Channeler: Maureen

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. This month I have had many messages
from God along with several Masters that I hadn’t worked with for

All have come about as a result of a compelling summons from my Soul,
a couple of months ago, prior to my birthday, to enter into a state of
silence and pass through the final stages of healing and purification
required for . I took a deep breath, listened, and made the
preparations to do so, letting nothing stand in my way.

My mind reminded me that this has been a very tough journey. My heart
told me to be grateful for every bit of it.

At this point, I was not about to fall short of whatever I must be or
whatever I must do to step fully into the Light, and live in peace.

I headed to the place on the grid in the that most
in alignment and rapport with. On the first day, I went to my favorite
source of nourishment, the ocean, to have breakfast with God.

I began with a prayer. "Dear God, on this day and from this day
forward I surrender all of me to You. I sit on the shore of Your
magnificent creation, by the summons of my soul. I am asking You, dear
God, to usher me through the final initiations that stand between my
human experience and my Divine One. Dear God, shine your Light where
there is darkness. Take my hand and lead me, knowing that I have, with
deep trust, made this commitment to follow as you lead. I am in deep
gratitude for this calling."

I then remained still, becoming full with an unexpected joy I had not
felt, for quite some time.

That day, and for many weeks that still continue, I have had
revelations, conversations, remembrances, more tests, frequency shifts
and blessings. I notice I have to keep very close to the inside of
myself to remain fully aligned with God, as the planetary
intensifies significantly, attempting to push everybody’s buttons.

For the purpose of this article I will share what came from this
particular "Breakfast With God" conversation that is not personal,
though concerns all of humanity. Much more will come in the months

"You have nearly reached the end of one of the most important
incarnations, if not the most important incarnation of your time. The
book of records for this long and arduous evolutionary period will soon
be closed and stored, for later review. You have each created quite a
‘story’ for yourselves.

How do you feel? Do you remember the goals you set for your
incarnation? How have you managed with the curriculum leading you
through the ? Do you see the Light or are you still
in the tunnel?

I will share with you what I see, which perhaps will for
you and give you further leverage to lift your Life; not as a matter of
judgment, as a matter of observance.

There are those of you, through blind faith, seemingly endless trials
and tribulations and gut wrenching tears, that have boldly taken this
incarnation to heart. You have succeeded in letting go of judgments,
deeply embedded patterns, emotional wounds and traumas. You did so with a
compassionate nature and a renewed respect for yourself.

You have awakened your sleeping consciousness, and returned to the
heart and mind of God.

Often, you claimed and invoked the power of My name, I Am, as yours,
to raise your vibration and inflame your memories of who you truly are.
You used your powers fiercely, humbly and intentionally to move every
mountain that attempted to stand in your way, particularly your mind and

You opened a new level of alignment with Me and with the Earth, each
time you claimed I AM. You activated, and strengthened your rapport with
Me and your I Am Presence each time you proclaimed and embraced the
Truth, that you are, I Am.

You studied and called forth the Christ Consciousness repeatedly
until it became your consciousness. You will make your Ascension (if you
have not already), before the close of 2012.

There are those of you that are now making great strides to actively
pursue your incarnation with unsealed minds and hearts filled with love.
You are living on behalf of yourself, rather than against yourself.

You are willingly surrendering to the path that is laid before you
with compassion, commitment, trust and gratitude. You are remembering
how to manage energy, as well as the ways to raise your vibrations
through a word, a surrender, a thought or an action of love.

As the pressure intensifies on your Planet, you may falter though you
will not fall if you continue to walk with Me, using My mind and My
love, to your advantage. Use every intense moment as leverage to raise
yourself above it. You will make your Ascension shortly.

And then there are billions amongst you that still toy with the Codes
of Conduct and The Laws of Love that govern Ascension. Those same
beings have an on again off again relationship with Me, and their own I
Am Presence. There is ongoing struggle to find peace and balance.

Beloveds, until you lay aside the folly of your senses, and live your
life as an act of Love, in gratitude and trust of Me at all times, you
will be on hold to ascend.

As much as I love each and every one of you, no one will experience
their personal Ascension by any other means than through a total and
complete renewal and reintegration with their I Am Presence, the most
Divine part of you, that is the most Divine part of Me.

Less you surrender every grip on your mortal identities, and cease
fighting to be right for all that limits you, you will continue to fight
against the Light rendering yourselves powerless and at the mercy of
long standing chaos.

Reach for your freedom, no matter what the energies or the planets
around your planet are doing. You are each fully capable of bursting
through all obstacles from the inside out.

Slow down, give Me your will, open your heart fully and pay attention
to your Life, and what it is asking you to let go of, and let in.

Too often you refuse to properly perceive and embrace the blessings
of higher awareness as you rush through the experiences of your life.
You choose to forget that every experience you have lives within a
sacred moment, and carries a message vital to the expansion of your

I wish to remind you (briefly) of a time in your history, that many
of you were a part of; a time when you came to know that your only
salvation was to use your experience to return to Me, out of love for

Perhaps, from this, you will draw strength and compassion and a sense
of urgency to complete your journey into the Light.

Over 12,000 years ago the beloved continent of , and many of
its inhabitants, were completely submerged underwater.

Overnight everything was lost. All material possessions were gone.
Loved ones were separated. Animals, minerals, elementals and nature,
along with all the beauty and all the aspects of daily living on this
magnificent continent vanished in one fell swoop, without warning.

All that was left was Self, seeking the meaning and the purpose of
life, while in the void of nothing. There was no time for pity or
stories. There was no time to be angry, or truly feel the pain, though
the agony was beyond words.

The traumas of betrayal and abandonment that existed remained to be
healed by each, in succeeding lifetimes.

That was the beginning of fulfilling the purpose for coming to the
Earth, to seek one’s Spiritual Mastery in a state of complete surrender.

Every being was left only to themselves and with Me. Can you
imagine/remember the hell and heartbreak and then the courage and
perseverance to begin again with nothing, but Me as their Source and
supply for all things?

During that time the High Priests and Priestesses of Lemuria
prophesized that many of you would gather again during a time of great
trial and tribulation upon the earth. And, it was spoken, that those
living on the earth at such a time would be given every opportunity to
make a full recovery and make their Ascension back into the One Mind and
One Heart of God, freed from the third dimension and all of its dark,
dire and separated influences, forevermore.

You live in the midst of that prophecy. You were chosen to come back
to Earth now, (whether you lived in Lemuria or Atlantis,) to purify
yourself and bring peace to this earth, and bring peace to yourself. You
will never have to go through darkness and separation again, if you
will only come to the Light now. Let yourself ascend.

You have no further need to suffer or fight, Beloveds. You are almost
home. Let everything go, everything that causes you struggle, including
your sadness. Let it go.

I ask you to understand now, that you are being initiated, by a final
series of personal and global experiences, to bring you to the altar of
your Ascension. Pay attention. Slow your pace.

Use every precious moment of your incarnation, as you end this cycle
of evolution, to be in harmony with your heart, and with Me during a
time of unprecedented reward. Dig deep for your own love.

Breathe My life into you. Together, we will restore the world that
you carry within you.

I Am asking you to go beyond your deepest fears. I will take care of
you. Let Me in. Give Me your will and give Me your fears. I know what to
do with them. Trust Me.

I miss you. I love you and I await you all."

Copyright 2010. I ask that you include my name and
websites as this is part of a greater body of work.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May
Grace follow you always.

Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss
of The World Puja Network, LLC