by Owen

Sooner or later every man and woman wakes up
to the fact that they are divine beings. Despite the appearance that we are
physical in nature and that reality is filtered through the perceptions of our
physical brains, there is much more to each human being than their physical

Above your physical brain is your mind, which is a field of
consciousness. Within that field of consciousness, you exist as an aspect of the
divine source from which you came.

Long ago, you inserted yourself into
the human experience. In those days, nothing was yet physical and being human
meant being a specialized personality with the freewill to explore consciousness
in greater detail than previously.

Later, physical experience
was sought
as it made the experience of being a rational, freewill-driven, unique
personality all the more interesting. At that point, being physical
meant living
in a lighter density than today’s version of physical existence.

experience of being physical was so fascinating that, like youngsters
about a new thrill ride at a funfair, we said, “How about if we try it
with the
lights out?” And, so, the lights went out.

Today, we are
immersed deeper
than ever in the human experience of being physical. This includes being
apparently cut off from the normal information flow that comes with
consciousness and we’re here to find the answer that lies somewhere out
there in
the gloom. Or, is it somewhere inside instead of somewhere out there?

Being mostly disconnected from the inner light means that we
don’t have
an inbuilt awareness of our oneness with the universe. We have to earn
realization through dedicated meditation. We don’t have always-on
ability to exchange thoughts and feelings with other life forms.
telepathy takes patience and practice. We aren’t attuned with conditions
nature like animals are. When an earthquake jolt is imminent or a
tsunami is
headed our way, wild animals suddenly for the hills and we’re left
wondering why our pets are getting agitated.

As humans today,
what we do
have is self-awareness, intellect, and freedom of choice. Within this
maze of the thrill ride of being human with the inner lights turned off,
is a treasure to be found. That treasure is the realization that the
light was
there all the time, yet hidden from sight.

When you first find
spiritual light within, it begins to beckon you forward into the realms
of more
light. Then, you are firmly on the path of spiritual discovery. You are
back along the pathway to the level of consciousness from which you came
the thrill ride began.

Remember, your brain is not your mind and
mind is not your real personality. Your immortal soul is your real
and it is functioning through the filter of who you became in this

Attune yourself with your soul consciousness every day
and you
will always be able make the right choices in life. When you sense the
of your true personality, you will also sense which of the options that
before you resonate best with your inner guidance. This attunement with
right options and their real potential is the secret to gaining the most
your experience of life as a human being.

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