There comes a time on our spiritual journey when we run out of
road, we have to admit that we cannot go any farther and we have three
choices, to quit, to figure out how to continue on the current road or
to find a new road. Each choice has its benefits and drawbacks, one is
not better than another. What we choose depends on how much awareness we
have and whether we are ready for the new road, which could be anything
from a completely different road to a new mindset to a new way of
looking at ourselves.

When we’re feeling tired, stuck, and
depressed feeling, beaten down by life and everything that has happened
to us is where we have run out of road. And we’ve had enough. We want to
quit. We think our efforts have failed but it is only the end of the
road we’re on. It is a turning point, where every reason for being open
to transformation is revealed to us. And all of us are at that point.
Sometimes that point takes us back to the place where the road began.
This is happening to me this week as I’m back at the beginning of my
road, in the place where I began channeling Archangel Uriel and started
this newsletter.

This turning point may be presented as a new
opportunity that terrifies us, or something that disrupts the status quo
to the point that our life will never be the same again. But as scary
as the change may be, we also know that it can no longer continue the
way it is. Something has to change and we know, even if we do not want
to admit it to ourselves, that the change has to occur within us. This
is our moment of truth-are we willing to be our true selves? Are we
willing to be open to a new road?

We are all running out of road
because our current path no longer suits our new post-healing purpose.
Some of us will be taken back to a point where we can gather our
and make new choices. We will have the opportunity to
reclaim our power so we can create a new path. Others will be presented
with new pathways that may be terrifying but they speak to their most
cherished dreams. And when we realize that running out of road simply
means that our path has opened to new opportunities that are waiting for
us to choose from among them, running out of road becomes a chance to
allow all of the work we have done and the learning we have acquitted to
take us in new directions.

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