Go down around your solar plexus and envision
in your mind that pit or what that seed looks like and surround it with
love, with warmth and with compassion.  Each time you do
this and consciously love and nurture this part within yourself and what
it represents then it will begin to soften, to loosen up and to
release.  We have a sense as we speak of this that there’s a
part of you that there’s a part of you saying ‘oh heck NO! I’m not
letting that out of the bag’.  It’s as if it contains so
much pain and sorrow you don’t want to go there.  What we
would like to say is that if you set up the space when you are going to
be working with this part of yourself really bring in your angels,
really bring in the light, really bring in everything you’ve worked with
all these years.  Then let that be there, let yourself
consciously feel and know that it is there with you.  Then
when you open the door or tap into that which is so hurtful then you
will find you will be able to release it.  Absolutely 100%
we can tell you beloved, you will live through it and come out on the
other side feeling so much better.  There is no doubt. 
That is our sense of what is causing all of this and how to take
care of it.  You may ask then if there is something in
medicine or the traditional world that you can also look at; is that
what you are also asking?

is there a healer?  I’ve been with many different doctors
and I don’t know.  There’s a new doctor that I am
considering going to or if I should work with healers.

is something that we would happy to work with you through Shelly if you
so desire.  You can check with her later.  We
do work with people in similar situations and we’re familiar with it. 
We think a non-traditional healer is what you need now.  We
have nothing against traditional medicine, we think it all has its
place and its purpose.  But looking at you and where you
are in your life, you’ve done that, you’ve gone this route before, it’s
gone as far as it can for you.  While there may be some
medicines that will help you in the short run what you are seeking is to
resolve this in the long run.  You can do this by working
with whomever you trust or whomever you feel comfortable working with.

doing herbs and stuff is that considered traditional or do think

absolutely think that’s a great way to go.  We were
thinking more about the traditional that have been
created over the last 5-6 years.  Herbal supplements that
support your physical body as you go through the release is what can
assist you.

long will this take?

can’t say at this point.  We see that this can resolve in
as little as one or two weeks, but we see you’ve been on this path for a
very long time and you are entrenched in the path, so it could go on
for a longer period of time.  As you make choices for
yourself, as you release it, it’s like once you have taken that first
step and gone inside of this it will dissolve and resolve much more
quickly than you realize. 

thank you.

are welcome.

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right beloved family, so as we bring this evening to a close we once
more want to encourage you to take a moment and just sit back and relax
and feel those energies of the Wesak.  Feel the Christ
energy; feel the energies of Buddha.  And feel your own
integration of all of that through your lightbody energies as it’s here
within you upon the Earth.

that you can breathe all of this down within you and you can integrate
it at any time.  Allow that flow to move through you with
greater and greater ease.

I am
always with you and within.


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