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The human in you always wants to know why things happen, why certain
outcomes become your reality and even why you are not supported and
guided to a more abundant, joyful experience of life. But why is not the
proper question because it assumes that some other power is in control
of your reality. When you ask ‘why’ you are asking yourself a question
that only you can answer, and whose only answer is ‘because you created
it’. You do not see yourselves as all powerful, wise and knowing but you
are. Each of you has the wisdom of the Universe, the power of God and
the understanding of the ages available to you. When you combine these
with the transformational experiences you are having, all of them part
of your ascension journey, the question you must ask is ‘what’.

Every thought has an impact on your ascension journey. Every thought
creates an outcome which reflects your energetic vibrations, level of
being and dimensional placement. The challenge is to recognize which
thoughts are fear-based and decrease your power, replacing them with
thoughts that reflect your understanding and increase your power. When
you ask ‘why’ you decrease your power because you see the results of
your thinking as being outside of yourself and your power. But when you
ask ‘what’ you are open to greater learning and understanding.

The many skills you have perfected in the course of your lifetimes
are what you use to expand your power. Although you forget what occurs
in other lifetimes on a mind level, this information is part of your
life experiences, the thoughts you have and the situations you create.
Your most powerful questions are ‘what have I done to create this’ and
‘what is the purpose in this experience’. From this point you can then
ask ‘what is the greatest use of my power now’. The answer will lead you
to the resolution, a perfect outcome and confirmation of your
understanding and transformation.

You must see yourselves as masters on this journey. You are here as
guardians of the earth’s ascension, as masters of your own and
stewards of the process of transformation that you have been part of
since your entry into the third dimension. Stay focused on your mastery
for this keeps your energy in alignment with the truth of your journey
here. Do not let fear overtake your purpose and allow you to stray from
the truth that you know in your heart-you are masters and you are
blessed and loved. Refine your path and purpose through your
understanding of ‘what’ and you will receive the answers you need to
make each choice and thought of joy, peace and abundant blessings.

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