Master Kuthumi, could you explain what happens to a
soul after it leaves this life, and if our loved ones can still see and
hear us. Also how long does the soul hold onto their personalities after
death, and will they remember other past lives, and loved ones from
those lifetimes as well.

Kelly L.

I am Kuthumi of the , the
. I come in answer to my ’s call to answer this
question from one desiring to remember.

I thank you for this question as my answer will assist
many in this time of remembrance. Firstly I must explain that you are
all souls as you travel the dimensions and the great web of Light. You
are inter – dimensional beings of light. The body you use is simply an
overcoat. Yes, an overcoat which houses your entirety of bodies
including the power centre’s and your personality.

When you breathe your final breath, an aspect of you
rises to the next plane of vibration, the next dimension. The silver
cord which has held you to your physical body is broken. There can be no
going back once this occurs.

You are met with much
, and all aspects of you are united at this point. The
memories of the personality are incorporated into the soul memory, the
akashic records.

The physical body is discarded for it’s purpose is done
and the physical matter returns to the Earth. No material possession
can travel with you as you cross. All is left behind. After all, you
were only the guardian of those things. You only possessed them for a
speck of time. You see now where your true treasure lies. How much light
do you bring with your soul? Have you stored your riches in
Heaven or Earth?

And let me ask you, “ what do you call Heaven. Do you
think it here – in my realm, far away from you. Out of reach. Do you
think it is bargained for?”

My friend, I tell you truth. Listen to my words, please. Heaven
is available to you now – right now on your planet. You do not need to
wait until you pass over, no. I will tell you the secret. It is
who creates your own Heaven, yes indeed. It is so. Some of
you may be disbelieving of me. To those I say, “ open your eyes, open
your heart. Seek truth.”

Heaven is not far away from you. It is true in other
dimensions you are able to create at will – but only if your heart is
open, loving and your soul light strong and radiant. For it is then that
you are open and flow with the Source. So you can create anything with a
pure desire, a thought. For no negative emotion resides here. I spoke
previously of your shadow self, the final challenge to overcome. Now I
tell you of the rewards when you overcome that challenge. This is
possible to accomplish now on your Earth plane.

Seek to raise your own vibration. Allow another the
responsibility for themselves. Turn away from all lower vibrations and
emotions. As you do this you begin to ‘store your riches in Heaven.’ You
understand every physical instrument you use is only yours for a time,
to make your journey on Earth easier.

You cannot take
anything with you. Therefore live simply, in peace. Respect all life.
Grow in light, in truth.

As you so this, you go through a transformation
process. You begin to create your own Heaven. As I have said in previous
teachings, light, carried within the soul is the only energy you bring
with you when you cross over. This is your ‘treasure.’

All memories of previous incarnations and experiences
are held within the soul memory. It is this vast soul library you are
able to connect to in a past life session. You travel the time lines
also. The soul is a moving of light. Therefore you can
easily travel to past, present and future options and experiences.
During such a remembrance some loved ones from past experiences –
lifetimes – may be remembered, but not always. You have interacted with
many other souls, mostly from your soul family, and not all can come
forward in a session. Some may have already chosen to incarnate for
further learning and expansion.

You ask if those who pass (die) can still see and hear
you. The answer is, of course. One of the benefits of returning home is
that you can travel on most of the dimensions. Certainly you are able
to visit loved ones you know and love from your previous incarnation.
Notice I use present tense here. The love does not cease when you cross.
It goes on. You go on – in a different form. The soul never forgets.
This is why a soul can become concerned when a loved one is very
overcome with the grief and tears at their passing.

The crossed soul still
has love for those left behind, and does not wish them to be sad. So
they come around, often hoping their energy will provide comfort.

The crossed soul still has love for those left behind,
and does not wish them to be sad. So they come around, often hoping
their energy will provide comfort. Sadly many are not aware of their
presence as they are as yet unable to see and feel their presence. It is
only when you open, study and learn to open your higher senses and
thereby enter enlightenment that you are able to see spirit, and hear
and feel loved ones passed over.

There is no need to fear, no. Yet many experience this emotion
because they are not ‘awakened.’ Many relay through my messenger (
Lynette) that they often feel my energy, my presence as they read my
words. They do not fear me. Yet you cannot see me – though I know some
of you can. I urge you not to fear other dimensions or those who have
passed. May I say also that certain TV programmes dramatizing this realm
often assist in increasing fear of others who have passed. These
program creators truly store their treasures on Earth in the form of
money. At best they do provide you an example of this.

I hope my answer gives many of you a greater
understanding of some of the process when crossing over, and of spirit,
thereby alleviating any fear. I have also given a meditation for those
who wish to travel the time lines of knowledge and experience.