Deep Thought is my passion. And I don’t care what anybody thinks about that. As a sequel to the boudoir , let me make you intimately acquainted with one of my lesser activities: folding the laundry. Since I hate doing it, I usually dump the shit next to my wardrobe, which usually means my mum does it when she’ visiting. She doesn’t mind, but however, neither did I….

Another clue Sherlock! The pile of laundry as tossed into the corner has a clearly triangular shape, pointing to higher things. I didn’t know how much higher until the work was done. Chaos, how do you deal with it? : you sort it out! So instead of going for small and beautiful right away, I started making a Bigger Mess! Piles all over the bedroom, ranging from blue jeans, towels, cloths and of course girls’ underwear. No, I’m no cross-dresser, but then my girls aren’t Netty No Knicks either!

Next, the bed for folding and stacking. Started at clothing, leaving the cloths for later. I don’t iron, because I find a soft bed and two tender hands more than enough to smooth out the wrinkles.  Sitting on the floor, the bed is just high enough, so work progressed quickly. Undies first, and I noticed that they are to T-shirts: T-shaped, but folded somewhat differently. Then the guys stuff, which went easy. Shirts stacked in a further sorting, because old and new don’t belong together, and neither do plain color and illustrated shirts. Illustrated shirts have the nicest clues. Just the other day I bought new clothes, and among them were five T-shirts with illustrations. Oddly enough, all five had the number 63 in them, which was mainly because the A-Positive brand was probably founded in 63. But to me it signifies my birth year, which I’ve always considered a perfect vintage! Now A-positive is a brand of my royal supplier WE. They used to be called HIJ and ZIJ in Holand, or Him and Her, but society evolves. Nowaday, they are WE in every country, so they have at least phased out ‘foreign’ languages,  and gone global.

This is one of them, showing another conspiracy, or rather a transpiracy: back in the seventies, people were urged to post their stamps sideways or upside down, just to confuse the machine system that sorted the mail. Back then, we were still scared as hell that someday the machines would take the humanity out of humanity. Nowadays, our self-chosen decorations, our temporary tattoos present us with writing in various orientations. Just at that mindfuck: what is the point of it? , this is of a conspiracy that has gone transpiracy. Instead of confusing the machine system, the system is now training us! Not the machine system persé, but the larger system various levels up. We are being trained to recognize writing in any configuration, and it doesn’t stop at alone: aeons ago, the ancient indians had the people recognizing people in various configurations. Remember the Kama Sutra?

It had nothing to do with procreation of the human species, but with procreation of the One species! Sure, one cannot do without the other, but by that time I got to the girly department of my stack of clothes. Boy did it get hard then! No, sick. Nothing wrong in my pants, but girls’ clothes just fold a lot harder! More variation, more strings, beads, buttons and other complicating factors. Sure, guys love to tangle with that stuff, but for it to be a turnon I at least need a healthy female inside them. 

Well, as a matter of fact there was: 

And now I’m going to enjoy another folded exqusiteness: a nice hot lasagna


Enjoy your meal….