There are those that say all is in Divine Order, but they are usually outyelled by the conspiracy squealers, that claim we are all doomed if we don’t act now. Usually I get a bit uneasy when people start telling me what to do, especially when it involves things I do not see the reason for.

Surely since is the basis for our Universe, and it is ultimately balanced in every way, imbalance can only exist locally. Surely, if we perceive local imbalances, we can attempt to correct these locally, but that might unbalance something else because we from our limited viewpoint cannot oversee the entire Grand Design. Rather than adding another disturbance to the mix, would it not be far wiser to unequivocally express our faith in the balance of the Grand Design, cheering it along in it’s efforts to balance the entire equation, in effect getting us all what we want most? That’s what we created it for together, after All….

Love our Grand Design,