We come forth to unseal the envelope of your light. We ask you
as you sit on this threshold of starriness and to see each and every
of your selves as a galaxy, as a constellation, as a star in the
heavens.  For one day each one of you will be exactly that. Just As
Mother Earth is on her way to becoming a star through all of her seven
 billion plus children, you too are programmed to seek to become more.
One day you will become as an Earth or a event that ascends
through all of your inhabitants. 

As you move into the stellar
 horizon of becoming a constellation, or becoming a star –you will
exceed  the expectation you have of your self  this very minute of
time.  You see yourselves as meek and mild and incomplete.  But we see
you as tiny seeds of galaxies yet to come, of stars yet to be ,
and of constellations yet created.  You are vast beyond your ability
to measure.  You are vast beyond your ability to remember And you are
vast beyond your ability to see.  We ask you to see yourself as a
nebula, a star nursery.  See within that nursery, the seed of your
future.  You are not a twinkle in some man’ eye or some women’
body – you are a twinkle in God’s Heart
.  For you are not just a
ascending,  you are seedling stars and galaxies and universes. 
You have not crawled from the sludge of the earth.  you have come from
the beginning of Light.   It is there that you search for your mirror

you now enter into a new of just how
simple it is to instruct the molecules of thought into matter.  You do
not have to wait for a planetary line up or a holy day.  You do not
have to wait until on the Internet tells you it is time to
pray and  line up your axional event.  You do not have to wait until
Sunday to be holy.  For you are the Light  Event that you so seek
not allow the instructions and intentions of others to tell you
when to your dream.  . 

You have each beaten a path
forward in time beyond the mass consciousness, beyond the mass
understanding.  You streak as a falling star towards what your heart
yearns for.  Do not stop and wait for the mass consciousness to catch
up – because you will sit on your laurels through many a cold winter
and hot summer.

You each march to a different drum that is how
you were created.   you are strong of nature and heart on purpose. In
the time that comes you will be instructed in the ways of receiving. 
Receiving entails more than a gift, a compliment, a free meal –
receiving is everything that gives to you, All of life. 
Receiving is vast and cannot fit into a .  Receive from the wind,
the night, and the stars.  Every time you come together, you create a
where anything and everything is possible.  Within
that portal is a doorway of creation. 

You are given opportunity
after opportunity to shift, to change, to grow, to become more.  Do
not forget to accept the gifts that life gives you.  The bounty that
this land that you live upon, gives you, the gifts that are just for
you and you alone.  We are the Pleiadian energies.  All of life
you to receive.   Look at your world.  Stretch your wings.  Stretch
your perimeters examine the limitations that you have placed around
your self.  as creator why have you chosen this experience? For when
you stretch yourself, you will truly appreciate whom you are, what you
have, and where you live. You are the true treasures.  You are the
true riches. you are what you seek.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –