What and experiences can we expect in June 2010?

The energy for this month has a more practical, applied, concrete
vibration.  This is a good month to make plans and follow through on
them.  You are going to find yourselves, many of you, with a new sense
of direction or inspiration this month that will maybe kick in after
the first week or so.  A lot of you have made changes in your lives
and many of you have been recently through a period of kind of
subconscious adjustment in which you have been doing some healing
below the surface.

You have been at a spirit level, at a
level, you have been collecting new information, assessing where you
have been and what you are going to find in June is a feeling of a
little bit like you are waking up; like you have been in a deep dark
slumber, sort of like in a fairy tale.  In June, you suddenly begin to
wake up.  It is almost like a delayed springtime for those of you in
the northern hemisphere or a reverse springtime for those of you in
the southern hemisphere.  Look for new inspiration this month and look
for opportunities to connect with people and try new things. 

is an excellent time to try something you have never tried before or
to take some tangible, real steps toward accomplishing your goals.  It
will be easier than usual to get out of your procrastination habits
this month.  It is like energy starts to move all around you, so it is
easier to get yourself moving if you are willing to.  This may not
happen the first week but for most of you it should be happening by
the second week of June. 

How can we best use the
energy this month?

It will serve you to be more
concrete about your plans and your goals.  This is a month where you
will be very well served to make clear goals for yourselves at every
level.  Make goals for your day, make goals for your week, make goals
for your month and make goals for your whole life.  Write them down
and break them into some simple concrete steps that you can accomplish
easily.  Make each step easy even if the overall journey is more
complex or difficult.  This month, it is going to be profoundly useful
for you to make lists and check off the points on your goal sheets.

Many of you will find that it is easier to develop more productive
habits in your life than it has been for a while.  It might be easier
to wake up early than it used to be or easy to go to bed early.  You
may find it easier to maintain a regular schedule or you may find
yourself with more courage than usual to do the things that usually
hold you back.  Making lists and checking them off is a great way to
get through the month and really take advantage of the energy. 

second thing that is really useful this month is that there is a
healing energy involved in all of this.  The journey from the deep
subconscious back out into the world is ultimately a healing journey. 
It is important to take good care of your bodies so that your bodies
can support you through this.  More than anything, it seems most
important for most of you this month to eat .  If you have
one goal this month, you might make it be a goal to remove unhealthy
foods from your diet or unhealthy eating habits from your diet and to
embrace habits that nourish you both physically and spiritually.  That
idea of nourishment is also a key to the month of June 2010.  This
means nourishment at every level from the most basic physical level to
the intellectual level, to the emotional level and even to the
spiritual level.  So caring for yourself this month will get you
really far in terms of accomplishing your goals.  If you do not feel
good or if you are not doing things with your body that are caring and
loving toward yourself, then it is going to be much harder to
accomplish your goals this month.

Are there any
important days for us to consider during the month of June 2010?

6/5/10 – 6/8/10 is really the heart of the turning point where the
energy goes from being sluggish to becoming more awake and vibrant. 
That waking up process may not be easy.  You may find that the days
between the fifth and the eighth of June may be uncomfortable for you,
but trust the discomfort is leading you to something better than
where you were before.  It is very similar to the discomfort of waking
up before you are ready in the mornings.  It feels difficult and slow
and uncomfortable, but once you are awake you are free to face the
day and enjoy it.  Once you are awake, the whole day presents itself
to you as a series of magical possibilities and potentials and that is
very much the way this is.  These few days will be an uncomfortable
process to get you through to the rest of the month, which is full of
promise and possibilities.

6/15/10 seems to be a star gate or
portal of some kind.  There is a magical energy.  It is a good day for
clairvoyance or intuition so you might use any techniques that work
for you to tune into your intuition, to listen to yourselves, to honor
and respect your instincts on June 15. 

6/21/10 is a powerful
day because it is the solstice.  It seems to carry with it a social
energy because people hold the meaning of the solstice sacred.  But in
addition there really truly is an astronomical and astrological
alignment that is particularly potent this solstice. 

6/20/10 –
6/22/10, through the whole phase of the solstice, it will serve you to
find a way to go deeper into your spirituality, deeper into your own
intuition, deeper into your own ways of knowing.  This is a great time
for meditation, it is a great time for active dreaming and it is also
a good time for therapy, psychotherapy or counseling.  Anything that
brings you to deeper and more profound insights into yourself will be
beneficial this June 20 through June 22.

Is there
anything else the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

The Keepers just drew a picture in my mind of a big heart around
the month the way a child would draw a heart on a piece of paper. 
They draw it around the month of June.  There is a lot of love
available and the love this month must be grounded in loving
yourselves.  Do not even try to love other people until you have
stopped to take good care of yourself.  When you choose to eat healthy
food, when you choose to get enough sleep, when you choose to do all
the things that nourish your body, make sure the choice is not out of
duty or obligation, but instead make the choice as an act of love
toward yourself.  Even if it is difficult for you to begin the loving
behavior, as you are doing it, keep reminding yourself that this is an
act of love, that this is an act of honor and respect for your body
and therefore for every part of you.  That sense of self-love is a
deep wisdom held in this particular month and it will give you the
foundation to do everything else better.  In fact if there is only one
thing you do well this month, make it be self-care and self-love and
self-respect.  Everything you can do to be kind to yourself and to
nourish yourself is the most important thing you can be doing this

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