Channeler: Suzan
Caroll Ph.D

APRIL 2010

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Welcome back to our Arcturian Corridor. We wish to take a moment to
review our process in Step 20. * Then, we will assist you in the use of
the new, Multidimensional Operating System that you downloaded in that

In order for the light of your Multidimensional SELF to observe it’s
great light in a physical form, it had to that light into “the
observer” and “that which was to be observed.” Your conscious,
intelligent, unconditional loving SELF, who resonates to the ONE, then
needed to create a Divine Ideal for the form it wished to observe in its
holographic projection of life in the lower dimensions. Consequently,
your SELF created a thought-form of a human body, which became the
object off which the first beam of light would reflect. **

The second beam of light was then infused with unconditional love and
multidimensional consciousness so that once it reflected off the mirror
and intermingled with the first beam (human form) on the holographic
plate, the purity of the original light (Multidimensional SELF) would be

The light was projected onto the holographic plate of planet Earth.
At this point, your SELF needed to observe you so that the swirling
circles of energy of your conscious light could become form. In this
manner, your form was held and the illusion of your physical reality was

This process is repeated again and again for every third, fourth
dimensional reality in which your Soul/SELF chooses the experience of
being in third dimensional form. When you gain Mastery within the form
of even one of these realities, you can return to your fifth
dimensional Lightbody and travel inter-dimensionally with the power of
your multidimensional consciousness and unconditional love.


Your Multidimensional Operating System, which was downloaded in Step
20, has the primary goal of guiding you into Mastery of your present
reality. As a Master of Energy you can fully embrace your
Multidimensional SELF who will return you to your true, multidimensional

The youtube below will add insight to this statement:

Brief Summary of Youtube:
Your many multidimensional realities are
extensive fractals and subjective fundamental patterns expressing your
holographic rays. Since you already exist in many dimensions, your being
is timeless.  Every element of focus you have ever had, still exists.

The illusion of time does not dissipate energy; it only focuses it.
All that you have experienced in all of your sojourns into form still
exists in the NOW of the ONE. Once you can perceive reality from this
perspective, your ideal of time changes from something that was past,
present or future into the arena of experience. As a Multidimensional
Being, you move into the consciousness of the perceiver that moves from
one experience to another, rather than from one time to another.

A Master can move through experiences without being bound by the
“River of Time,” for a Master lives within all the moments in-between.
As you regain this innate Mastery of your Multidimensional SELF, there
is nothing that you cannot experience again and again, for you are
operating within the no-time of the Multidimensional Universe.


Your Multidimensional Operating System also allows you access to a
new form of consciousness, which is as delicate as an Angel’s wings and
as strong as a mountain. This state of consciousness intermingles who
you are on your transmuting planet with the true SELF to whom you are
returning. Your multidimensional consciousness releases any emotional
“hooks” to the third dimension that may interfere with your process of
allowing all that is leaving to be replaced by all that is becoming.
This new state of consciousness stems from your Junk DNA, which is
constantly being activated by your Multidimensional Operating System.
Your new consciousness assists you in expanding into the fifth dimension
while remaining grounded on Earth.

For the sake of conversation, we will call this consciousness
“Integrative Consciousness,” for it allows you to integrate into your
awareness all that you want to remain in your life while you enter the
marvelous adventures of New Earth. In other words, your Integrative
Consciousness allows you to easily release that which is now complete,
so that you can fully embrace that which was formerly beyond your
perceptions. This release assists you in integrating the “past” and the
“future” into a cohesive reality of NOW.

Your Integrative Consciousness also helps you to remember any
pertinent information/experiences from your myriad past lives and
parallel realities, so that you can intermingle them into your new
reality. In this manner, nothing necessary for your return to SELF will
be forgotten or lost. In fact, Integrative Consciousness allows you to
exerience no sense of loss at all during your shift into your true,
Multidimensional SELF, as it assures you that you retain all your
primary , experiences, loves and creations as you become New

Just as the information now stored in a device you can hold in your
hand once had to be stored in computers so large that they filled entire
rooms, your Integrative Consciousness can gather and store all the
pertinent data/experiences from all the realities that you have ever
manifested in ALL your third and fourth dimensional realities.

You do not constantly peruse the information that is stored in your
hand-held computer devise, but you know it is available should you need
it. In the same manner, you will not constantly be in conscious contact
with all the information in your Integrative Consciousness, but you can
access it whenever it is needed. The energy of Pluto in Capricorn, which
will be in transit until 2024, will facilitate your ability to release
that which is over while you keep that which allows your rebirth.

Your Integrative Consciousness also assists you in integrating your
Personal, Collective, Planetary, Galactic and Cosmic Consciousness into
the ONE awareness of the many versions of your SELF. In other words:

Your Integrative Consciousness perceives you as an individual
Within the collective of all humanity

Within the collective of planet Earth

Within the collective of your Solar System

Within the collective of your Galaxy
Within the collective of the Universe.

All of these collective realities exist within the Great Collective
of Cosmic Consciousness:

Hence, your Individual Consciousness 
is surrounded by your
Collective Consciousness, 
Which is surrounded by your Planetary
Which is surrounded by your Solar Consciousness, 
is surrounded by your Galactic consciousness, 
Which is surrounded by
your Cosmic Consciousness.

Most importantly, your Integrative Consciousness merges your spark of
individual love with the unconditional of love of the ONE. This merging
of humans’, conditional love into spiritual, unconditional love allows
you to hold all of your myriad realities within your awareness through
the great magnetic force of unconditional love. Unconditional love is
the glue that binds all reality into a cohesive ONE. In fact, it is
unconditional love that holds the myriad expressions of SELF within your
Integrative Consciousness.


Allow your imagination to turn your vision inward to the inside of
your earth vessel. Think of your earth vessel as you would think of any
vessel, an object that YOU enter so that you, consciousness/light, can
move around in an environment. For example, your home/vessel stores your
body/vessel, which stores your consciousness/light. You are NOT your
house or your earth vessel, for these objects are used to store the YOU
that is consciousness and light.

Take a moment to look inside the vessel of your body to see YOU,
consciousness/light, just as you would look inside your house. You know
the house that provides protection for your earth vessel very
intimately. However, how much do you know about your earth vessel that
provides a third dimensional form for your consciousness/light? To
better know the inside of your body:

Imagine that your are standing at the doorway to your
heartɉ۬Closely examine the inner vision of your heartɉ۬Closely
examine the doorway into your heartɉ۬Just as you would enter the door
to your house, enter the door to your heartɉ۬As you enter this door,
see a long stairway that leads up to your High Heart…

As you walk up these stairs, the glow of your Three Fold Flame guides
youɉ۬See your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame, and step into itɉ۬FEEL
and Merge with your innate Wisdom, Power and Loveɉ۬As you do so, you
are instantly transported into your Third Eye…

Within your Third Eye, you turn inward to see the electrical
circuitry of your brain’s synapses firing with your every perception and
thoughtɉ۬Look up towards your Crown to see the Opened Pineal Stargate
pulling in multidimensional light and unconditional love…

Move to the center of your Computer Brain where the Kundalini Earth
energy that has risen into your Third Eye intersects with the Flow of
the ONE through your Pineal Stargateɉ۬YOU are now the programmer of
your computer/brain…
With the great force of your consciousness/light, turn ALL systems of
your Multidimensional Operating System ON…


Turning on your Multidimensional Operating System places you in the
birth canal of your new life. Because you are in the birthing process of
your new life, you may be experiencing great fatigue. You may feel so
close and yet so far. Your new synapses tell you that you are different,
but your remaining illusions tell you that life appears to be the same,
so just go back to “business as usual.”  This conflict between the two
messages builds doubt, which increases your fatigue. 

You are so tired, so very, very tired. But what are you tired of?
First, you are tired of the 3D Game. You have gone through it so many
lifetimes and done, redone and done again the same dramas.  Second, you
are tired of waiting for the shift to happen. You want it to happen NOW.
It is then that your New Operating System kicks in to remind you that
it is only your belief that limits you to the third dimension. Your
Multidimensional Operation System reminds you that all you need to
change is your consciousness.

When you raise your consciousness, you move up the vertical spectrum
of possible realities toward the resonance of the fifth dimension. Each
time a multidimensional circuit is turned ON and a third dimensional
synapse turns OFF, your expanded perceptions are activated and you can
perceive the higher dimensional expressions of your reality that have
previously eluded you. When you can consciously perceive these higher
frequencies of reality, you can place your attention and intention on
them. Then, it will be much easier to release the limitations and hard
work of your third dimensional life.

Now that you know the truth of your magnificent, multidimensional
nature, you can no longer accept the restriction put upon you by an
outdated system of beliefs that focuses on struggle and fear. You rebel
against those limitations and are finding the courage to create the
reality of your dreams. You still feel the onslaught of fear emanating
from the Collective Consciousness of those who wish to control others.

However, you can also feel the unconditional love of your SELF, as
well the widening stream of unconditional love that is also Flowing from
the ONE. It is this Flow of unconditional love that assists you in
raising your consciousness, beliefs, expectations and perceptions into
the reality of fifth dimensional Earth. With this beacon of hope and
love shinning in your aura, you are beginning to find time to be with
those who are near to your heart and to do what you love.

As illusions crumble and false prophecies are uncovered, you see the
slow collapse of old third dimensional systems. You are entering such a
deep confidence in your SELF that you are coming out of the “hiding”
that was necessary before you awoke. You no longer fear what others
think of you, nor do you need their approval or praise. You are an
“Island unto your SELF” in that all your needs are met from the vertical
realties that fill you with unconditional love.

Meanwhile, the horizontal reality of the third dimension remains as a
place in which you serve and assist others to awaken and become their
SELF, just as you have. At night your dreams are filled with life in the
fifth dimension, and you awaken with messages to assist you in your
daily life. On the other hand, you may also use your dreamtime to clear
out issues from childhood, past lives or alternate realities that beg to
be cleared from your aura. In this case, you may awake tired, anxious
or depressed.

It is then that you go into meditation, take a walk, or talk to a
loved one to re-find your Center. YOU are the Center, not only of your
physical body, but also the Center of your physical reality. You are
creating this reality with your every thought and emotion. You are the
Master of your destiny, as well as the destiny that you share with every
human and non-human member of Gaia’s Earth. In fact, YOU are Earth, for
you are Gaia, the Consciousness of your planet.

When you begin your day, you find your Center and follow its Flow
into the highest expression of your Being. Because you trust your SELF,
you calmly relax into the movement of your breath and step into that
Flow of the ONE to receive the guidance that it gives you.

Feel that guidance now…

Absorb it into your every cell and atom of your being, into our aura
and into your daily life.  Share this guidance through the emanation of
your presence as you slowly go public with the gifts of your expanding
reality. You remember again and again throughout your day to call upon
the unconditional love of the ONE to release all fear and attract love,
peace and joy.  Allow your fatigue to remind you of that which you are
tired of doing and of whom you are tired of being.  Respect that message
and follow the Flow of the love on which it travels to find the Path to
the Life You Love to Live.

The long, third dimensional winter of separation and limitation is
fading into a memory, and spring is beginning to bloom. That which is
complete is leaving your life to make for the re-birth of whom you
truly ARE. Release that which no longer functions in your life and
allow Pluto to pull it from the structure of Capricorn to prune the
flowers that have completed their life cycle. In this manner, you make a
space in which your new life can be born. YOU are Awakening now, and
the long night is ending.  Before you a glorious adventure is dawning.


Gradually, the first two sprouts sneak above the damp fertile soil.
Lovingly, the light of the sun caresses them, urging them to open wide
to their new reality. Too long, the young plant has hidden beneath the
earth, afraid to face an unknown world of light. The darkness of its
earthen reality was familiar and comfortable.

Yet the two small arms have peered up from the safety of the only
world they have known to venture into the light. “What will become of
them?” whisper the roots who cling to the familiar. “We may never know,”
they all agree. “Nonetheless, together, we will hold firm to create a
base for the part of us that has ventured into an unknown land.”

To their surprise, the roots did know because they felt the flow of
light sent down to them by their brave pioneer. Gradually, this
light fed the roots to make them bigger, deeper, and stronger.
Mystically, they could feel the movement of their leaves as they grew
taller and more plentiful each day.

Together, they rejoiced at the birth of their first flower. How did
they know of this birth? The leaves told them. Yes, the land above was
no longer unknown to the roots, for they constantly communed with the
rest of their SELF.

Slowly, the roots expanded into new underground territory to
intermingle with other roots. They also formed a center root that dug
deep into the core of Mother Earth. Just as the auxiliary roots
intertwined with other roots to create a network just below the surface,
the center roots communed with each other via the fertile soil that
connected them.

One day, the roots discovered that they were no longer just a plant.
“We have Become ONE. We are now a garden,” their plants joyfully
communed to them. As the roots communed with the other roots in their
network, they further learned that each system of roots supported a
different plant, which bloomed different flowers at different times. But
blissfully enough, each root, each leaf, each plant, and each flower
was ONE within the garden that they had become.

The roots were proud of their plants, but so wished that they could
see the garden of which they were a part. “Go inside your self,”
whispered the Sun. “Travel up your own roots into your stem, out past
the leaves, and up into your flower.”

“Our flower?” they said. “We are not flowers. We are just roots.”

“Ahh,” cooed the Sun. “I come down into you, the roots, so that the
flowers can bloom. So please, come up to me so that I may thank you for
your service.”

“Our service?” the roots asked in one voice.

“Yes, dear roots, you are the parents of your plant. You first
conceived it while you where just a seed. You gestated the seed through
the long, cold winter, and in spring, you were the ones who formed a
support system when your flower was just a seedling.

“You pulled the water and minerals from the soil to your
plant, and you empowered it with your strong foundation. You are the
reason there is a garden, for you were able to release a part of you,
your seedling, so that it could go off into an unknown land. You neither
judged nor reprimanded it. In fact, you supported what you did not

“You see dear roots, you are the inner life that allows your flower
to bloom in the glory of my Sun. Without you, there would be no plant,
no flower and no garden. Because you were courageous enough to
experience what you did not understand, you will receive the vision of
my light!”


More and more, with or without your conscious knowing, you are
lapsing into your alternate, multidimensional realities. Because you are
new to your Multidimensional Operating System, you think that you have
“forgotten” some THING, or “spaced out.” In fact, you are in the act of
remembering some ONE, your SELF.This expanding remembrance of your SELF
makes it increasingly difficult for you to be limited to the reality of
your earth vessel.

You are like a child with a new toy. You want to play with this toy
and forget about the work your mother has told you to do. Fortunately,
once you adapt and become proficient with your Multidimensional
Operating System, you will be able to easily perform your 3D tasks,
while you simultaneously soar through your new realities. Then, you will
be watching your physical self from your Multidimensional SELF. From
this higher perspective, you will understand that you are not leaving
your third dimensional reality yet. Instead, you are expanding your
reality to embrace the higher dimensions while still holding your
physical form.

Eventually, your consciousness will resonate to such a high
frequency, that you will “let go” of your clay vessel to fully embrace
your true form of light. At that point, you will concentrate more on
your new, multidimensional reality and less on the limitations of your
old, physical reality. This transition can be as simple as gradually
falling asleep and slowly waking. However, when you wake up in your new
life, it will be your true reality and the illusions of your physical
life will be experienced as a long dream.

You will not awake alone, for Gaia, as well as all Her inhabitants
who have supported the creation of Her new form, shall be with you. You
will also rejoin your Galactic Family, for your entire Galaxy is now
ready to return to its higher expression. Remember, our One, that from
the perspective of your awakening, fifth dimensional SELF, you are able
to maintain constant contact and interaction with all your realities
without being limited to only one. You are now endeavoring to connect
with your fifth dimensional SELF, but your fifth dimensional SELF has
always been in connection with you.

When you take on a third dimensional form, the speck of your Being
that chooses to enter that form still exists in unity with your
Multidimensional SELF. Then, once the YOU in the third dimension
awakens, you can experience both your third and fifth dimensional
realities simultaneously. Then again, the perception of multidimensional
worlds while still in your earth vessel requires that you download and
integrate the multidimensional consciousness of your Multidimensional
Operating System before you can experience multiple realities.

A way in which you already live in multiple realities is when you are
reading a good book.  When you are reading a book that you deeply
enjoy, it travels with you in your mind like another reality. You may be
at work or doing dishes and momentarily shift your primary attention to
the story of the book. At the same time, you are still performing your
physical task.

Instead of reliving a part of your book, you may be replaying a video
game in your mind. In reality, your third dimensional experience is the
“video game” that your Multidimensional SELF logged-into.
Unfortunately, when you forgot that you were “in a game” you began to
think that the video game was real and the vague memory of your SELF was
just your imagination. Of course, your imagination IS real, for
imagination is fifth dimensional thought.

Much like you can log-out of a video game, while the game still
continues without your primary attention, you can log-out of the 3D Game
and log-in to the fifth dimension, while the 3D Game continues to run.
In fact, that is what you do when you “space out,” sleep, or
fall into your imagination. You already live in multiple realities. You
just label it as “using your imagination” rather than “following your
fifth dimensional thought patterns into alternate realities.”

Just as all the television channels are always running all the time,
but you can only watch one channel, all your realities are running all
the time, but you can only watch one. Actually, you can “surf” from one
channel to another. Or, maybe, you have multiple televisions or a wide
screen television where more than one channel can play at once. The
large, screen television that can display multiple channels functions
like your new Multidimensional Operating System. Within this Operating
System, you can watch and participate in numerous stations/realities at
the same time.


Just as your physical self can talk to a friend, drive a car, listen
to the radio and drink water at the same time with no difficulty, your
fifth dimensional SELF can consciously participate in multiple realities
within the ONE moment of the NOW. It is the ability to break free of
the illusion of time and space that allows you to participate in
multiple realities. Just as you can drive, eat, talk and listen within a
single third dimensional moment, you can exist in multiple realities
within the fifth dimensional NOW. To have an experience of what we are
saying, we are you to:

Create an image of yourself reading this message in your present
reality thenɉ۬ADD the image of walking in a fifth dimensional forest
in another realityɉ۬Now ADD the image of navigating your Starship in
another reality…

Allow your imagination to hold three images at once:
Reading this
messageɉ۬Walking in a fifth dimensional forestɉ۬Navigating your

To the extent that you are still using your Third Dimensional
Operating system, these three pictures are in different areas of your
mind. That is fine for this part of the exercise.

Now, “ play” to allow these pictures to come alive with
movement, experiences, thoughts and emotions…

Perhaps you are experiencing some anxiety, doubt or excitement as you
simultaneously hold three different “videos” in your mind. You are
likely using your mind as one of those televisions that presents three
stations on the same screen. Therefore, first, view them one at a time.

Tune into the experience, emotions and thoughts of reading this

Tune into the experience, emotions, thoughts and perceptions of
walking in a fifth dimensional forest…

Tune into the experience, emotions, thoughts and perceptions of
navigating your Starship…
We ask you now to activate your
Multidimensional Operating System, just as you did in the previous

Feel how all of these “pictures” are moving independently of each
other, yet all of them live as ONE in your consciousness…

Now take your primary consciousness out of “reading this article” and
place it into “Walking in the fifth dimensional forest”…

Imagine that you are walking in a 5D forest—while you are navigating
your Starship in another reality—while reading this message in yet
another reality…

Now, put your primary consciousness into “navigating your
Starship”—while you also walk in the fifth dimensional forest—while you
are reading this message in the third dimension…

At first, this exercise may “hurt your brain,” until you become
accustomed to perceiving more than one reality at a time. Fortunately,
within your Multidimensional Operating System, your expanded perceptions
are gradually coming online. Your expanded perceptions greatly
facilitate your ability to intimately experience the inter-dimensional
realities that are wafting through your ever-expanding reality.

In fact, YOU are the creator of your many multidimensional realities.
Unfortunately, many of you have forgotten that fact. Therefore, the
first adjustment you will make with the power of your Multidimensional
Operating System is to turn OFF the DNA that limits you to third
dimensional perceptions and turn ON the DNA that activates your
multidimensional perceptions.

From your “Programmer Position” in the center of your
computer/brain, make sure that the multidimensional Junk DNA that stores
your expanded perceptions is turned ON and the limitations of your 3%
third dimensional DNA is turned OFF. You may wish to start this exercise
with the inner vision of your heart, just as you did before. In this
manner, you can assure that you enter the place in your consciousness,
as well as in your computer/brain, where YOU are the Programmer of your

You can choose to believe this experience is “an interesting
exercise,” or you can choose to believe that you have the ability to
control your own DNA. All of you on Gaia at this “time” have graduated
into a higher level of the 3D Game of Separation and Limitation.
However, you know that only if you can remember that you are a
holographic projection of your Multidimensional SELF. It was YOU who
chose to send a spark of your total light to be unified on the
holographic plate of planet Earth for the experience of assisting in
Gaia’s planetary ascension.


Click here to listen to the message Blessings on Your
version with special information for being a channel.)

Because you have downloaded and turned ON your Multidimensional
Operating System, you can begin to remember and maintain the state of
consciousness in which  “you are the programmer” of your 3D experience. 
See your earth vessel from the viewpoint of your Multidimensional SELF,
so that you can view the two main programming Centers of your earth
vessel, your High Heart and Opened Third Eye.

Your Opened Third Eye uses the multidimensional light to program and
run your computer/brain; whereas your High Heart uses the great force of
unconditional love to run, maintain and heal your earth vessel. These
control centers function as ONE unit to receive the multidimensional
light and unconditional love that guides you back to your true,
Multidimensional SELF.

Connect with your High Heart to receive the unconditional love from
your Multidimensional SELFɉ۬Allow this love to protect you and give
you courage to open the Stargate Portal of your pineal gland…

Open your inter-dimensional Portal of your Crown to receive a
multidimensional light message from HOMEɉ۬Display this message on the
inner mind screen of your Third Eye…

Integrate the words/pictures of your message with your unconditional
love and integrative consciousness, so that you can receive and
understand the highest frequency components of the messages that you
receive. In this manner, you can learn to BE your Multidimensional
Lightbody SELF in your daily life.

Even if your message is as simple as “Have a Nice Day,” allow your
unconditional love to fully embrace the many ways in which you could
have a nice day. From this simple message, you can begin to open a
channel of ongoing communication between your grounded, human/self and
your celestial, Multidimensional/SELF.

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