Channeler: DL Zeta

When we speak of selves, we refer to selves that exist in
other time/space realities that hold understandings which you have not
yet attained. By this definition, your future self is capable of
assisting and guiding you in consciousness.

In the future there is a "you" that has obtained mastery
consciousness. To the extent that you are in resonance with this
"mastery self," you are able to its and guidance. You
have other future selves that exist at all points along the spectrum
between your present level of consciousness and your mastery self. Those
nearest your present moment are in closest resonance with you and
therefore to access.

Your present rate of spiritual development the extent to
which your future selves are able to travel time to assist you. If you
are rapidly growing and expanding, it is likely this growth trajectory
will multiply exponentially, paving the way for future selves in the
next 2-5 years to serve as guides for your present-moment self.

If you are rapidly expanding your consciousness, your near-future
selves will be spiritually adept at traveling back in consciousness to
assist you and to serve as a wise and uplifting presence. Aligning in
this way the door to quantum spiritual growth. It is quantum
spiritual growth that brings you into resonance with your
"mastery self," further igniting the fires of transformation in your
life. The more you are a match for your mastery self, the
more this self is able to assist and guide you.

Excerpt from from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as
Guide and Mentor by DL

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