They never did ask me (yet), but both my little mistresses (no hanky-panky implied or expressed) could have asked me at any one time. On the way home from getting Laura a little graduation surprise, which I won’t divulge here in case she’s watching, I figured out the proper answer to this deep question for you all to wrap your minds around. Shouldn’t be hard…..

Well, lovely, you know conspiracies right? I mean, you’ve been around me long enough to see a lot of them being , both on-site and in real . Con-spiracies are spirals if you let them, and depending on whether you flee from them, fight them, fear them or disregard them, they are either downward spirals, inward spirals, outward spirals or upward spirals (not necessarily in that order). Heck, because Conspiracies may be either negative or positive, you could even love them, but they’d still elude you by either presenting no end or a dead end.

Spirals are very often used in crop circles, and it is thought they convey a message. I guess we just didn’t listen intently enough, so they (yes, the elusive ‘they’) sent us this Norway year, for All to see. And guess what? I think I finally ‘get it’…..

Because what is the obvious end of a spiral? For a flat spiral, that is either the middle, or the end. And actually not even the end, if your sheet of paper is large enough (Can you say Infinite?). And then are always the coil-like spirals, the serpents. That coil-like bouncing serpent used to be Q-Bert’s most feared enemy back when I was a kid in the Arcades. Coil-like spirals require 3D space, but have the added advantage that they can be infinite in a confined space. Just circle them around your little finger, and weld the ends together with a bit of crazy glue, to form a spiral toroid. Clever eh?

But if you can weld them to themselves, just what you could achieve welding them together…  Now that, my pretty, is a Transpiracy! Because no matter which Conspiracy you defeat in what way, they are All intricately connected, into the One Consciousness. Escape one conspiracy, escape them all even, but you’ still be connected to the conspiracy that is YOU! You, the One Consciousness! You can only escape your own conspiracy by it into a transpiracy, but then again you have the same escape mechanisms to get over the Transpiracies: inward, outward, fleeing, sideways or head-on! and of downward and upward, but they’re all Spirals! Just one rollercoaster!

Now you of course did not ask me for this answer. You probably just misspronounced Transparency. Well, that’s the next stage: the moment you’ve experienced enough to see both the Conspiracies and the Transpiracies and all the other piracies for what they are, you reach clear vision all across the Cosmos. And that, my dear, is called Transparency!

Mental exercise: try visualising the above fractal in 3D…..   ;-)

Have Fun!