As I write this two of my three children are preparing to move
into a new life purpose, one which will take them into new territories,
geographically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To arrive at this
point they had to make some difficult choices about what was important
to them, who they would be influenced by and whether they would serve
themselves or others. Their biggest challenge was to decide what served
their purpose and to have the courage to follow that path, even if it
meant walking it alone. They had to look carefully at their life and
decide whether they were going to allow their dreams to expand their
purpose and then let their dreams guide them to a new path. Their choice
was to live according to their purpose or to serve someone else.

purposeful life is one in which we respond to the call of our greatest
dreams. Of course we want to follow our dreams, isn’t that obvious? But
there are so many things that can stand in our way or take precedence or
put us in the position of choosing between what we want, what someone
else wants or what someone wants for us. Family, friends, partners,
obligations and commitments all demand our time and , which we
give until we arrive at the crossroads where our dreams challenge us to
begin to think and live for ourselves. Who do we leave behind and how do
we deal with their expectations?

When we are finished with a
situation, as in being complete in our healing and growth, energy begins
to flow in new directions. Our healing purpose is completed and now we
can follow another path, creating a new purpose for our lives. Our
spiritual aspect is comfortable with this process; it is the emotions
that get in the way. While moving on may serve our purpose and help us
move forward in our life, can we be willing to release whatever is not
in alignment with this purpose? Remember, our purpose changes as our
, so when we have completed healing, everything that has
been part of our healing journey is also complete.

How much of
what you do serves others’ dreams or supports them in some way? How much
serves your past and issues that block your joy? How much of this are
you willing to release to create your new purpose? This is the challenge
of our crossroads of transformation, where many of us are now, where we
can create our new life purpose and release the old, allowing the
process of transformation to release the bonds of the past to create a
bright, new future. This is a choice for each of us, to decide what
serves our purpose and to co-create that path in peace, joy and with
gratitude and love for those whose role in our life has been to help us
find and be in integrity with our purpose.

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