Since this great help me an essential ingredient for the story in my very own novel, I figure I owe Tom the on Moorelife to at least tell us about his beautiful creation. And besides, don’t Moore’s have a place on Moorelife by association?  I’ll post the story he’s mentioning as a separate post after this.

Love Life…


I’m Tom T. Moore, author of THE GENTLE WAY: A
Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in
and my just published
THE GENTLE WAY II: The Story .  Hopefully,
if you review you received a review of this one. 
I have a new article for you–my first one in several months, as I
was busy finishing the book and working on my next three.  The title is JUNIOR CREATORS IN TRAINING.  I have two sizes–1,050 words
and 600 words depending upon your space limitations.
You can go to my press,
and click on my Photo Gallery for images of my books and of me to , should
you wish. 
My first book is STILL often in the top 25 Angel books on, even though it was published in 2006!  That’s due to word of mouth,
as requesting Benevolent is going world wide.  My first book will be
out in the fall in both Germany and Greece. 
Please let me know if you use the article, or if you need a review
copy of the second book. 
Expect Great Things!


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